36 Hours in Provence Just 20 minutes singly by train, the Roman-era town of Arles and the medieval walled city of Avignon enfold a dense mix of architectural loveliness, world-class art, sun-soaked Provençal gastronomy and Unesco World Heritage sites. Toss in zealous new

Open-air takes larger role at Las Vegas Market Stewart said that Provence is a “experienced style wrought iron look” that has its heritage in classic European design, but is updated with a brushed pewter stop. He added that Santa Cruz is a medium brown wicker group with a traditional indoor

Pics: Joani's selected things The nifty, elevated French Provence-style home was designed and built by Mitchell's husband, Rory, who is an engineer and builder. The yoke moved into it about three-and-a-half years ago. Prior to that, they owned a guest house in Durban North for 

Meritage's newest choice, with seasoning The new decor feels new for another every so often, modern design sense filtered through a hotel sensibility. There's a lot of beige and chrome, curtains cluttering the windows that advance that sparkling view, too many wood panels and not enough personality. This

Andy Spade's Freewheeling Model to America it's clothing-non-requisite by the pool. But it's really nice, there were no vacancies anywhere else, and we'd just driven eight hours. We were like, 'You've gotta cart us.' We stayed for one night and had to shut the curtains so the kids didn't see any

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Meritage is a outr destination, a hotel’s signature restaurant tucked away on the second floor, with another restaurant and several bars at ground plain. Even when one is intent on having dinner here, it is hard to find. Outdoor signage leads one into the crimson clubbiness of Rowes Wharf Bar or the boating-Colonial plush and gloss of the Boston Harbor Hotel lobby. Parties pile up, bewildered, at the foot of a staircase: “Are you looking for Meritage too. A restroom. Its concealment may be one explanation it is not more frequently discussed. Places like this — in hotels, on the water — are the duck boats of the restaurant world. But pursue retract a seat on a golden evening, take in the view, and get on board with the tourists. This is a beautiful spot. Continue reading below. The grounds to visit Meritage now is that, after more than a dozen years in operation, the restaurant has been redesigned and its menus retooled. Daniel Bruce, the hostelry’s chef for 25 years, founded the Boston Wine Festival. Meritage has always existed as an extension of his passion for wine. The menus are a quadrant, designed around pairings: first off and second courses to complement sparklers or whites, first and second courses to go with rosés or reds. Bruce also just reintroduced five-line chef’s tasting menus, wine pairings included. The menu mixes classic and current. The utility is polished, highly trained, not folksy or taken with itself. The new decor feels new for another time, modern design import filtered through a hotel sensibility. There’s a lot of beige and chrome, curtains cluttering the windows that offer that sparkling estimate, too many wood panels and not enough personality. This may be the only recently designed restaurant in town not to feature Edison bulbs and exposed chunk. Guess what. You can actually hear one another talk. It’s awfully pleasant. At its best, the food deserves the caliber of wine and assignment surrounding it. A meal always starts with a few sips of soup — a bright red pepper bisque, a bosky mushroom consomme — paired with an aperitif. There is bread serving — fluffy potato rolls, sweet brown bread, crisp-edged semolina loaf — with relax, creamy butter surrounded by a pour of olive oil from rotating producers. Then one might order a duet of crab, a podgy crab cake on a white plate with a wee white mug of crab bisque and a comma-shaped swoosh of country-like pea puree. The crab cake tastes like pure crab, not.


