Bernal Megaflip More Than Doubles in Guerdon, Asks $2.195M two-bath Victorian in Bernal Heights changed hands for $850K. It was in courteous but somewhat shabby-looking condition, with a cramped yellow kitchen and bathrooms that needed quite a bit of help (including a tub with a half-high point shower curtain, if

Actual Housewives of Orange County Season 10 Premiere Recap: Tamra Gets New ... PHOTOS: Recognize these former Housewives? The first step in her bounce back? Celebrating her impending grandmotherhood by throwing a shabby chic , Western-themed tot shower for her son Ryan and his fiancee, Sarah. It was a relaxed, none of the

Howard Sullivan: The Migration of Normcore to Interiors Normcore is defined by Wikipedia as 'so so-fashion,' and is a form of fashion statement where you dress down and pare things back to deliberately go against the granule of standing out: “finding liberation in being nothing special.” 1. The Normcore

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Artist brings air of value to Delafield apartment She accented the top of one living latitude window with the metal supports of a vintage hoop skirt as well as an owl made of a saw and scissors, then hung pounce on curtains along the sides and across the bottom with string. She also used her artistic talents

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Bernal Megaflip More Than Doubles in Outlay, Asks $2.195M - Curbed SF

Just one year ago, a three-bedroom, two-bath Victorian in Bernal Heights changed hands for $850K . It was in reasonable but somewhat shabby-looking condition, with a cramped yellow kitchen and bathrooms that needed quite a bit of help (including a tub with a half-peak shower curtain, if you check out last year's listing ). Located on Precita, close to its fork with Cezar Chavez, the possessions also included a small studio out back clocking in just under 500 square feet. Fast-forward to today, and the fortune's been totally rebuilt as a six-bedroom, four-bath open-plan swankfest, with a big outdoor deck and a sprucing for that lift studio. It's now looking for $2. 195 million, more than two and a half times last year's sale price. The flippers tore out the country-like and orange carpet and the ground floor's green tile and put in wood floors throughout, along with typical flipper touches like a uninteresting fireplace and recessed lighting everywhere. We'll overlook the backyard's unimaginative landscaping, though, because we kind of like looking at that slightly twisty stair , whose off-kilterness looks defiantly Bernal in such squared-off surroundings.

Actual Housewives of Orange County Season 10 Premiere Recap: Tamra Gets New ... - Us Periodical

Succeeding back to Cali. After nearly a year away, the OG Real Housewives franchise is back and better than ever heading into its landmark tenth year. Returning favorites Vicki Gunvalson , Tamra Evaluate , Heather Dubrow , and Shannon Beador are joined by newbie Meghan King Edmonds for a season of The Legitimate Housewives of Orange County that promises meltdowns, health scares, new babies, and even sharks. PHOTOS: Before they were Legitimate Housewives. The season premiere, “Under Construction," laid the groundwork for all the drama to come, catching everyone up on what the Orange County Housewives have been up to since we go the distance saw them on Bravo. Turns out a lot can change in a couple of months. Read on to find out all the details about each woman's new status quo in the June 8 experience. Heather Dubrow. Dubrow brags in her new tagline that her life is “pretty close” to perfect, and in the premiere chapter she backed up that claim by showing off the new house she is building. Yes, she was stressed by the grandeur of the project, which keeps creeping over budget during its year-and duration. Then again, she was positive that all the stress will be worth it when she gets her massive closet. Once that happens, she’ll be even closer to that immaculate life. Best Moment: At a certain point, Heather was confused about just how many bathrooms her new house will have. At the end of the day, she realized that there will be fourteen bathrooms in the new place. "It’s a lot of urine," she cracked. Tamra Judge. They’re baaaack. After a few seasons without her knocker implants, Judge decided that it was time to bring 'em back. She went to a plastic surgeon (who wasn’t Terry Dubrow. ) and got some new boobs. While Tamra was pleased as Punch with the surgery, she was less thrilled by her lack of visitors at the hospital. Judge was ready to make a solid trade in her life, though, so that she no longer feels like she is “on the outside looking in” with her friends. PHOTOS: Remember these former Housewives. The basic step in her bounce back. Celebrating her impending grandmotherhood by throwing a shabby chic , Western-themed baby shower for her son Ryan and his fiancee, Sarah. It was a nonchalant, laid back affair where Judge could shine. She gabbed with a bunch.

Howard Sullivan: The Migration of Normcore to Interiors - PSFK (blog)

The Normcore look mixes the lowbrow with the mastermind, sportswear with tailoring, and embodies the notion that how you look is less important than what you stand for. K-Hole , a young New York trends instrumentality, described Normcore in their 2013 paper, “A Report on Freedom” as: “An antidote to maxing out: where the markers of individuality are so plenteous and regenerate so quickly that it’s impossible to keep up. ”. Normcore’s deliberate move of dressing down could be seen as a conduct of fashion-palette cleanser, a counter-culture movement where the normal becomes hardcore. “In the olden days—if you’re not James Dean, as in ‘another’, you’re mainstream. there’s no middle ground, and Normcore totally revolutionized this idea. making ‘mainstream’ revolutionary. The modern Gap ad campaign ’Dress Normal’ shows Normcore moving away from the zeitgeist into the mainstream but as this trend proliferates, how might it infect interiors and undertaking. Normcore: Bucking Shabby Chic . Fashion’s move from vintage to something more radical follows suit with interiors. After every set-back, nostalgia becomes a big commodity, offering us comfort and refuge when faced with hard times. The generation growing up with Starbucks and Friends had their illusions shattered and turned away from the big brands, favoring symbols of the spontaneous and artisan which were symbolized in faux-rustic finishes. Generation D leaving college now, have experienced the Internet sandwiching sophisticated and lowbrow together and making one’s choice of brands not such a radical statement about what you are: “I think that this is at the heart of what designers and artists of this decrease are exploring- can’t stop capitalism lets just go with it. ”. Normcore in Art and Fashion. Walking aroudn galleries for the former times few years, it’s been exciting to see the likes of Helen Marten, Rachel Harrison and Adriano Costa to name just a few. Their works have made an inviting play on the ready made and re-interpretation of the everyday. I would defnitely not like to suggest that their work is Normcore, this would be glib, but it’s unequivocally interesting to consier the frame of reference of artists taking lowbrow into the highbrow. Why make a scultpure when a re-branded Coca-Cola.

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