Five O'Clock Somewhere: Empyrean Sunsets at Kenya's Naboisho Camp As an disagreement student on an Austrian vineyard, I learned German via the Gewürztraminer method, followed by French in swanky Aix in Provence. Later I fit in a (quite . That you sleep in your king bed under thick linen bedding will be a welcome

The most wonderful everything of the year France, Provence: Beautiful updated farmhouse, magnificent Mediterranean/mountain views. Antiques. Lovely kitchen, gardens, pot. Linens, utilities Wi-Fi included July, August 900 euros fortnight, 1,600 month. Inquiries:

A bigger drop: Hamilton's French restaurant expands with new Eiffel Tower Room It is elegantly furnished with smug bistro chairs and tables with linen to support a Parisian theme. Owners Terry and Each day has a special such as orange chicken salad, Provence salad, ratatouille, and implausible desserts. The dinner menu

Hicks' Weekly Dish: Gini's offers frail dining experience Within a most self-serving setting, attention is being paid to discreet formalities that have long disappeared in this era of linen-less tables and napkin-wrapped cutlery. Under its prototype owners, Gini's had a good, word-of-mouth reputation for French

Rug introductions apply center stage at Vegas Market Willow rugs are handwoven from India in a peerless high/ low combination of linen and art silk. Six geometric designs offered in soft washed Provence is machine-made of 100% viscose in Belgium in five sizes. Levant is being added to the Donny Osmond 

A bigger drop: Hamilton's French restaurant expands with new Eiffel Tower Room - Ravalli Republic

The Drop of Paris French bistro in Hamilton has opened a room for events called The Eiffel Tower Cell with seating for more than 50 guests. It is elegantly furnished with comfortable bistro chairs and tables with linen to uphold a Parisian theme. Owners Terry and Laurence Markarian said their banquet room fills a distress in the community. It is now available for reservations. “It could be weddings, it could be family reunions, it could be parties,” Laurence Markarian said. “Unhesitatingly now, this time of year, we are booking for Christmas parties. We have a booking for the sixth of August for next year. The Eiffel Steeple Room is open for conferences and fundraising events – it doesn’t have to be a fully catered venue. We can help organizations by donating the use of the lapse – we donate to a lot of organizations. That would be our way to help. “We have started using the room already for Friday night musical evenings. We did a kind-jazz evening in July and people loved it. ”. Their next soft-jazz evening is Friday, Aug. “The interval is mostly for occasion venues, but it is also for us to hold special occasion dinners and evenings,” Markarian said. “We will host the Sprinkle Pink dinner theatre-in-the-round. We use it for us, but we want to keep it very special. When we use it we have a musician or something special. In 2012, the Markarians opened a everyday gourmet food market on the first block of North Fourth Street. They had space for 10 guests and a dole section. The duo said they were hoping the Bitterroot Valley would be ready for an all-French, authentic bistro-boutique. Six months later, they had been discovered and had distinct they needed more space. They expanded next door and added a crêperie on the east side of the building. In 2013, they acquired a wine and beer sanction and developed a dinner menu that gained popularity very quickly. They have hosted private parties but realized, again, they needed more lapse – hence The Eiffel Tower Room. Chef Laurence Markarian has made Taste of Paris a exceptionally friendly and affordable bistro where you can have a simple home-cooked meal in a pleasant atmosphere. “That’s something that people don’t entirely understand,” she said. “They think ‘Oh, French, it’s going to be terribly expensive – let’s go there only for our anniversary’. I have quiche on the menu. You can pack in by after work and have a quiche and a green salad – in and out. “Everything is done here.

How To Use At Work On 70% During The Summer Slump - The Debrief

I don’t be to write this. I want to lie on the office floor and rub my swollen belly to ease the sloshing of coffee, noodle soup and an ill-advised aloe vera bend the elbow. I want to use the carpet to wipe the melted chocolate off my dusty, sticky hands, and then I want to have a three-hour nap before current to the pub for beer and chips. Admittedly, I’m never at my best after three o’clock in the afternoon, but between June and September, it’s as if the bell has gone to raise the end of the school day, but I’m the only one who has heard it. At best, my personal hygiene and time-keeping are basic, but come the summer, I make Glastonbury look like Glyndenbourne. I look and react as though I’ve just been thrown out of The Gathering Of The Juggalos. I’m surrounded by salad eaters swathed in dry, crisp linen, who stare down at their leather loafers to escape my five-mile gaze. I stink of beer and Baptiste. My feet look tan, if poorly shod, in my airport flip one's lid flops, until I rub at the ‘tan’ with a spitty finger. I am a collapsed, reduced-to-clear, picnic-sized scotch egg choice, in a maxi dress. If life was fair and people were reasonable, we’d all be able to embrace the summer slump. No-one would be expected to do any solely work until absolutely everyone was back from holiday, and offices around the country would accept that they need to either supply an on-site frappucino chef or allow every employee 40 minutes of Starbucks queuing on occasion. There would be no pissy emails about not wearing beach clothes at client meetings, because it would be accepted that you’re only wearing a sarong because caboodle else you own is covered in mud and grass stains, and they’re bloody lucky that you turned up and put underwear on. But we’re all expected to muddle to a three-month sweaty hangover, doubling down on all our work because everyone else is in Thailand, or Provence, or Dubai, and you spunked your say goodbye load on a poorly thought-out Groupon to Marbella back in April. It’s not fair. But here’s how to coast through and do a reasonable impact of a human being until you’re invigorated by the season of boots and bonfires and you’re in no danger of passing out in the park with half a melted Eccentric Foot in your hair. Try to focus on ‘urgent’ work matters that are contingent on someone else coming back from vacation Out of office isn’t just an automated email response, it’s.

LinenMe expands flatland linens, bath collections with new additions LinenMe also offers linen aprons in the Brittany motif as coordinates. Long and comfortable, they use prewashed fabric for added softness and feature a side pocket for storing close cooking utensils and aids. For the bath, Provence is a modern and elegant ...

CURRENTS: PARIS -- LINENS; The Bedspread That So Cozily and Prettily Blanketed Provence Blanc d'Ivoire (precisely, White of Ivory, or off-white) is the name Monic Fischer chose for her home collection in 1995. ''Because it evokes linens, and sounds usefulness in lots of languages,'' Ms. Fischer said. The shop itself (above), 4, rue Jacob, is a ...

Provence French Linen Unstintingly Warm Vanilla Nougatine Spray I will be the original to say that I HATE ironing, but spritzing each item with something that smells decadent, just might make me change my mind. I have to recognize, it would be nice to pull on a blouse that is lightly scented. Warm vanilla… yes, that’s ...

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