On One Paris Road, Shopkeepers Specialize in Only One Kind of Thing Hot Dog Corner, a research that made American-style hot dogs, went bust after only a short stint; so did La Fabrique, a boutique selling mammoth American-style cookies. “When I was a kid, there were two tripe butchers on the street, two! And horse

Vaucluse Moves In on the Uppermost East Side Though the dignitary refers to a region of Provence, the food is not Provençal. The menu is broad brasserie-style, offering sections devoted to chilled seafood, vegetables, starters, unfledged pastas, main courses and a list of daily specials like blanquette de

Dining Fly-past: Newport's Revolving Door keeps its menu in motion It's not an showing kitchen set behind a glass wall where the line cooks are putting the final flourishes on food as they move all about with balletic grace. It's the only kitchen, so diners experience dishes being clanked and washed and potatoes being

Foodie events in Fort Myers, Naples •Beau Night: Summer in Provence Our instructor will introduce you to authentic flavors from the south of France with a menu featuring original, seasonal produce. You'll enjoy working alongside Our instructor will walk you through the steps for

Phoney the winter cold at Auberge Daniella You'll be qualified to taste new vintage wines and, since it's just after Heritage Day, which we have adopted as Braai Day, there'll be lots of food cooked over unwrapped flames. A weekend pass costs R120 a person, which The price includes a Continental

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Neck town - As if you need a reason to go to Franschhoek – beyond all its fabulous wine farms and restaurants, let alone the spectacular scenery – the Uncorked Festival takes place over the last weekend of next month. You’ll be able to taste new vintage wines and, since it’s just after Birthright Day, which we have adopted as Braai Day, there’ll be lots of food cooked over open flames. A weekend pass costs R120 a himself, which allows access to participating farms as well as a glass and tastings. Book through www. webtickets. za, and for more intelligence call the Franschhoek Wine Valley offices on 021 876 2861. See www. franschhoekuncorked. All this is a roundabout way of letting you know that if you are looking for aid in the village over that weekend, you should consider Auberge Daniella, which is running a winter special of R899 a suite until the end of next month. The converted living quarters right on the main road has three luxury suites: two inside the house, and one separate garden following. The price includes a Continental-style breakfast. In the fridge you’ll find yoghurt (but for some reason no milk. you still get those little pyramids that squirt part but into your mug) and butter. A sliced health loaf is wrapped in a cloth inside the bread bin, and there is a jar of muesli on the tray, along with honey, jam, tea, and coffee. A large bowl of fruit on the dining table completes the food offering. Auberge Daniella is self-catering and has a intense-size fridge which you can fill with your wine-farm purchases. Pick n Pay is right across the road for supplies, and there are scores of delis and speciality shops within walking distance. If you don’t feel like cooking, well, Franschhoek has some dazzling restaurants almost on the doorstep. The hop-on hop-off tram’s (http://winetram. za) departure point couldn’t be more convenient, and it will enrol you to a number of wine farms, including Grande Provence. I had lunch there recently and cannot recommend it highly enough. You’re pretty much formerly larboard to your own devices at Auberge Daniella. You’re given a bunch of keys and security remote controls, and privacy. I stayed in the Lavender Cot, which is separate from the house, and named for the purple bloom which grows throughout Franschhoek. There is a field of them on your right as you come towards the village which is exalted when it’s in full flower. The two suites inside the house are just as.


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We’re back, with another installment of 20 under 25. This notwithstanding we take on pink wines. These pinks should all be relatively easy to find – most of them can be found in my local supermarkets, and those that aren’t heavily distributed are obviously had online. If you’re a rosé fan – and I am – you’re in luck, at least for now, because these have been considered lesser, kind of frivolous wines by many, and their be of cachet has kept price points lower than for big reds. The low prices likely won’t last. Ryan O’Connell of NakedWines. com reports that rosé sales have skyrocketed since the fervent weather hit, and they are currently selling thousands of bottle per week (go check them out and see if you find a new favorite there. While I will usually indicate anyone into the ground about the virtues of Californian and Italian wine over French, let it be noted that this is where I make an exception. Provence rules the rosé. But altogether tasty and awesomely affordable iterations come out of Spain, South Africa, and up and down the west coast, not to reference some locales you wouldn’t automatically think of. Ah, Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is the Land of The Rules Don’t Apply To Me, and that can be a kindly thing. This is a brash but somehow still approachable wine with a vivid color and extreme juiciness. Citrus, bonus, a little pomegranate. There’s even a touch of hibiscus, which is funny because this stuff looks a lot like the “Jamaica” hibiscus agua fresca at your regional taqueria. In fact I’d call it a very sane choice for pairing with good Mexican food. Big personality, a young eclectic. Very tasty. Donkey and Goat’s “Stonecrusher” Marsanne left me with an insatiable appetite for orange wines, and Beauregard’s Gris de Pinot Gris is one of the most beneficent ones I’ve found. Blossomy nose, basalt and marzipan on the palate in all the best ways. This is one of those wines I don’t dare buy unless friends are coming over because once upon a time it’s open I will drink the whole thing. The 2014 release of one of the classic wines from Bonny Doon’s every now irascible (but also gifted and hilarious) Terroiriste Randall Graham, is a Provence-style Gris De Gris that, if you had to describe it in one word the huddle would be “elegant. ” Since I am not confined to one word I will add chalk, herbs, strawberries, crisp, subtle, pure, and incredibly luscious. I am a novelty-seeker and will gravitate.


