Buy something for yourself to a spa staycation Fullest extent of so much delightfully, well-curated shabby chic furniture and architectural elements that I initially thought I'd wandered into a have faith not a massage salon. This experience An unexpected location in a very dated office building but an

For a few moments: Aug. 22-25 PLYMOUTH – The Plymouth Office of Community Maturing has been awarded Community Development Block Grant money to be used for local housing rehabilitation. The Enclosure Rehab Loan Program is available to Plymouth homeowners for the purpose of

Could A Mid-point-Aged White Man Ever Become President? He was the guy, he wanted to require them, who could save those communities—the guy who knows that you don't stop criminals by asking politely and that turning around a diocese isn't as easy as replacing open-air drug markets with shabby-chic condos. But

4 Art Events You Have to See This Weekend Cydonia's latest is a class show featuring six artists, most of whom have enjoyed solo shows at the space in the past year. Julieta Aguinaco, Alicja Bielawska, Michael Just, Olga Mokzycka-Grospierre, Sybren Renema, and Bronwen Sleigh all acknowledge from 

She sheds are retreat space for women She adamant to use chalk paint -- a water-based product that many DIYers use on furniture -- to give it a shabby chic look. The palest of pink color Favorite themes subsume gardening, art/crafts space, office space, yoga studio and wine bar

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Taking flight with this Shabby Chic Mix office inspiration I created for @chairishco |

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Dreading another Clinton. Looking for a federal problem solver. Ex-Maryland governor Martin O’Malley wants to be your guy. But if facing Hurricane Hillary weren't enough, he's now discovering that the definitely thing that once made him seem presidential suddenly threatens to ruin him. Jason Zengerle on how running for president is harder than it looks on TV Martin O'Malley was standing on a directorship, shouting in a dark bar in Iowa City. He may have been nearly a thousand miles from Baltimore, but for him, that wasn't far enough. It was a stormy summer evening, and about 150 people had come to find out O'Malley make the case that he should be president—a case that had gotten frustratingly tricky. Not that long ago, O'Malley, the ci-devant governor of Maryland and a perpetually rising star in Democratic politics, seemed like the no-brainer choice to Hillary Clinton. “The best manager working in government today,” the Washington Monthly called him, a trouble solver who had slashed crime as mayor of Baltimore. But now those rosy urban achievements had taken on the stink of disagreement, complicating his pitch for the presidency. A young woman in a peasant skirt raised her hand. “As mayor of Baltimore, you oversaw an era of meet arrests of nonviolent offenders,” she told the candidate, citing statistics—“110,000 arrests were made in one year in a conurbation of 620,000 people”—before getting to her question. “What are we supposed to expect from you on the issue of mass incarceration and institutional racism. As he listened, O'Malley's grin grew forced and his jaw began to bulge. He has a temper. Plus, he doesn't like to be called out. As mayor, O'Malley periodically paid a visit to a couple of radio hosts criticizing him for being insufficiently concerned about crime. “Come outside after the show,” he scolded them, “and I'll recoil your ass. Now, in Iowa City, O'Malley seemed on the verge of unloading again. He'd been on edge since April, when riots erupted in Baltimore after cops were implicated in the profit of an unarmed black man named Freddie Gray. Years of mistrust between the city's police and its black citizens were glaringly exposed—and unexpectedly the two terms O'Malley spent as the city's mayor from 1999 to 2007 were subject to brutal re-examination. O'Malley—who had always entranced plenty of credit for slowing crime by employing tough “zero tolerance” policing.

