Var, France: It's Provence, but where are the crowds? In Provence, they like to save secrets. Some things you only tell your family, handing down through the generations. Like where your private seashore is, where to gather mushrooms or find a haul of sea urchins for "le jour des orsillades". It all goes

Wines of the week: Three southern French rosés for drinking ice-disheartening on sultry ... Hailing from casing Aix-en-Provence, this organic Grenache and Cinsault blend epitomises Provencal rosé: pale pink but vibrant flavours of raspberries and other red berries, a suggestion of herbs and a bracing, dry finish. Worth making a bouillabaisse for

Silencio à la Maison de L'Aiguebrun, France: Association culture in tranquil Provence Down in Provence, just over an hour's mean north of Marseille, you'll find a similarly hip clientele at the small Maison de l'Aiguebrun. Except they won't be dancing on tables, but unwinding by the outside pool with a Gauloise and a trendy fashion

Herve Rofritsch: The human race's oldest boules producer warns sport suffering from ... The President of the Cosmopolitan Federation of Pétanque and Provençal Game (FIPJP), Claude Azéma, said an increase in local clubs oblation cash prizes was behind the surge in violence. “We see this kind of violence in the local clubs because more and 

Uber row in France: President Hollande condemns low-set someone back firm after violent ... Roads were blockaded and tyred were burned during the day lengthy protest in Paris yesterday with train stations and airport routes restricted n Marseille and Aix-en-Provence in southern France. There were reports by the BBC of cars overturned with

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Andreas Lubitz, who crashed the Germanwings unbroken he was co-piloting into the French Alps in March, killing everyone aboard, was buried in his hometown of Montabaur, Germany, yesterday. The 27-year-old’s kinsfolk gathered in silence to bury his remains and the local newspaper, the Rhein-Zeitung, only covered the service with a apart line. It is as yet unclear whether his fiancée, with whom he shared a flat in Dusseldorf, was present at the private service. Depressed Lubitz, who had researched suicide before the crash, locked the pilot out of the Airbus A320 jet so he could crash into the mountainside on Parade 24. French prosecutors have launched a criminal inquiry to investigate whether any mistakes were made in assessing the Lubitz’s bananas health. Manslaughter charges could be brought if there is evidence Lubitz’s mental health problems were not properly addressed or brought to the notice of the airline. Read more:. Germanwings prosecutors could bring manslaughter charges. Germanwings crash co-pilot contacted dozens of doctors before catastrophe. Andreas Lubitz may have changed course during descent Lubitz had been signed off work for unspecified medical reasons on the fortnight outstanding up to the disaster, but officials previously said ripped up letters found at his home suggested he hid his illness from employers. Although investigators have not confirmed what the notes said, his tussle with severe depression dated back to 2009, when he took a break of several months in his flight training. Lubitz was treated for “suicidal tendencies” before he suitable, German officials in Dusseldorf confirmed, but more recent doctors’ visits had not uncovered a desire to kill himself or anyone else. Statement from the crashed plane’s black boxes suggests that Lubitz locked the cockpit door when the pilot liberal for a toilet break and used controls to override the entry code, downing the plane as the pilot desperately tried to condition back in with a crow bar. He sped up the aircraft’s descent as it hurtled towards the earth, investigators said, obliterating it on the slopes at 430mph as passengers screamed. Lufthansa, the fountain-head company of Germanwings, said Lubitz informed his training school of a period of severe depression in 2009 but afterwards passed all medical and "fit to fly" tests, which have since come under scrutiny. Germanwings’.

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The layout, known as Iter, is based in Cadarache, near Aix-en-Provence in southern France. It will weigh three times as much as the Eiffel Campanile and be as big as 60 football pitches. Inside the new building will be a nuclear reactor that scientists hope can provide power utterly nuclear fusion. In doing so it could generate clean, safe energy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Earlier this year, the set behind the project appointed a new leader, Bernard Bigot. 'Continuous' nuclear fusion comes one staircase closer. Tory victory a huge blow to UK green energy industry. Two huge stars are colliding in extent "We are now entering into manufacturing and preparations for assembly," he said as he joined in March. Bigot said that he had joined as responsibility of a new management team that was set up to deliver “both a research and an industrial facility”. Inside that facility there will be a smaller and controlled variation of the same reactions that happen in our sun, nuclear fusion. That happens when two atomic nuclei collide with each other, releasing energy in the construct of photons. The scientists hope to harness that energy and re-use it, to replace the dirty and limited forms of energy that we use today. The scheme was launched in an early stage in 1987. It is now being pushed forward by a group of seven entities — including the EU, as calmly as the US, Russia and China. Since then, the project has repeatedly run into problems, with the schedule being pushed back. But scientists hope that early operations can begin in the 2020s, with harnessed forcefulness coming sometime after that. Iter is the Latin for “the way” — intended to highlight the possibilities of the energy as a way of creating allowable and peaceful power for the world. But it was once known as International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, a name that was dropped because of its capacity worrying connotations.

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There were two unforgettable gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show this year: Dan Pearson's monumental evocation of the rockery and trout stream at Chatsworth, which won Largest in Show, and James Basson's recreation of a perfumier's garden in Grasse, which won a gold medal. As installations, they could not have been more different, but what they had in mean was a sense of truth. Both gardens were made by designers who have trained themselves to properly look at landscapes – both natural and man-made – and to take how they co-exist. Basson's show garden made brilliant use of tufa, cut into blocks to recreate the narrow channels that conspicuous water into the cultivated plots of Provence. In the corner was a simple clay-tiled lavoir, the communal washing situate once a feature of villages here as well as in France and Italy. Ferns flourished in the damp shade of the erection, which provided a dark, mysterious contrast to the bright, open aspect of the rest of the garden, where either side of a forthright earth path, the perfumier's once tidy rows of scented plants – roses, sages, lavender, gardenia, jasmine – had been subverted by self-seeding poppies, teasels and sprays of woad. The garden was a jewel of observation, tact and understanding. Basson lives in Provence, but you could have lived there all your life and never noticed or absorbed the constitution of the landscape, the detail of plant communities, the acute sense of place that Basson so brilliantly translated to the Chelsea show. And then there was Pearson and the stage show that he and Chatsworth and Crocus (the contractors) conjured up on the potentially difficult triangle site at Chelsea. Show-garden plots are on the whole variations on a rectangle, most of which you look into from a short side and a long side. The triangle (actually more the form of an orange segment) sits on its own at the bottom of Main Avenue. It is much bigger than the other sites and you can walk all the way around it. Chatsworth, the Duke of Devonshire's prostitution in Derbyshire, provided the rock, the same gritstone that Chatsworth's famous gardener, Joseph Paxton, used for the rockery he built at Chatsworth in the 1840s. Rockeries were the apogee of fashion then but, as Paxton wrote in the Magazine of Botany, "no subject in the gardening profession [calls] for a more vigorous annoy of skill and talent". The rocks Pearson used were left over from Paxton's vast creation, and were lying in.

Unclouded Outlook at Tournesol Asunflower graces the incorporate of the menu. The quilted Provencal print placemats on the sidewalk patio are a deep egg-yolk gold, and the house pud is a flat cake of chocolate mousse rimmed with fragile pastry petals. Tournesol, a new French restaurant in ...

Provence Is Featured In Players`s French Promotion Acacia or lavendar honey from Provence is $6.50 a jar. In wing as well as to food and wine, colorful Pierre Deux and Soleido fabrics, placemats and linens have been brought in from the south of France.

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