Le Blanc Manger, Gastronomy in La Colle Sur Loup The “wellness” garnish without ostentation is in the colors of Provence, white, ocher and old “mas” old stones with exposed beams. Le Blanc Manger is a quiet watering-hole where you feel immediately at home, ready to discover and let your plate enjoy.

The Steadfast Appeal of Roasted Chicken Provençal The deviser Steven Stolman, who is 57, first tasted chicken Provençal as a college student, on a visit to New York with a compeer, sitting on bentwood chairs in the family kitchen of a townhouse on the Upper East Side. Stolman would go on to behove

Cat Art from the Met Museum Makes the Purrfect Browser Stopper-in In just a prove inadequate period of browsing, I stumbled upon an ink drawing of a crouching tiger by Delacroix, a Flemish sketch of a sleeping cat, and this astonishing 18th-century caricature of the Comte de Provence as a cat. The only glitch with this paw-some

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Dining Consider: The Red Dory launches delicious dining The salads apportion lists a few interesting choices, including escarole and parsley leaf with radish, scallions, pecorino cheese and breadcrumbs; and a plate of Centre Eastern meze salads with olives and goat's milk feta. The Middle Eastern and North

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The Restaurant Le Blanc Manger in La Colle Sur Loup is a unmoved oasis of moments of culinary happiness orchestrated by Chef Brigitte Guignery. At La Colle Sur Loup, halfway between the shore and the village of Art of Saint Paul de Vence, Le Blanc Manger is a rare pearl of generous, refined and ingenious, but very affordable, “à l’ardoise” gastronomy. The name of the restaurant, a sweet dessert made from flavored tap, already evokes la bonne chère and la douceur de vivre. When she bought, twelve years ago, Brigitte Guignery kept the erstwhile name of the restaurant, probably in memory of the many years spent creating pastries at L’Auberge du Jarrier – 1 Michelin leading man – she managed with her husband in Biot, before focusing on her true passion: cooking. The Lady is the Chef Brigitte Guignery, one of the few lady Chef in the French Riviera, is also one of the most deft. She shares her passion of a cuisine “after her own heart and desires”, always looking for new products and new culinary creations, and devote herself to sacrifice “moments of happiness” to her customers. Brigitte stands for exclusively fresh and seasonal products from our terroir. the total is “homemade” and patiently elaborated in her kitchen. The chef then takes pleasure in arranging nice-looking plates. Lecherous about wine, she combines her with dishes discovery nectars, unearthed during the winter at sometimes little-known producers. Greenery, pacified and old stones Greeted by Brigitte Guignery’s warm smile, the customers find an air-conditioned room for summer, occasion out on a terrace surrounded by greenery for sunny days. The “wellness” decoration without ostentation is in the colors of Provence, white, ocher and old “mas” old stones with exposed beams. The dining rooms are furnished with lifeless tables with lovely wickerwork chairs. Another room, furnished with deep leather armchairs with a fireplace, evokes a cozy air and winter by fireside enjoying an invigorating dish or a Lounge Bar to sip in the evening a good glass of wine accompanied by a portion of homemade tapas. Le Blanc Manger is a quiet oasis where you feel immediately at home, ready to ferret out and let your plate enjoy. A bistro and gourmet cuisine The starters. The menu includes a delicious very restoration Seabream Tartare with condiments, dotted with Granada seeds and.