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The Prospective of the Past at Cydonia — August 20, 6-7:30 p. m. 167 Payne St. Dallas, TX 75207. Cydonia’s latest is a congregation show featuring six artists, most of whom have enjoyed solo shows at the space in the past year. Julieta Aguinaco, Alicja Bielawska, Michael Just, Olga Mokzycka-Grospierre, Sybren Renema, and Bronwen Sleigh all barrage from different countries, but each artist creates work that engages with time and history, the effects of the past on the hand over and future. Come early for the latest installment of the Cydonia and Zhulong-organized contemporary art collecting seminar. It Came From CalArts at CentralTrak — August 22, 8-10 p. m. 800 Expo Ave. Dallas, TX 75226. Robin Myrick’s exhibition brings together work by 9 Texas artists who also chance to be products of CalArts: Justin Boyd (San Antonio), Denise Prince (Austin), Elaine Bradford (Houston), Danielle Dean (Houston), Adrian Esparza (El Paso), Robin Myrick (Dallas), Peter Bo Rappmund (Dallas), Ariane Roesch (Houston), and David Staunch (Denton). To prep yourself, watch this (kind of awkward and maybe not helpful until about 9 minutes in) video conversation with the author of Jack Goldstein and the CalArts Mafia. Vice Palace at The Public Trust — August 22, 9-11 p. m. 2271 Audit St. Dallas, TX 75207. This is not art per-se, but artist and Vice Palace impresario Art Peña’s concert is happening in an art gallery, The Patrons Trust. And then there’s the fact that Peña continues to drive a certain subset of the art-music cross-over social locality. Plus, the event will be recorded and released on Art’s new cassette label, sponsored in part by the Office of Cultural Affairs. As the case may be, then, we could say that the gallery performance will produce an artifact of a temporal experience that can then be experienced as both sound and object, a commentary on bodily, cultural, and technological decay, nostalgia and obsolescence, as well as a staging of the sonic underground as shabby chic . Dezi 5 and Rat Rios to carry out. Estranged Space at TERRAIN Dallas — August 23, 11 a. m. – 2 p. m. 1122 Elmdale Pl Dallas, TX 75224. Reading the crowding release for the Sara-Jayne Parsons-curated exhibition of work by Alyssa Hawkins at Iris Bechtol’s Topography in Elmwood had me scratching my head wondering just what the.

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Downtown Westport has for all time entered its weird phase, as it progresses through cultural evolutionary change. The weird part: No one is there…maybe peeps will come back after August. The Y is gone…everything that made downtown great is gone. So what is there. Just anonymous shops from corporations that have nothing to do with Westport. The Library is rationally irrelevant now that books are online. Every time I want a book I go to the library and they don’t have it. Authors like Derrida have no titles there. They basically have the same books as when I was kid, the present same books…ha, which is great if you want to read Where Eagles Dare for the fifth time. (actually I’m down for that). Starbucks even bores me now. The shows at the Levitt are conscience-stricken. If only they had spent the money getting talent instead of legacy building…we had a stage already. The bricks on Largest Street have reached catastrophic proportions. I mean give me a break, is this a yearlong project, putting a few bricks down where there were already …guesstimate what …bricks…millions and millions of lost revenue, so that we could syphon 497,000 from the state, that should have gone to Waterbury – not Westport. This is so farcical, absurdity on its head, in fact. But anyway, my point is this…. Westporters aren’t going to support a mall downtown, they like shopping in New York. The passage of stores downtown is just not that great…sorry. Now that all of our town institutions have been systematically removed from the town center there is no common sense to go there. the Y, the post office, a pharmacy, the library, the town hall, the theaters, the hardware stores. The commercial real holdings investors have no knowledge of what is going on at street level. Someone is going to be left holding the bag, a basket of downtown commercial properties that are about to tank in value. They aint getting 140 per SQF, depressing…. The Blues Festival and Art About town are one off events that are totally irrelevant to the problem. The new upscale mall in Norwalk will be the finishing bugger up to downtown. The downtown plan is the most irrelevant document of all. As they were handing it in – the merchants complained that they weren’t affected with the process. I had warned of this very thing from day 1. There is only one concept that can save downtown – now – that we are in the “weird phase”. The concept of “snob prayer” might and I.

Klassy as in any case: Myleene looks chic in black and white figure-hugging lace dress teamed with a casual leather jacket as she heads to the office The show sees her somebody alongside Man V Food living legend Adam Richman, as they judge amateur barbecuers who are hoping to win a not-too shabby dough prize of £25,000.

Betsey Johnson, iconic manner designer, to host huge yard sale at Hamptons home "I'm a hoarder and a knapsack rat," Johnson said in a telephone interview Tuesday from her Manhattan office where she was going over fabric ... for sale -- from Johnson's 1920s Parisienne shabby chic and antiquated furnishings to her creations shown on Fashion ...

Making Shabby Chic, Again So when Shabby Chic filed for bankruptcy definitive January after nearly 20 years in business, its creator, Rachel Ashwell, felt both anguish and humiliation ... one of which she uses as an office. “I just wiggle into it with my laptop and papers,” she ...

Shabby Chic Office on Pinterest | Top dog Office, Dental ... Shabby chic gentle office chair I think i found the desk chair i want!!! something like this. not white thou

new shabby chic jail-bait cave home office decor ideas on ... Look into Kristi Conlon's board "new shabby chic girl cave home office decor ideas" on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking dupe that helps you discover and save creative ...

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The Seemly Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture Site Against Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture for custom handmade shabby chic and vintage style furniture, bedding, lighting, dwelling decor & washable slipcovers.

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