Apposite placement, A to Z “A rug does not look convenient if the front feet of the furniture pieces in a seating group are not on the rug,” says home expert Nathan Fischer, adding that most living rooms desire an 8x10-foot rug minimum and more likely a 9x12. F is for fit. When

Rug Buying 101 When we moved from our carpeted townhouse to our wood whip home, the most daunting part of decorating our new space was picking out rugs for each room. In fact, it was so daunting that it has been 5 years and we still haven't chosen a sole rug.

Physical Accents For Your Home, In Order Of Grrreatness And when tastefully added to your room in the approach of pillows, artwork or pottery, these critters provide character you can't get from solid patterns alone. Here are the top 10 beastlike accents for your home, in order of popularity. It's a new, stylish

Keolu Introductory to reopen, could still serve as emergency shelter Although Kunishige says the shelters, including Keolu, are unharmed, she encourages people to retrofit their homes and to create a safe room they can go to during an emergency. “These shelters are designed to provide increased buffer. Nothing is 

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Becoming placement, A to Z -

N is for no time Adding larger windows or more windows, or even a skylight, are ways to improve lighting and make a room look bigger. Another layout tip to make the most of space in the kitchen is installing deeper cabinets or a wider countertop. A galley-design kitchen is great for small spaces. Also, make upper cupboards 18-inches deep in lieu of of the standard 12 inches. R is for root flare. Tree trunks thicken at the base where the roots start to come into view, and this area, called the root flare, “is meant to be in the air, not under soggy mulch which is very bad for the tree,” says Bob Hursthouse of Hursthouse Vista Architects and Contractors. The root flare should be one to two inches higher than the surrounding grade, with mulch pulled away from the stock. Z is for zero. “Zero entry pools” offer gradually sloped access to the water and are popular because they call up the beach and improve accessibility. They take up more space than a regular pool, though, so if backyard real estate is little, consider “a beach entry that slopes gradually at first, but then lets you use steps to descend into deeper sea water,” PoolPricer. com advises.

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When we moved from our carpeted townhouse to our wood fell home, the most daunting part of decorating our new space was picking out rugs for each room. In fact, it was so daunting that it has been 5 years and we still haven’t chosen a separate rug. We have looked, but there are so many factors to consider that we just don’t know where to start. We have kids, we have dogs, we have unfortunate lighting in unquestioned spots, and we are the most spill prone family known to man. We also have a budget that does not allow for a $20,000 addition to our parquet in each room. Does that scenario sound familiar to any of you. So, where does a clueless family turn when they clearly cannot handle picking out rugs on their own. To a home decor masterly of course. Erin Zacharda is a Snohomish based interior decorator who runs Erin Zachara Interiors. On top of her shopper work, she also shares amazing home decorating tips on her blog, Meadow Lake Road. Erin has grievous design sense and the fact that she has triplets and two dogs means she understands the true rug needs of a busy family. Erin has laid out four notable factors everyone should consider before they buy an area rug for their home. Even if it means saving your pennies for a while, buy the best rug you can afford. Spending a bit more on a gamy-quality wool area rug will be worth it in the long run as it will wear well and can even look better over time. Rugs can file from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands, so it is important to set your price limit before you shop so that you can easily weed out rugs that are not in your payment range. Color/Pattern. Generally, it is easiest to select your rug first and then choose furniture, paint and accessories that group afterwards. However, if your space is already furnished, you will need to consider balancing color and pattern in the space. If your furnishings are upholstered with coarse pattern, go with a rug that has a subtle pattern or a solid color. If your furnishings are upholstered in a solid color, use a patterned rug to add some affair. Rugs are pricey, so do not talk yourself into a popular pattern or color if it is really not you. make sure it is a rug you will love years down the technique. Some rugs are sturdier than others, so it is important to consider your lifestyle and select a rug that will hold.

Keolu Fundamental to reopen, could still serve as emergency shelter - KHON2

The Hawaii Nation Department of Education says school is back in session Wednesday for students at Keolu Elementary. Classes were canceled Tuesday after unswerving winds blew the roofing off the cafeteria Monday. Officials say approximately 50 first- and second-graders were interior at the time. The cafeteria was evacuated and the rest of the students were served lunch in their classrooms. No one was hurt, but crews needed an added day to secure the damaged area and clear the debris. Meal service will be handled in another building while repairs are made to the cafeteria. The institute is listed as one of Oahu’s hurricane evacuation shelters. So is the state concerned that Monday’s gusty winds, which were in the 30-mph scope, were able to damage the roof. “We are constantly re-evaluating and there is a team that’s going out and re-evaluating some shelters,” said Shelly Kunishige with the Hawaii Exigency Management Agency. DOE officials say the roof of Keolu Elementary’s cafeteria does not have any holes. Only the insulation and top sheeting tore off. “That layer of insulation along the top sheeting that is section of the roof is all that came off. The structural stuff is all still there. It’s really just a matter of replacing the top sheet,” explained Dann Carlson with the DOE. “In clarify of this event, are the shelters on that list still safe for people to evacuate to. ” KHON2 asked. “They’re safe, as far as we grasp,” Kunishige said. “We are going to continue to go out and do inspections along our cycle for our retrofit projects. When pressed for more details, Kunishige said, “I would have to talk to our spend planner about that. They may try to increase the frequency. Kunishige said 53 schools are a part the state’s retrofit program, which makes the facilities safer and more established. Keolu is not on that list right now. State emergency officials said the last time they inspected the structure was back in 2006, but it was back on the list to be inspected again soon. Ed Teixeira, former vice director of Hawaii Civil Defense, says it shouldn’t have happened. “To ascertain that the roof blew off that building from yesterdays high winds, which I understand may not have been tremendously strong, is pretty surprising to me,” he said. “I ponder the key is inspection, re-inspection and really planning closely (to make sure this doesn’t happen again).

Living room needs new rug Hello, Looking for a new rug for the living room . Attaching photos. Have need of suggestions on size and type color of rugs. Any other suggestions to give the room some character are also welcome and appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Choosing the revenge rug ... very want the 5x8 [size rug] but get it home and want the 8x10 instead." Size is largely personal preference, but there is one hard-and-indecorously rule. If you are putting a rug in a dining room, make sure it overhangs the table by at least two feet.

Rug Buying 101 When we moved from our carpeted townhouse to our wood dumfound home, the most daunting part of decorating our new space was picking out rugs for each room. In fact ... rug just because they are cheaper than an 8x10 or 9x12. Buying a rug that is too tight ... section rug and living room: Home & Kitchen ... Contemplate Area Rug (8'2"X9'10") Persian Style Living ... Area Rugs 8x10 Carpet Living Room ... Rug Modern Burgundy Yard Rug 6x8 Living Room Rug 5x8 ... living room extent rugs: Home & Kitchen Paterson Anthology Color Dark Red Traditional Oriental Medallion Design Area Rug (8'2"X9'10") Persian Cut Living ... Brown Rug 8x10 Area Rug Living Room Carpet 8 ...

8x10 to 8x12 Rectangular Rugs | Martha Stewart Living Rugs ... of interior decorator area rugs. Browse our convenient rugs by size section to find just the right size for any room. We offer 8x10 rugs, ...

Enclosure Rugs for 8X10 Living Rooms : Area Rugs - Peach on Area Rugs for 8X10 Living Rooms : Area Rugs at - and save. Buy Mainstays Manchester Shag Rug, ... Dining Room; Kids' Trappings; Living Room ;

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