About of the Week: Mike and Janet Rand Janet said her kitchen had been done for over a year so there's indubitably something new they missed but they tried to include all the new items and ideas. “One thing we like is our cabinets. They have two lazy susans, skate How much: Ticket price

Rowlock apartments bare in Orenco Station's Platform District (photos, video) French restaurant La Provence, a boulangerie and patisserie, and iSpark Toys, a Emanate (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) toy store, will occupy two of the other retail spaces in the Rowlock building. Piscitello and Samantha Kochanasz of

Dining Reviewing: Newport's Revolving Door keeps its menu in motion The blurred of the room is the open kitchen, surrounded by a dozen bar stools. Open kitchens entered the vocabulary of dining back in the mid-1980s at spots such as Spago in Los Angeles and Citronelle in Washington, D.C. Watching cooks in effect became a 

Ex-Angel Josh Hamilton cuts the evaluation on Newport Coast mansion to $15.88M An open-air kitchen, formal landscaping and an expanse of grass completes the setting. Kevin Aaronson of Keller Williams Realty is the listing delegate. Since being reacquired by the Rangers, Hamilton, 34, has hit .254 with six home runs in 38 games, while 

Vaucluse Moves In on the Characters upper class East Side Though the big shot refers to a region of Provence, the food is not Provençal. The menu is broad brasserie-style, offering sections steadfast to chilled seafood, vegetables, starters, fresh pastas, main Mas (Farmhouse) Galen Zamarra, the P and chef

Provence Kitchen

A mas (Occitan: [ˈmas], Catalan: [ˈmas]) is a old farmhouse in the Provence region of France as well as in Catalonia, where is also named masia (in Catalan) or masía (in Spanish).
A mas was a large self-sufficient economic unit, which could produce its own fruit, vegetables, grain, milk, meat and even silkworms. It was constructed of particular stone, with the kitchen and room for animals on the ground floor, and bedrooms, storage places for food and often a compartment for raising silkworms on the upper floor. Not every farmhouse in Provence is a mas. A mas was distinct from the other traditional kind of house in Provence, the bastide, which was the stamping-ground of a wealthy family.
The mas of Provence and Catalonia always faces to the south to offer protection against the mistral wind coming from the north. And because of the mistral, there are no windows fa north, while on all the other sides, windows are narrow to protect against the heat of summer and the cold of winter. A mas is almost always rectangular, with two sloping roofs. The mas found in the mountains and in the Camargue on has a more complex shape.
In Catalonia, the tenant of a mas is called a masover

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Simmering lavender and Herbes de Provence. I like to imagine Provence smells like my kitchen right now #canyousmellwhatthedociscookin

Kitchen Convo: The chef de cuisine at Cafe Provence talks Coors Light, South Park and, of course, KC BBQ. http://t.co/J0UehgnewC

RT @inkkcmag: The chef de cuisine at a Prairie Village French restaurant shares his fave KC burgers + BBQ. http://t.co/pISL8Fc5DE http://t.…

Rowlock apartments unlocked in Orenco Station's Platform District (photos, video) - OregonLive.com

More than 150 people toured a new Rostrum District building Saturday, checking out the interior of the Rowlock building — a six-story development with five territory floor commercial spaces and 255 residential units. The building was open for tours in conjunction with the Saturday, Aug. 22 toe of the Orenco Station Plaza , Hillsboro's newest public park. Residents of the Rowlock building, which is adjacent to the plaza, could begin in motion into their units Monday, Aug. Tony Piscitello, Holland Construction senior project manager, said Tuesday morning that 60 of the 255 residential units have been leased and that seven leases had been signed within the days of yore week. A Rowlock studio that's about 535 square feet costs about $1,195, as of Aug. The exterior of the Rowlock construction, which stands north of the plaza at 6380 NE Cherry Dr. , is designed to look like a warehouse, Piscitello said. He said Holland poor ground on the Rowlock building on Dec.


French cuisine shines in Southern Indiana - The Courier-Dossier

“Fine-grained dining is beautiful. It is living, not passing by,” said Louis Retailleau, chef and owner of Louis Le Francais in New Albany. After having moved from France in 1960, he has owned other restaurants in the Cooperative States and received an award for his cuisine from the French Consulate in Chicago. He’s proud of his accomplishments as an ambassador of French provisions, but his 18 hour days in his restaurant’s kitchen are tinged with disappointment and regret. “The people here are very nice, but there’s only a tiny percentage of people who understand French food, what I’m doing. They’re used to sandwiches, barbecue sauce, meat that’s overcooked. For them, eating is bing, bang, explode. But I come from a place and have tried to create a restaurant where the food is made to order, where people gather for conversation and aerosphere. That’s how the French dine for lunch or dinner,” he said. “The difference between how we ate and lived in France and how people eat and live here bothered me altogether much for a time, but not anymore. I’m getting over it. I have made peace with it. I cook from the heart, not for the money. I’m not in the money business. All I want to do is to constitute people happy. Life is very short,” he said. The menu at Louis Le Francais reflects dishes from diversified regions of France, and it features French classics such as escargots, ratatouille, coq au vin, cassoulet, beef bourguignon and bouillabaisse. Over the years he has seen uncountable American chefs travel to France to work in restaurants there, then come back and establish a name for themselves on this side of the Atlantic. He attributes their big name to immersing themselves in the foundations of French food. Retailleau believes television cooking shows have had a positive act upon on amateur cooks, as well as young people considering cooking as a career. But it has also distorted life in a efficient kitchen. “Kids watch those shows and think the business is fun and easy. But working in a real kitchen isn’t easy. One year 17 out of the ordinary kids worked for me. They all wanted to be chefs. Now they’re all gone because the work was too difficult,” he said. He said home cooks can emend their repertoire if they concentrate on technique (grilling, sautéing, roasting, steaming) and their equipment, and if they have a connection with the food. “I can give you the unsurpassed recipe in the world, but if you don’t understand the correct technique and.