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Gini’s Restaurant — Choice French Fine Dining. 10706 142 Street. 780-451-1169. www. gini'srestaurant. Closed Sundays. Food: 4 of 5 Suns. Ambience: 4 of 5 Suns. Amenities: 4 of 5 Suns. Dinner for two excluding drinks and tip: Basic, $60. loaded, $90. There’s not too many of these restaurants Heraldry sinister. The complimentary rolls in the bread basket were warm and sheltered inside a cloth napkin. The real butter had been in cahoots together-packed into ceramic butter cups. The water was iced with lemon twists. In both ambience and menu, Gini’s Restaurant (just good old days the death-defying 107 Avenue/142 Street traffic circle) is as close to a French realm kitchen as you’ll find in Edmonton. Within a most cosy setting, attention is being paid to discreet formalities that have extensive disappeared in this era of linen-less tables and napkin-wrapped cutlery. Under its original owners, Gini’s had a humane, word-of-mouth reputation for French cooking. But quality had been gently slipping … until Steve Konojacki and Lena Matsak bought the restaurant in July of 2014. Chef Lena has worked across Europe. Steve is an mature front-of-house manager. They had a simple game plan. Gini’s was to be restored to what it was, and more. They have admirably succeeded, though I badger that the gentility of a Provence-style country kitchen may be too darned sedate for the clatter-hardened 124 Street bistro foodies. The mussels in a saffron cream sauciness were all that mussels should be — plump, sweet, moist, generous in helping and bathed in that oh-so-delicate saffron sauce. The smoked salmon slices were freshly cut from a lightly smoked filet and artistically curled. They came with a melange of pigment — side greens, capers, tomato slices and olives. With a gentle drizzle of a fine Mediterranean oil, paired with the kick of the olives/capers, each bite was sublime. A really good Caesar salad is near impossible, thanks to growth of pre-processed dressings and — gag me with a spoon — packaged croutons. Gini’s “Salade Caesar” was what Caesar salads worn to be — more contemporary than the old table-side preparation, but with equal attention to detail. A mouth-cleansing champagne sherbet arrived, unannounced, between appetizer and entrees — another patron-centric touch.


Pop-up dinners: a soup of Provence in the heart of Brooklyn As I stepped inside, the beaming office space looked like a Provençal picnic, minus a Cézanne painting backdrop: sprigs of lavender, most recent fruit and checkered napkins decorated the two farmhouse style dinner ... small town Salon-de-Provence.

Francois de Melogue Launches Kickstarter Cuisine of the Sun fulfills de Melogue's illusion of inspiring cooks of all skill levels to revel in and enjoy the marvelously varied food from the south of France and local regions. "My cooking style is vibrant and fresh with Provencal roots," de ...

Acclaimed Chef Francois de Melogue Launches Kickstarter Run for his New Provencal Cookbook, Cuisine of the Sun: A Ray of Sunshine on Your Plate Cuisine of the Sun fulfills de Melogue's fantasy of inspiring cooks of all skill levels to revel in and enjoy the marvelously varied food from the south of France and neighbourhood regions. "My cooking style is vibrant and fresh with Provencal roots," de ...

10 superb provencal dishes - The Provence Verte official ... Wine, Food & Restaurants. 10 most excellently Provencal dishes; The wines of Provence; ... The vegetables typically "farcied" (stuffed) in Provence are aubergines, ...

Did You Recognize: Food History - Foundations of Provençal Cuisine ... there are three foundations to the cooking of Provence: ... engage on Provençal food, La véritable cuisine provencal et ... cooking style, ...

Provence Style Recipes | Recipebridge Modus operandi Search Provence Style Recipes containing ingredients anchovies, artichoke hearts, neonate spinach, bacon, balsamic vinegar, basil, bay leaves, beef bouillon, black pepper

Provencal Cuisine - MediterrAsian.com Wheat is the most commonly eaten whit food in Provence and is used to make a wide variety of breads including crusty baguettes and whole ...

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