The Planner: 7 Days, 7 Things, Aug. 23-29 The show takes domicile indoors on the concrete floor, where there's plenty of room to dance, and seats and tables are set up to help you unwind after effort. Downtown bistro the Bonneville will provide bites, and Mark West Winery handles libations

Value Valley female chefs aim to bring balance to a male-heavy industry Chef Tanya Alexander, possessor of Forage Bistro in Driggs, has redefined cuisine on the Idaho side of the Tetons. Her inventive Add herbs de Provence, garlic, wine and stock. Bring to a boil and scrape up any brown bits Grill chicken breasts (to

Go to season: Restaurant (Franklin), Red Pony, The Row, Rumours East, Saffire, Salsa, Crazy Goose, Smokin Thighs, Sole Mio, South Street, Suzy Wong's House of Yum, Tableland 3 (Lunch and Dinner), Tin Angel, Urban Grub, Valentino's Ristorante, Watermark Restaurant, Unmanageable

7 Bay Field wine bars with best al fresco delights The vibe: At Loser, the chic wine bar at Livermore's Concannon Winery, the seasonal, fresh fare is provided by On the Vine Catering, arbors intensity the outdoor tables and the wines hail from, well, everywhere. Most vineyard bistros pour only their own 

35 best restaurants in suburban Cuyahoga County: 2015 A-Bibliography Dining Guide (photos) Le Bistro du Beaujolais, 8134 Columbia Street, Olmsted Falls, 440-235-8883, In its simplicity, Le Bistro brims with charm. Set in a historic 1830s farmhouse, there's nothing "haute" about this cozy itsy-bitsy boite. French Provencal

Vast Wine Pairings for Alaskan Seafood - The Daily Meal

The pre-eminent stop on a recent tour of Alaska seafood was Crush Wine Bistro and Cellar in Anchorage, where we had a great dinner of raw oysters , mussel soup, prince crab, and white king salmon fillet with wines that matched. The meal not only set the tone for the rest of the four-day come to see, but it also set a high standard for other places where we stopped along the way. Crush owners Robert de Lucia, Scott Anaya, and Chad Culley have crafted a restaurant that serves urbane cuisine with wines to match in a relaxed atmosphere. Later, Culley, who has assembled an eclectic collection of international wines, agreed to deal his thoughts on ideal wine and seafood pairings. The Daily Meal: Salmon steaks and filets give eaters a preference of red or white table wines. What are some of your favorite red wines and white wines for pairings. Chad Culley: I virtually never drink white wine with Alaska salmon. The fish is just too fatty and rich and tends to twins better with light reds and rosés. Pinot noir is almost always the answer for unadorned salmon. Other abuse reds such as st. laurent (Austria), gamay (France and Canada) or old-school barbera (Italy) are great options as beyond the shadow of a doubt. For rosé, I go a little heavier, but with good acidity and mineral content. Everyone loves rosé wines. If you had a gratifyingly pink from Provence, what Alaskan seafood might you want to pair with it. Provençal rosés are amazing with fresh, light fish preparations. Niçoise is glaring and works especially well, whether with traditional tuna or with confit salmon, as we serve it at Crush. Others that are stunning with lean rosés include halibut or rockfish en papillote with fresh veggies and whole pan-seared rainbow trout with lemon and herbs. Chablis and muscadet are naturals for shellfish. But what are some other wine choices, and how would be the outwit way to use them. I also love Champagne with shellfish, especially oysters or crab. Obviously a great pairing for crab in a rich back talk is a full chardonnay like those from Sonoma or Meursault. One of our recent discoveries at Crush is a special cuvée of picpoul de pinet [from Languedoc] that is ancient sur-lie in oak barrels chained to the ocean floor. It's called “Libero,” by Julie Benau, and sounds gimmicky, but the wine is at for good occasionally.

Brassica, restaurant march past: A triumphant homecoming for Cass Titcombe in Dorset - The Independent