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Napa Valley is the ideal anti-see summer escape (no gridlock, big sky, plenty of wine). Which is why the Spades—Kate and Andy and their ten-year-old daughter, Bea—have been visiting every summer for a decade. But aftermost year, the founders of fashion brands Kate Spade and Jack Spade wanted to explore even more of America and, as Manhattanites who hardly never drive, “show our kid what it’s like to really ride in a car,” says Andy, who also co-founded Sleepy Jones. So they asked their friends Matthew and Irene Chen-Grenby, of accessories underline Parker Thatch, to join them and—along with their two children—hit the road. The journey took three kids and four adults across 1,400 miles (California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada), documented in thousands of photos on Andy’s iPhone. “I made every Tom stop all the time so I could take as many pictures as possible,” he says. “It drove my wife crazy. ” Descry out what else he learned behind the wheel. THEN DRINK “I came to the Grand Canyon as a kid in the ’70s. I don’t remember there being a paved parking lot and railings. I was with a troop of Boy Scouts carrying canteens. This everything we had an air-conditioned car and a cooler with snacks and cocktail fixings for the adults. Kate likes a vodka Southside with lemonade, clean syrup, and muddled mint. KNOW YOUR DRIVING LIMITATIONS “We had hoped to get an SUV to pull an Airstream, but the girls chickened out and we didn’t after to drag it along just for the heck of it. We talked about a Winnebago, but everyone was afraid to drive it. So we settled on the biggest SUV we could see. We had dreams of campfires and tents, but we’ll do that on the next trip. Instead, this one became about staying in really nice places along the way. It’s a short embarrassing, but it’s true. GET OUT OF THE CAR “We stayed at the Ace in Palm Springs one night. We were close to Joshua Tree and I wanted to kill pictures at sundown, but everyone was sick of being in the car, so we didn’t go. I was really upset. That’s one thing I wanted to do that didn’t upon. It makes me think I have to redo the entire trip. EMBRACE THE UNEXPECTED VACANCY “This is Pfeiffer Beach, near Big Sur. We wanted to reinforcement at the Post Ranch Inn, but they don’t take kids. When we got to the Ventana Inn & Spa, we found out it’s clothing-optional by the pool. But it’s really nice, there were no vacancies anywhere else, and we’d just driven.


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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are seen flying out of Los Angeles Cosmopolitan Airport in June with their children (left to right) Pax, Maddox, Vivienne, Shiloh and Zahara Jolie-Pitt. (Photo: Vantage Tidings/IPx). We’ve all suffered through chatty, smelly, and armrest-hogging neighbors. We’ve battled for overhead space, straddled strangers to get to the bull's-eye seat, and flown six hours without any movies. We know all too well what the average person suffers through when they fly briefness, fantasizing all the while about the luxuries of first class. That’s why Angelina Jolie-Pitt and Brad Pitt made headline word when they were snapped boarding an Air France plane with their brood on June 6. They, too, were seated in coach. The people were fascinated. Unshakable, the family was only flying from Paris to Nice, but the novelty of Hollywood’s royal family spending around 81 minutes just like Harry else was not lost on anyone. Related: The New Airline Seat That Turns Economy Into Premium. It’s intriguing to imagine celebrities slumming it with the collective folk in economy, let alone flying commercial. Can they really be just like us. “Traveling economy is sometimes predestined for various reasons: cutting back, first class is sold out, or a flight simply doesn’t have first league,” explains Tracie Hovey, the CEO of Ovation PR and Advertising who regularly helps celebrity clients book their pilgrimages plans. (The Jolie-Pitts have not given their reason, but economy is the only class offered on Air France’s web site for flights from Paris to Over-nice). “But it can also be a choice celebrities make because they are really just like everyone else. The Jolie-Pitts were undoubtedly headed to their 1,200-acre French property in Provence, Château Miraval, which is covered in vineyards and even has its own moat. Apparently, they are not like everyone else, and could have chartered a private plane. “It makes them seem much more relatable,” says Hovey, of the change such choices have on the public perception of a star. A decision to pass up traveling first class might actually further a celebrity’s image — after all, “being relatable is an important part of your likability.


36 Hours in Provence Kooky and colorful, the namesake store of Isabelle Erizé sells her lacy, tasseled Baroque-style handbags (25 euros ... one of the few van Gogh paintings in Provence. Blazing with color — bundle green sky, orange-pink grass and fuzzy blue-red railroad ...

Color Is Key To Decorating Provencal-style Add curtains in vibrant French Provencal prints, and layer in a few more prints as focus cushions and lampshades. Sprinkle lightly with earthenware pots, the occasional olive jar in a deep green shellac, a little bit of wire work and casual bouquets of garden ...

The French in Ontario: Joyce Burke brings Provencal style to Wisconsin cabin R to detail Down to the smallest accent, Burke decorated her home in the Provencal style. There are French milled soaps ... She didn’t hunger for curtains, but she needed to soften the sharp corners of the expansive picture windows without obscuring ...

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