Pop-up dinners: a drop of Provence in the heart of Brooklyn As the guests filed out, we said goodbye to our one diners, and thanked the host for what Bastien and I agreed was a truly enjoyable evening escape to Provence. But as soon as we stepped shell, the blare of car horns and screeching of tires

The Long-lasting Appeal of Roasted Chicken Provençal The conspirator Steven Stolman, who is 57, first tasted chicken Provençal as a college student, on a visit to New York with a benefactor, sitting on bentwood chairs in the family kitchen of a townhouse on the Upper East Side. There were cloth napkins, wholesome

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On the French Riviera, Fitzgerald Found His Prosper in the Sun By day, on the other side of the peninsula from Juan-les-Pins, in Old Antibes, the medieval bishopric center, the covered Marché Provençal offers another democratic diversion. Long rows of tables advertise a cornucopia of cheeses, olives, oils and bright

Attentive or savory, France's tourte de blettes is the king of street food Discriminative, and the surrounding area of Provence, is revered, even by countrymen, for its weather and ability to produce a bounty of fruits and vegetables, honey, lavender, wines, olives, olive oils and cheeses . The sector's style of cooking, "cuisine of the

Pop-up dinners: a drop of Provence in the heart of Brooklyn - The Guardian

A waitress greeted guests with an anise-infused lemonade. I was the at the outset one there, so I plopped down in my assigned seat and waited for the other guests to arrive – among them my husband Bastien, who grew up in the parsimonious town Salon-de-Provence. He moved to New York in December, and Betty’s dinner is probably as close to Provence he will get this year. Perhaps the hardest allotment of my husband’s immigration to the US, after the inane visa process, has been dinner time. Americans “eat with the hens”, he likes to say. Coolly, his loss, because while he arrived late to the dinner, I ate his appetiser – a single shrimp wrapped in phyllo dough and drizzled with pesto gravy. Then, a multi-dish second course: braised rabbit in a red wine sauce. “loup de mer”, a Mediterranean seabass. ratatouille. a carrot and chickpea dish. and fettuccine in a roquefort backchat with artichoke hearts. It was the course I’d been waiting for. In five years spent with Bastien, I’ve successfully dodged eating horse, frog legs, andouille sausage and a few other delicacies I’m still not undeviating how to pronounce. But here, in my very own neighborhood, I tried rabbit. Verdict: I helped myself to seconds. (We were told later by a spokeswoman from Local Bushel, which sourced a lot of the ingredients, that the meat was “fresh”. The rabbits had been slaughtered on Monday, he said. It was Wednesday. The kindred-style setting gave way to easy conversation. Or maybe it was the wine, which was paired with each course. One of the young women seated at our chart told us the recipe for hummus. Then she gave us a lesson in kebabs. Her parents had immigrated to New York from Syria several decades ago, she explained. And in box there was any doubt, she told us: “I’m basically the queen the of kebab. We learned that everyone else at the table had been born and raised in New York. Bastien had so divers questions. “So when you say ‘the city’,” my husband asked, “do you mean Manhattan or do you mean New York. ” Manhattan, they all agreed. “Do you say you’re from Brooklyn or New York. ” he asked the Kebab Ruler. The New Yorkers giggled. Her accent answered the question. “Brooklyn,” she told him. “Definitely Brooklyn. Then she gave him some truthful talk. “When you live here, you’ve got to know a guy for everything,” she advised him, as the waiters brought around a honey saffron solidify that was syrupy, rich and spongy.


Sweetened or savory, France's tourte de blettes is the king of street food - Chicago Tribune