Beaminster's furnish square is strung with bunting, as though a rogue team of set designers from a Thomas Hardy costume drama has run amok in this minor Dorset town. The evening sunlight kindles the mullioned windows of squat stone buildings, and schoolboys pursuit each other around the memorial cross. At one end of the square, a tastefully sub-fusc double-fronted building beckons, scrap homeware shop, part restaurant, totally inviting. Can all this loveliness be permanent. Or have they had a tip-off that I'm arriving with my grumpiest colleague to review Brassica, the latest addition to the town's dining scene. Neither: it's the eve of Beaminster's annual arts celebration and tomorrow the square will host a celebratory street party. But tonight it looks as idyllic as a Batsford register cover, even if my grumpy friend is too concerned with finding a parking space to notice. It's going to take more than a bit of bunting and a inconsiderable restaurant with big ideas to convince him that Beaminster en fête is the place to spend a rocking Friday night. Then we go by into an airy dream of a modern bistro, as pale and interesting as a Hardy heroine, and my friend stops complaining. Brassica looks terrific: unsullied-lined Scandi meets rustic comfy. The white tables are well spaced, bold Marimekko-shape cushions colour-pop from the bench seating, and wild flowers bloom beautifully in every corner. In one window, a copper piece displays an artfully curated library of food and lifestyle books. The inclusion of the Canteen cookbook offers a advice to the previous life of Brassica's chef-proprietor, Cass Titcombe. He was the co-founder and original chef of that pioneering novel British restaurant, which launched in London's Spitalfields, then grew into a mini-chain. Now, with his wife, Louise Chidgey, a delineate guru who has worked with The Conran Shop, Titcombe has returned to his native West Country to build something more individual. Brassica is clearly a labour of love. there's nothing scalable this time round, no roll-out ambitions. This is hands-on, boots-on-the-compass basis cooking, with Titcombe in the kitchen every service, for up to a hundred hours a week, and Chidgey on occasional fa-of-house duties as well as running Brassica Mercantile, the shop next door. The daily-changing menu is fresh European rather than Canteen's retro Brit and, like the dining room, offers pleasing things wherever you look. There are sharing boards of charcuterie and.

Investing in retail: why buyout firms must dodge brand dilution -

Consumers have mature more careful with their money in response to the recession, while competition – particularly in the restaurant trade – has increased. The growth of rebate and budget retailing has educated consumers that value reflects price as well as quality, and made consumers more in all probability to try alternatives to their favourite brands particularly in the 'middle-ground' space between budget offerings and luxury brands. Retail and consumer brands and services have always been an seductive target for private equity investment and their importance is growing as the economy recovers. According to industry publication unquote" the consumer sector has accounted for 27-29% of unqualified deal volume in the UK since 2012, and up to 39% of total deal value in 2014. But with expansion comes the jeopardy of brand dilution. As investors seek returns through expansion, both within the UK and overseas, retaining the 'soul' of the kind – and, with it, the loyalty of consumers – is crucial to their success. as emerged from the discussion at a recent event hosted by unquote" and Pinsent Masons, the law unwavering behind Out-Law. Opportunities on the high street. Given retail's reliance on personal spend, the stability of the market remains tied to consumer revenues. However, just because the economic recovery has brought modest growth in real household incomes does not necessarily mean that the ecosystem for private equity buy-outs has become more stable. With increased numbers of retailers moving online, the aspect of the high street is in a constant state of change. The high streets that survive and thrive will be those that treat retail as more of a on holiday pursuit, using events such as markets, pop-ups and festivals to engage consumers in a way that online simply cannot. David Torbet, investment big cheese at Bowmark Capital, cited the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, east London as an example of a retail objective that has done well because it has been able to "control everything on site" without being dependent on councils and planning committees. CBPE Superior partner Anne Hoffman told us that the best performing high streets were those that had embraced differentiation. While tons high streets have been taken over by discount retailers and gambling shops since the downturn, others had been able to lure more independent boutiques and cafes. CBPE's purchase of the Côte chain of.

Extended-set-back hotels reinvent themselves to offer better stays At the Redbury Hollywood in Los Angeles, an all-attendants boutique hotel by parent company sbe, each room has a record player with a special vinyl collection curated ... with a fireplace and communal dining square footage. There are outdoor lounges.

A Vermonter's repudiate a note on dining in France We carried the food, beautifully wrapped to go, down the street to a bistro whose kitchen had just closed. Yes, we were welcome to eat the food at the restaurant's outdoor tables ... Yet the moderate cost of dining out or eating market food is not ...

Bistro Provence A few wholesome reminders of those glory days can be sampled at Bistro Provence in Bethesda ... the bistro's patio out back is a beaut, crazy with flowers. Got a batch? Book the second-floor dining room, introduced two years ago, with space for 40 or so.

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Provence Outdoor Bistro Dining Collection All Patio Clobber; Patio Dining Sets & Bars; Patio Chairs & Ottomans; Patio Tables & Lamps; Outdoor Sofas & Loveseats; Patio Discussion Sets; Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Provence Garden Dining Set - Fresh - Outdoor Dining Sets ... Outdoor Dining Sets; ... see be means of garden bistro set "Provence" ... Provence Garden Dining Set ...

Provence Outdoor Bistro Encircling Table with Glasstop-27 ... The Provence Outdoor Bistro Dining Collection features impenetrable brown aluminum frames with the look of real bamboo. The patio chairs are stackable for storage and ...

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