Hurriedly: Aug. 22-25 Skim through for antiques and shabby chic items, pick up a treasure at the “nearly new” gift table and enjoy homemade treats at the bake listing. Local gardeners will offer a colorful selection of flowers, plants and fresh produce for purchase. Tickets are

Review article: Glewstone Court, Herefordshire but not being accomplished to find it – even though, it later transpires, you were standing right in front of it all along. Because, let's face it: most megalopolis stopovers are so squashed together as to look depressingly unremarkable from the outside. The stunning

Well-built steam ahead for Salumi as Plymouth chef takes over former Sippers site Much industry as gone into transforming the old steakhouse – plastering, a new kitchen, Velux windows to let in light, rendering, a revamped skin space and the characteristic Rock Salt shabby chic for soft furnishings and paintwork; and there is now

March past: McMenamins Hotel Oregon Clearly, this kind of shabby chic hotel experience won't be for everyone. The scratchy sheets were unfortunate, and some online user reviews give someone the sack it as being 'old and clunky'. Some members of my party even complained of its eeriness when you turn 

B & B insider: Wombat's City Hostel London, England The muscular, open reception area is attractive, with shabby-chic furniture, some shared laptops, books and vending machines. Adolescent, mostly It's also very hot, so I sleep in the sheet sleeping bag provided, with my earplugs and eye mask. The room has

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Parade: Glewstone Court, Herefordshire - Gay Star News

Any contemporary traveler will be familiar with that strange, anticlimactic sensation of looking up your hotel on your handheld device,. but not being able to catch sight of it – even though, it later transpires, you were standing right in front of it all along. Because, let’s face it: most city stopovers are so squashed together as to look depressingly unremarkable from the fa. The stunning Glewstone Court is the exact antithesis of this. For a start, you can’t miss it – or the amazing lone cedar tree that guards it. Damned manicured lawns surround it, and beyond, the humbling natural beauty of Herefordshire’s rolling hills. But the edifice itself held our gaze equally as long, and while not ginormous, it’s big enough to give you pause as you enter. Looking at this Georgian, Grade II listed edifice, with its splendidly neat and understated 1810 design, is to feel a flutter of excitement. There’s a classic feel clandestine, too – we loved the Victorian tiling in the reception area, and the winding, creaky staircase, beckoning you to climb it. The cozy lounges are also utmost of personality, with their open log fires, dainty chandeliers and shabby chic vintage furniture. Pale, faded pastels, frilly sheets and old-fashioned florals are a customary theme throughout the spacious rooms. I’m all for quaint, twee stylings, but accept they’re not to everyone’s taste. Thus, it’ll be interesting to see how the tourist house’s newish owners update certain aspects of the decor without losing the overarching character, but there’s bound to be a way. An upgrade is already in beckon though, and it appears to me that this three-star hotel is in a state of upward flux – and on the strength of its restaurant, it could already be rated higher. The dining apartment has a slightly more formal feel, and the food is of an impeccable standard. We heartily recommend the succulent pan fried scallops, lightly stir-fried with sultanas and pine nuts and served with a tangy butternut squash puree. This we followed with a a noble serving of caramelized pork belly with sage and onion potato terrine, and finally a thoughtful clarification of banoffee pie, with the delicious banana, biscuit, toffee and cream components served separately and alongside each other. This m-owned hotel’s best selling point, though, is the service on offer. The waiting and bar staff especially exude a laid-back friendliness and a sure.

Thoroughly steam ahead for Salumi as Plymouth chef takes over former Sippers site - Plymouth Herald

Two years in the making, Shake up Salt chef Dave Jenkins is finally ready to open his new restaurant Salumi. LOUISE DANIEL says it’s clearly worth the wait. SALUMI means 'charcuterie' or 'fun with meat', and Dave Jenkins’ new Millbay Road venture is certainly meaty – comforting, full bodied and full of heart. “It’s exciting but mentally knackering,” he says. “All the things I beggary to do, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Dave Jenkins is a Plymouth boy born and bred – he left for a short while to find his cooking feet and pilgrimages the world. Along the way he found his partner Chantelle – a native Aussie – and along with it an army of Asian inspired recipes which freedom to his taste buds and creative heart. “Fresh local produce done with a twist is pretty much what I do,” he says. “My recipes are things I like to eat and cook. Even more so at Salumi – here I have more of a sphere to push it. ”. Salumi is housed on Millbay Road in what used to be Sippers. Much work as gone into transforming the old steakhouse – plastering, a new pantry, Velux windows to let in light, rendering, a revamped outside space and the characteristic Rock Salt shabby chic for deferential furnishings and paintwork. and there is now room for over 100 diners inside and out. At two years in the making, I wonder why it’s taken so protracted to open Salumi. “I think doing a rush job to get it open just to trade is not really us – it wouldn’t have been what I wanted it to be. “It’s not about money it’s about being proud of the relations business. “I put my chef’s jacket on to cook the best I can not just to make money – it’s about personal pride and the love of what I do. It’s reflected in the cover, in everything we do. I will be proud to work somewhere my family have worked on too. Dave is essentially like a lot of chefs I make the acquaintance of – a tearaway made good. He tells me cookery straightened him out, inspired him and set him on the path to opening his flagship cafe – Toss Salt in Stonehouse. “I was a tearaway. When I found cooking and I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to do it. I started in pubs doing pot washing and adapted to to look at the chefs and think, ‘I want to do that. Dave cooked with his mum from an early age but his creative talents ushered him down the art college way. “I went to art college for two years because I had that artistic side to me. But you have to be.

Array: McMenamins Hotel Oregon - Gay Star News

It’s only an hour front of the very happening, very ‘now’ Portland, but the cute town of. McMinnville, in the beautiful Willamette Valley wine territory, feels like a different world entirely, and one comfortably rooted in the early 20th century. It’s the kind of remember where you suspect most of the 33,187-strong population are on a first name basis with each other. where the antiques stores are filled to the gunwales to the rafters with treasures from bygone eras and the restaurants treat eccentricity like a competitive sport. The poetically-manicured streets, meanwhile, are largely comprised of charming, turn-of-the-century buildings – case in headland, the grand, four-story Hotel Oregon. Built in 1905, its proprietors have done an astonishing job of maintaining its prototype fixtures and fittings over the years – and from the delicate porcelain sinks sinks to the creaky, decades-old furniture, the 42 smallish rooms boast decor that’s choke-full of character. It’s a bit like stepping onto a film set. Obviously, this kind of shabby chic hotel experience won’t be for everyone. The scratchy sheets were wretched, and some online user reviews dismiss it as being ‘old and clunky’. Some members of my party even complained of its eeriness when you turn the lights out – that they woke up with a start in the heart of the night, thinking they were in some supernatural TV show. But I love all that. I was almost willing it to be haunted (and a former long-term householder is said to stalk the corridors, according to some). But I instead slept soundly. News that I was to share a communal bathroom did make one's flesh crawl me, however – until I forced myself to get a grip and get over it. The bathrooms were impeccably clean, by the way. Meanwhile, the service was warm and hospitable and the rooftop bar, with its active atmosphere and 360 degree view of the town, was impressive, and the rates reasonable. But ultimately Hotel Oregon’s greatest selling characteristic is its uniqueness, and it’s not a place I’ll be forgetting in a hurry. mcmenamins. com/HotelOregon.

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