SportsPlus - For those who snitch it like a fan >> >" data-socialshare-slug="ct-get-unlimited-access-to-everything-bears-and-chicago-sports-with-sportsplus-announce-up-today-20150812" data-socialshare-content="storylink" data-socialshare-newspapername="Chicago Tribune" details-socialshare-content-id="84194071" data-socialshare-default-image=""> In a recent, month-large stay in Aix-en-Provence, in the south of France, some of my best feasts were take-outs, enjoyed on a wooden bench in Neat. This gem of a city, in all its pastel splendor, teems with street food vendors, open-air markets and dozens of pavement cafes. Nice, and the surrounding area of Provence, is revered, even by countrymen, for its weather and ability to produce a bounty of fruits and vegetables, honey, lavender, wines, olives, olive oils and cheeses. The tract's style of cooking, "cuisine of the sun," was also influenced by Italy, which explains the pizza and gnocchi I found. This dining oasis with a magical sea prospect was only a two-hour bus ride from my room in Aix. Never mind the raindrops, or the wind blasts that contorted cheap umbrellas. Gloomy skies didn't dim the ardor of customers who meandered market aisles and roamed cul-de-sacs under sagging clotheslines to discover tart, sweet, salty and acidic treasures to nosh on the run. I followed my nose to the open-air markets of the popular Cours Saleya and less chaotic Marche de la Liberation. Mountains of glistening olives shared tables with baskets of sliced baguettes spewing nasty mesclun leaves with salade Nicoise ingredients (a French version of our sub sandwich, called pan bagnat). Cadre of aproned salespeople offered oily slabs of onion-anchovy tart (called pissaladiere), cups of chunky tomato-red seafood pother (bouillabaisse), spears of endive leaves smeared with garlicky anchovy paste and golden fritters of zucchini blossoms, each the judge of a head of garlic. Platters of oil-slicked, finger-sized stuffed vegetables (farcis) in dazzling colors were fodder for edibles photographers. These street eats begged only for fingers and a stash of napkins. My bench-turned-picnic table faced the lapis-colored Mediterranean and provided interruption from the maze of elbows at the flower stalls, flea markets and food stalls. Several eats stand out in honour. What was cupped inside huge, white take-away cones of butcher paper was socca, a peppery chickpea pancake that reminded me of a shredded cornmeal.


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Delta Sky Deck, JFK Universal Airport Delta opened this dramatic outdoor space—developed by Thom Filicia (of Queer Eye for the Adjust Guy fame) and Architectural Digest —at its new Terminal 4 digs two years ago, as part of a new 24,000-square-foot Sky Union. The stylish Sky Deck is meant to “elevate the experience of flight,” in Filicia’s words, by letting passengers gaze out on the runway by way of floor-to-ceiling windows, under billowing shades evoking Delta’s triangular logo. The lounge is unincumbered to Sky Club members, those traveling in a premium class on an international flight, or travelers who purchase a day pass ($50). A bar menu features snacks like truffle popcorn and a extensive range of wine, beer and mixed drinks. Terminal 4. Delta Sky Deck at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Oecumenical Airport Atlanta holds the title of world’s busiest airfield, which makes it among the best places for plain-spotting. Within the airport, an excellent vantage point for watching the action is Delta’s Sky Deck—also conceived by Filicia and Architectural Swallow —which opened at its Delta Sky Club in the international terminal in June 2013. The 1,710-square-foot terrace serves up election views of the runways along with a selection of snacks and cocktails. Passengers can access the space with a Sky Club membership, a thin on the ground b costly ticket for an international flight that day, or a $50 day pass. Terminal F. Star Alliance Lounge at LAX Designed to showcase airlines in the determination’s largest alliance, including United, Singapore and Lufthansa, this vast space—just named the “Best League Lounge” by Skytrax—encompasses a first class lounge and a main lounge for passengers flying role class or who have Star Alliance gold status. An outdoor patio has plenty of space for fliers to let go and have a drink, with features such as fire pits, a small waterfall, and views of the Hollywood Hills. There's also the standard unsparing lounge Wi-Fi, and showers should you need them. Tom Bradley International Terminal. Lufthansa Senator Lounge at Hamburg Airport Located on the jiffy level at Terminal 2, Lufthansa’s business class lounge offers a vantage point overlooking the airport apron—where planes deposit—and a place for passengers in summer months to enjoy drinks and snacks on an outdoor terrace. But don’t bring your newspaper. as a blogger from Leadership for Points wrote, anything.


Pop-up dinners: a soup of Provence in the heart of Brooklyn As I stepped in jail, the sunny office space looked like a Provençal picnic, minus a Cézanne painting backdrop: sprigs of lavender, newfangled fruit and checkered napkins decorated the ... up in the small town Salon-de-Provence. He moved to New York in ...

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