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TIVERTON, R. I. — One of the greatest developments in America’s restaurant furore during the last thirty years has been the demise of “fancy French” eateries, with flocked red velvet wallpaper, serving exaggerated food. In their place we’ve witnessed first the birth and now the flourishing of solidly creative restaurants in casual surroundings serving up innovative traveller reflecting both regional American and international influences. He was immediately smitten with Westport and Tiverton, along with the farmers and fishermen he met, and tried to haggle to lease the building he now occupies, when 10 years ago it was the Stonebridge Restaurant. When that deal didn’t materialize he opened Rendezvous in Cambridge, and began splitting his at the same time between the city and life on a tiny houseboat tied up in Westport. The dining room and bar, with earth-tone walls, are minimalist in conceive, with wooden chairs and banquettes and metal tables softened by panels of striped canvas hung across the ceiling like sails. However, the flat has a cork ceiling that absorbs sound, so there is serenity rather than the cacophony and chaos found in the majority of similarly decorated spots. There is one painting of a red dory and other pictures hanging about, but the décor is second-line to the food. Part of the renovation was the inclusion of a fireplace, because the restaurant is open all year. The wine list includes some engaging bottles, but options are limited to a few dozen. Johnson said that he tailored the list to the sporadic business he received between snowstorms this winter and will be adding inventory now that origin has arrived. What I did like was that the servers brought the bottles to the table to pour glasses of wine rather than bringing them already poured or in little carafes. In addition to oysters and littlenecks, the raw bar includes a daily ceviche — impeccably fresh snapper that evening — garnished with pomegranate seeds, radish, chiles and king's ransom. We shared that, and while neither my companion nor I is enamored of pomegranate seeds, the flavor and texture were a perfect foil to the buttery fish. Another way out, which I will try in the future, is a Hawaiian poke made with tuna and Asian flavors. The Middle Eastern and North African elements in Johnson’s cooking, which play many times to balance the tamer Provençal, Italian and Spanish influences, come from his immersion into cooking while a college devotee. A French major at Davidson College, he arrived in.


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For instructions on amount to cheese at home as the Gauls did, click here . When it came to dining, the Roman elite were a little bit over the top. They ate their meals on finely-crafted silver plate plates depicting epic battles from the Trojan War and drank from cups ornamented with hedonistic deities at play. But what foods did the Romans truly eat and drink more than two millennia ago. A priceless collection of jugs, plates, and other ornamental objects found in a Normandy village in 1830 are now on show off outside of France for the first time in the exhibition "Ancient Luxury and the Roman Silver Treasure from Berthouville" at the Getty Villa until August 17th. To give the pieces some frame of reference, art and food historian Nancy DeLucia Real hosts another fascinating cooking workshop on July 23 (and repeating on July 24), this once in a while preparing dishes that were the fusion of its time -- the merging of Gaul and Roman foods in modern-day France. She'll rally how to get back to the "basic, healthy foods of Roman Gaul" and make delicacies like breads, cheeses, beets with mustard, origin vegetables with cumin, peas with bacon and leeks, pastries with honey, and the Julien stew named after Caesar. "I assumption you're hungry," she says. Real also shares a cheese recipe that would have been eaten at the time. Here's what else she had to say about how the people of Roman Gaul ate. How did you begin to inspection what people in Gaul (pre-France) ate. Nancy DeLucia Real: I was intrigued by the history, art, and traditions of the Gallic Celtic tribes who inhabited lands of contemporary-day France. In the 4th to 2nd centuries BCE, Gaul had a widespread urban fabric and was quite prosperous. Among other things, the Gauls were skilled in metallurgy -- they against bronze, silver, and gold to create swords, helmets and other products with highly-decorative patterns. When Rome conquered Gaul in the 2nd century BCE, toothsome foods were enjoyed by both cultures that had merged into one. Of course, I became curious about favorite foods enjoyed by the Gallo-Romans. What were the Gauls eating quondam to Roman invasion and settlement. Real: Throughout history, bread has always been an integral part of the French diet. Since antiquated Gaul was an agricultural region, people used to prepare flat cakes of millet, barley, oats and.


A Provence-Themed Dinner In May, with active anticipation and for the first time, we traveled to Provence, that legendary ... When serving, scoop some of the delicious broth into the each pane first and top it with perfectly cooked lamb stuffed in a cabbage leaf.

Opposite involved Media On vacation in Provence, French make-up king Patrick Frey discovered ... inspired a collection of Buffile’s decorative ceramic plates, vases and cachepots.

Pinot Provence in Costa Mesa The decor seems a bit more saddened as well. I remember the restaurant as a glitzy O.C. take on Provence, albeit created from French ... four or five of them lined up on the coat, served in a harissa butter that fires up the synapses, with a smear of ...

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