Toledo Chef Drew Ruiz on the go - Toledo Ladies' man

Drew Ruiz isn’t pursuing just one venture, after leaving his outlook as executive chef at the Toledo Museum of Art in July. He has three different proverbial irons in the fire, such that the star for one of them is Iron Trident Spices. Ruiz has partnered with DiAnn Guerrero, co-owner of Toledo Flavors Scoff Tours, which offers walking and tasting excursions through the Warehouse District, to create spice blends for use in marketing endeavors. Guerrero had approached him about the potentiality of creating mixes “that reflect the neighborhoods” of Toledo, Mr. Ruiz said. That initial idea evolved into capturing the vital spirit and diversity of the city, and four varieties are being developed. There’s a poultry blend “that’s very reminiscent of herbes de Provence,” Mr. Ruiz continued, as happily as a mixture for beef that utilizes beans roasted by the Maddie and Bella Coffee Company of Perrysburg. A Mid-point Eastern-influenced combination of lemon salt and coriander pairs well with fish or seafood. Ruiz joked that the conclusive one, with juniper and rosemary, is nicknamed “Duck or Buck” as it enhances either duck or venison. Another partnership is the one that Mr. Ruiz has ventured into with Jordan Smith, “a restricted kid” who attended the Penta Career Center. Ruiz said he is working with Mr. Smith on “overseeing and helping to exploit [an] updated menu” at Veritas Cork and Craft, 505 Jefferson Ave. , where Mr. Smith is the chef. Spell constraints in the kitchen create some logistical complications. But the challenge of circumventing these issues and still offering a creative array of lesser tasting dishes - such as a basil-infused hummus served with cucumber slices — to complement the sophisticated schooner offerings at Veritas is exciting. “More like fun,” Mr. Ruiz said. These are just two of Mr. Ruiz’s current projects. The third one is the most overambitious of all. Chef Ruiz On The Go is in the development stages. A crowd sourcing campaign has been started to raise money for mat, licensing, insurance, and “all other necessary legal needs for a fledgling company,” and an all-weather bicycle for transportation. Not a cart or a commons truck. Yes, “a bike,” said Mr. Ruiz. And one “that can absolutely handle all the seasons that Ohio has to offer. Because Chef Ruiz On The Go will be a year-by a circular bike delivery lunch service for downtown, Uptown, and the.


In good time always To Escape! Bastide Beatrice In Provence, France Hale we’ve got the perfect spot to do just that, a beautiful retreat known as Bastide Beatrice In Provence, France ... We find a formal dining allowance, a full equipped kitchen, and space to accommodate up to twelve guests along the way.

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In addition Weaving Lavender, Sipping Olive Oil and Roaming Roman Ruins - What is There to Do and See in Saint-Rémy de Provence? The packaging itself, in tin boxes, will arrest in your kitchen for years -- even though the candies won't probably not even make it home. Just like with us. Well, I have a lot more to say about Saint-Rémy and Provence, but now it's beat for me to take a ...

www.provencekitchen.net PROVENCE KITCHEN™ is your one cessation French Gourmet Shop for all your Salad Dressings, Herbs & Spices, Honey, Jam, Jellies, Olive Oil, Vinegar, Olives, Mustard ...

The Provence Kitchen by Quality Wilkinson Furniture Provence Some years ago, I was roving in France, and realised that once you get beyond the bijou bistro there's a special something about life there ...

bol.com | Imaginarium Provence Kitchen - Houten keukentje ... Imaginarium Provence Kitchen Roze. Houten keukentje , exclusief van Imaginarium! Van fijn bewerkt hout, gelakt in zachte, bijpassende kleuren, met veel mooie details.

Houten roze keukentje All-inclusive Chef PROVENCE KITCHEN Houten roze keukentje Sumptuous Chef PROVENCE KITCHEN Volledige houten keuken met 2 kookvuren, gootsteen, oven, kasten en planken. Accessoires inbegrepen.

Provence Kitchen - Cafes - Woodbury, NY - Reviews - Photos ... 2 Reviews of Provence Kitchen "Exhilarated quality food and outstanding customer service. Very warm and welcoming atmosphere. Great soups and salads. I have ordered a ...

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