'Wet' Origami Artist Turns Muggy Paper Into Gorgeous Sculptures Hoang Tien Quyet has been folding stationery since he was a little kid. The 27-year-old origami artist from Vietnam uses a lesser-known technique called wet folding to forge sculptural animals, mythical creatures and flowers. Pioneered by the late origami

My lodgings with all it's character A ladder with lots of personality can be the perfect addition to a rustic or shabby chic wedding theme. . Those are best for blanket holders, hanger for cookhouse pots or if you are interested in the ladder bookshelf idea, also shown in a photo from

9 Household Items To Start Reusing This Turf Day (And Never Stop!) Through for picnics or patio events, this easy DIY utensil caddy is your no cost way to chic outdoor decor. 4. Any easy-spurt plastic container is a brilliant way to store grains and beans, for a neat looking pantry, free of grainy and un-stackable

What's The Long story In The Best Buy Intel 2-In-1 Commercial? It's By One Half Of A ... As the eggs are cracked, the timer is set, and the utensil holders are knocked over, a stuck on, poppy tune plays. It sounds like something you might hear at Anthropologie while deciding my most trusted sidekick in all “What might that music gracing

5 Pinterest-Complete, HuffPost-Tested Napkin Folding Ideas For Your Holiday Table It's beginning to look a lot like the holidays -- if not in true life, then certainly on Pinterest, where we've been stockpiling both inspiration and intentions of actually pulling off a fabulous feast table once and for all. Alas, Pinterest projects

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This is my foremost home to live in by myself—no roommates other than two dogs. That reason alone makes it even more important to me to make my place of abode happy and cozy since there is no one else to share it with. When I talk about my home, I really mean my mediocre, considerably low slit apartment. It’s on the second floor of a four-plex and I wouldn’t count on it to pass any city inspections. It is secondary and has lots of problems I have to juggle. My dad was not happy when he had to lug my mattress and antique armoire up the rickety steps. That’s love licence there, or maybe leverage. But hey, if I were describing an antique here, I’d say it had great character and lot’s of interest, there’s not another one like it. And that’s for certain. For a while I had wanted to get an old ladder to add to my hardly house (I like that term better. It sounds cozier, even though it isn’t the correct terminology). Ladders are all the rage these days. I looked and looked for a correct one to hang blankets on in my living room, but no dice. Finally, I found one, but it was part of a deer stand in the woods on some motherland behind my parents house in Oklahoma. I was determined to get that ladder. So with my mother’s help I was able to pry it from the tree it had been anchored to for years. It was about 6 feet gigantic and had some rotted wood at the bottom so we used an electric hand saw to cut the ends and give them angles so it would lay against the wall. I am pretty delighted with how it turned out. However, since we cut into the wood and exposed un-weathered parts of the wood, it does look a little odd. But I have a fix for that. If you want to make wood look older, all you have to do is go over it with some tea, vinegar and fortify wool. Here is a link to a good tutorial. http://www. craftaholicsanonymous. net/how-to-age-wood-tutorial-guest-post-from-que-linda. Now using an old ladder for a blanket tenter is not the only way to repurpose it. It could be a decoration at a wedding, shelf for candles or photos, the rack above your kitchen island to like mad easily pots and pans on or even a bookshelf. This is why ladders are so useful for decorating. Right after I got my ladder all set up next to my fireplace, all of a sudden I started to see ladders in all the antiquated stores I visited. They are everywhere, isn’t that always the way it goes. But no matter, I love the story behind my piece and the fact that it didn’t tariff me a dime. My ladder had a job.


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Ingrid Gabriel (12) . Ingrid is currently living in Austin, Texas (in her if you plan to visit). While Ingrid is spiritually promiscuous, she credits her guru, Jimmy Buffet, for her mantra. "If we couldn't roar with laughter, we would all go insane. " Besides a passion for Tiki Studies, Ingrid is borderline biblio-obsessive. She is an old-primary Libran - i. e. , she won't be leading the Revolution, but she'll work to make it an attractive affair and hire the musicians and caterers. Her column appears every other Thursday in San Juan Islander. To write to Ingrid, send emails to [email protected]. "That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as disaster. - Carl Jung. People often used to ask me if I was writing down what I called the "German Romance. " They were fascinated by memories of an era that despite its unprecedented significance in modern times, was fast evaporating from elated consciousness. They suggested I document/ film/ record/ interview her before the vividness of her recollections faded. I'm getting to an age where I'm significant a few more "When I was young. The 60s, 70s and 80s are far enough in the past that they have ripened to the same antiquity that the Great Depression had for kids of my generation (and then some) and enough time has intervened to give me some substantial. The impact, however, in terms of, "My god, those were hard times," doesn't really carry the same gravitas in terms of pain and tribulation. I know, I know. This would have been a lot more helpful two weeks ago, and I apologize. While I know I am almost unforgivably late in offering Imply Deux of my gifting dos and don'ts for 2011, perhaps you can still make last minute corrections if you bought anyone anything from www. smashinggadgets. com (markedly, the Corn Kernel Cutter. disturbing). Or, maybe you are so hopelessly behind in your holiday gifting that you have not even begun. In which covering, my advice is a lifesaver in a gifting crisis. Onward, then, with vigor. In Part One I of my 2011 Gifting Guide , I suggested that cooking knick-knackery was the trending offering of 2011. Hip Americans seemed to have embraced food preparation as their newest religious expression, and where there is faith, there is consumption. But as someone named Rob Jones blogged : "The industrial mutiny brought with it many machines and inventions.


Burlap Utensil Holder 15 x 3.5 Inch - True to life Add that put rustic, shabby chic look to an ordinary get together or for the most ... by dressing up your dinner table with our Burlap Utensil Holder. Personalize it with your white-headed boy colour flower or add your own custom touch. The ideas are endless ...

The Hinterlands Living Fair: Clever creations, anything goes Shabby chic is in reality redefined and goes beyond the distressed ... Old pots, lids and kitchen utensils become hanging holders for flowers. The whole shooting match from kitschy, whimsical and even creepy dotted through the fair. What’s with all the doll heads?

After voting break-out from the political furore with afternoon tea at Nucleus Arts in Chatham High Street, a hidden and tranquil withdrawal But if not, a shabby-chic tearoom awaits. With multi-coloured chairs, utensil holders fashioned out of Lyle’s Radiant Syrup tins and kitsch flowery cups and saucers – no two the same – elaborate wallpaper and elegant glassware. It was as quirky as it ...

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Shabby Chic Distressed Ivory Utensil Holder by RuthsBargains Shabby Chic Distressed Light-skinned Utensil Holder Carved Wood White Table Caddy Rustic item ID/SKU: 3684-119 type: letter holder, desk adscititious,

utensil holder | ooh la la shabby chic 2 | Pinterest Linked Boards. Vintage, Shabby Chic , Provençal e Romantico; SHABBY CHIC ~ shabby chic decorating ideas; All things shabby chic; Cottage,Shabby Chic or Seaside Style