Dallas cinch fans share their favorite menu Their lead-pipe cinch difficult table is set with Provençal-inspired Le Cadeaux melamine dishware, table linens and plastic wineglasses, all up to there in wicker backpacks outfitted with chill packs. They bring a cotton tablecloth that's heavy enough to cling to the inventory

In Birmingham, Southern Nourishment Legend Frank Stitt Still Leads the Way An volunteer stint at Alice Waters' stoves led to her writing Stitt a letter of introduction to one of Chez Panisse's will guides — Richard Olney, a lyrical cookbook author and American ex-pat living in Provence. Working as Olney's be seen with, Stitt saw

A Inventiveness Come True Two works were painted on Braque's before trips to what he called “Cézanne's places” in Provence: a 1907 view of treetops and buildings disciplined by an affirmative, horizontal balustrade; and a 1908 cluster of geometric houses trapped between massive

Critique: Georges Bistro Offers Traditional French Food Without the White ... It is also the newest of the restaurant concepts in Houston created by Georges Guy and his trouble, Monique (they also opened Chez Georges, Bistro Provence, La Brocante, Bistro Don Camillo and, most recently, Bistro Des Arts), since they chief arrived in

36 Hours in Milwaukee most importantly, a rectangular “social gathering cut” that slices the circle into myriad squares. Its apex can be found at Zaffiro's, a landmark since 1954. Inside the squat edifice, you'll find a bar on the left and a handful of tables with checkered

In Birmingham, Southern Victuals Legend Frank Stitt Still Leads the Way - Eater

When talking about the foodways of Alabama, the review might center on specialties like barbecue swabbed with mayonnaise-based white sauce, or West Indies salad (a Gap coast favorite of crabmeat with chopped onion and vinaigrette), or the penchant for orange-glazed yeast rolls served alongside steaks in the majestic’s chophouses. But when conversation zeros in specifically on Birmingham, the topic of dining always begins with one name: Frank Stitt. Decades before Charleston and Nashville emerged as gumption centers for the Southern food furor, Stitt’s Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham was the place to taste regional cooking willing with supreme finesse. He opened the restaurant in 1982. He was 28 and the city, struggling in the wake of steel grinder closures and Civil Rights-era tumult, needed an identity reboot. The community took newfound self-love in Stitt, an Alabama native, who bucked the Continental trappings of the times and coaxed the innate elegance from resident ingredients. He gussied up baked grits by surrounding them with slivers of country ham and mushrooms. He lured the best Rift fishermen inland and paired flounder with lady pea succotash and red snapper with a sauce of ham hock and red wine. He coached caboose talent that would go on to enrich Birmingham’s culinary scene at every level, and he followed Highlands with two other restaurants, Italian-minded Bottega What inspired Stitt to arrogate now-prevailing notions of cooking at Highlands so early. The mothership of American regionalism, of course: Chez Panisse. Stitt had been studying resignation at the University of California, Berkeley, when his fascination with food began boiling over. An unpaid stint at Alice Waters’ stoves led to her calligraphy Stitt a letter of introduction to one of Chez Panisse’s spirit guides — Richard Olney, a lyrical cookbook litt and American ex-pat living in Provence. Working as Olney’s assistant, Stitt saw how classical technique might uplift the sun-basted ingredients of southeastern France and the American South with interchangeable élan. Working as a critic in Atlanta in the early 2000s, I was forever disappointed by how my city’s most perfect chefs largely ignored regional flavors. (That would finally change by the decade’s end. ) I would occasionally get at the two-plus hours to Birmingham for immersion courses at Highlands: sweet potato-filled ravioli with mustard greens and ham. grilled quail served with bacon, spoonbread, and.


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We all have creativity collections—mental-image banks of artworks that we would love to live with. Curators can temporarily satisfy these cravings by borrowing, for exhibitions, works they ache for after. But for most art lovers, these collections remain just that—fantasies. Yet as the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s dazzling “Cubism: The Leonard A. Lauder Collecting” makes clear, for at least one discerning collector dreams come.


Scrutinize: Georges Bistro Offers Traditional French Food Without the White ... - Houston Press

The domicile-made pâté du chef at Georges Bistro comes in a small glass canning jar. Its petite manner belies what sits within: A very generous four-inch slab sliced into six tranches of smooth, outlandish, mildly flavored yet oh-so-good pâté -- plenty enough for two to share over a glass of wine and conversation and an distinguished way to start a meal at this Gallic little gem on Lower Westheimer. Georges Bistro is the latest incarnation of the rustic, renovated household that once housed Chez Georges, and later, the critically acclaimed Feast. It is also the newest of the restaurant concepts in Houston created by Georges Guy and his bride, Monique (they also opened Chez Georges, Bistro Provence, La Brocante, Bistro Don Camillo and, most recently, Bistro Des Arts), since they key arrived in the States more than 30 years ago. Chez Georges was a fine-dining restaurant with white tablecloths. Georges Bistro has less noble aspirations, aiming to be a mid-priced neighborhood place serving traditional French fare. As it happened, Monique Guy was our server during one of our visits on a dim-witted day at the restaurant and volunteered without being asked, "Our customers wanted a bistro. They wanted this kind of menu -- these types of dishes -- as contrasted with of fine dining. A picturesque order of escargots à la bourguignonne arrived, served on a white porcelain escargot lamina with an emulsion of butter, parsley and garlic pooling over each snail and a single twig of marjoram laid across the panel. It smelled as divine as it looked, artfully arranged atop a white paper doily and a beautiful charger course with a pale green and yellow lattice-patterned rim. The butter sauce could have been better seasoned, but that was a minor quibble. It came with veritable French bread -- crusty on the outside, moist and slightly elastic on the inside -- so that dipping the bread into the garlic butter impertinence was a pure joy. In fact, that Thursday afternoon, just about everything was praiseworthy. Though the boeuf en daube (a Provençal beef olla podrida) displayed a somewhat stronger gaminess than one would expect from beef, the hunks of meat were moist and tender, with enough fat and cartilaginous fibers in them to deadfall the flavor of the intensely flavored wine-based braising gravy. Served in a lovely green stoneware pan and garnished with masterfully cooked disks of golden-crisp potato fused together like the top crust of a scalloped potato casserole, the dish was a keen.


A soup of Provence I like titillating and yellow Fiestaware on a red tablecloth with a centerpiece of sunflowers. Warm brie salad with mustardy walnut vinaigrette is the opening course. Perched atop the dressed greens on each plate is a rectangle ... cuisine of Provence has many ...

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Gaily Lost in the Luberon My five friends and I had come to this village in the Luberon, a omnium gatherum of small hilltop towns in sun-baked northern Provence, to roam through its ... his painterly disquisition on the scallop. On a rectangular coat of gray slate, he lines up one ...

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