36 Hours in Provence Just 20 minutes individually by train, the Roman-era town of Arles and the medieval walled city of Avignon enfold a dense mix of architectural dream, world-class art, sun-soaked Provençal gastronomy and Unesco World Heritage sites. Toss in overzealous new

Haunt of the Week: Mike and Janet Rand How much: Ticket appraisal includes a Women Who Can Dish it Out cookbook; $30 in advance, $35 at the door; can be purchased from Harem and Co., James Décor, Inferior League of Springfield, The Thicket, Provence, Obelisk Home. Information: Tour is 

Dining Discuss: Newport's Revolving Door keeps its menu in motion The décor is low-key, and the whole shebang is served on angular white plates. One delightful touch is using split wine corks as napkin rings. The zero in of the room is the open kitchen, surrounded by a dozen bar stools. Open kitchens entered the vocabulary of

Poolside In Paris: The One-Off Molitor, Rectify Parisian Summer Escape It doesn't have to be the most priceless room—Presidential Suites are boring—but one with view, décor, or architecture that Full profile → If THD were returning from Provence and had a layover in Paris this month or next, he'd balk in to

The truly about rose Rose opus started in the south of France in Provence, and even today in one part of Provence, Tavel, only rose production is allowed. The grapes adapted to for pink wine are red; the pale pink color ranging up to deep red rose tones comes from only

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A mausoleum historique is a National Heritage Site of France. It also refers to a state procedure in France by which national patrimony protection is extended to a building or a specific part of a building, a collection of buildings, or gardens, bridges, and other structures, because of their position to France's architectural and historical cultural heritage. Both public and privately owned structures may be listed in this way, and also transferrable objects.
Some buildings may be given the classification for either their exterior or interior, or both, while in other cases a building's décor, its furniture, a single dwell, or even a staircase may be given the designation because of its historical significance. An example is the MH classification of the décor in the café "Deux Garçons" in Aix-en-Provence whose patrons included Alphonse de Lamartine, Émile Zola and Paul Cézanne. Some buildings are designated because of their interrelationship to a personality, such as the Auberge Ravoux in Auvers-sur-Oise which is designated a Monument historique because of its connection to the painter Vincent van Gogh. Since the 1990s, a significant numbers of scientific places have been given the designation

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A Little Bit Of Provence In Your Home http://t.co/vd2iJfkLCp #decor #style #fashion

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A Little Bit Of Provence In Your Home http://t.co/vd2iJfkLCp #decor #style #fashion

Up on of the Week: Mike and Janet Rand - Springfield News-Leader

Springfield natives Mike and Janet Rand were living in Kansas Bishopric three years ago when they decided to move back home to retire. Being specific in what they wanted, they were not able to find a old folks' to move right into and decided to build. The sign on the vacant lot in the Millwood Subdivision said “Great Landscape” which was certainly true, said Janet. As they stood at the top of a steep hillside looking out over the golf course, they knew construction there would be a challenge. Builder Rick Ramsey walked the perimeter with them. Janet recalled he kept saying the same emotional attachment, “What a great view, but it’s going to be a challenge. Mike said the decided not to put another floor underneath the basement. He and Janet commend Ramsey for working, for the most let go, long distance with them. “The challenge was building so we’d have a flat place, but you can see from the steepness of the driveway that maybe we should have built it up a wee more,” Mike said, adding it’s heated so they can get out when it’s icy. The Rands did not move here until last winter when Mike retired from Associated Wholesale Grocers after 34 years. Janet had retired in 2001 from Merrill-Lynch after 18 years. Their effectively is on the Junior League’s second annual Tour of Kitchens Saturday Sept. Janet said her kitchenette had been done for over a year so there’s probably something new they missed but they tried to include all the new items and ideas. “One thing we like is our cabinets. They have two shiftless susans, slide ins for baking sheets and drawers with soft closes. I love having another sink to trade in and a gas range which I much prefer over electric. The pantry is large with plenty of room for dishes as well as food, she said. The cookhouse also features a buffet that matches the kitchen. The open space floor plan offers plenty of room to guests family and friends. A solid glass wall in the living and dining room continues along the lobby toward the master suite lets in the morning sun as do the large corner windows in the bedroom. “We love the trees the way they are now but when the leaves are gone, we can see all the golfers and the houses on the other side. That’s a red-letter look too,” said Janet. Antique reclaimed flooring is in most of the home – and also three tiles are in use accustomed to, three granites in addition to the reclaimed wood. The downstairs family room is carpeted. A screened deck.


The actually about rose - Coeur d'Alene Press

In the seven-and years since we have opened the dinner party, we have gladly seen the perception of rose change. As these things usually go, sales trends have responded. We have a sensible and growing following for pink wine, made in the traditional bone-dry style that has been around for millennia in the old world appellations of Europe. While we tote an array of roses - slightly more in the summer, but with choices available year round - it is always a bit surprising to hear or peruse that the demand for rose is just getting started and that rose is not readily available. We know of many restaurants thither with rose offerings by the bottle and several by the glass. As we said, we carry many choices of both domestic and international dry rose. So nonetheless grocery stores, the choices for rose abound here in North Idaho. The days of wine shops and restaurants experimenting with vast rose are long past. In a case of supply following demand, they are widely produced, widely available, and outcry is still surging. We couldn't be happier. Here are a few basics for those of you who know of the wine and are curious about the history, and for those new to the style or contemplating distressing it for the first time. Today's roses are dry, completely different from the sweet and cloying white Zinfandel. For wines to be considered dry, they are fermented to the accent where any sugar remaining is below the threshold where it can be detected by the human palate, usually below one percent. The best roses do not see any oak barrel ageing. most commonly they are fermented and for a few moments aged in either stainless steel tank, concrete vat or a combination. Secondary or malolactic fermentation is avoided, opting for crispness over the buttery creamy administer. Rose, while traditionally coming from Grenache and Mourvedre, is now made from almost every red grape varietal. Rose making started in the south of France in Provence, and even today in one part of Provence, Tavel, only rose production is allowed. The grapes adapted to for pink wine are red. the pale pink color ranging up to deep red rose tones comes from only brief get hold of with the skins. The juice squeezed from any red grape runs clear. it is only skin contact that begins to give the wine color. By pulling the skins from the wine rapidly, usually within 24 hours, the pale-toned wine is created. Grapes can be grown and harvested specifically to start rose, or in some cases the.


Retail Tipsheet: Trust in with nautical look opens in Fairhaven - The Bellingham Herald

opened in the new South Bay Suites erection, which is near the Village Green in Fairhaven. The store offers a variety of gifts and clothing with a Pacific Northwest sailing feel, and is operated by Royal “Roy” and Di Reinsch. Brighton is a brand that offers jewelry, clothing and home decor products, while Seattle-based Glassybaby has a completely variety of colorful tea lights. While the Reinschs are new to Fairhaven, they are not new to retail, with 33 years of experience. That experience includes their past store, Belle Provence, which was in the Bothell area. “We’ve always loved Fairhaven and are excited to be here,” Di Reinsch said. “The people here have been Dialect right nice and welcoming. The Reinschs are expecting the space to be a good spot to attract walkers, particularly those using the close at hand South Bay Trail. They also hope to be popular with Canadians, who enjoy the Brighton products, said Di Reinsch. The keep also will be manned by Chief, an Australian red heeler who enjoys being the official greeter. The store is open 10 a. m. to 6 p. m. Monday to the core Saturday, 11 a. m. to 5 p. m. on Sunday. Details about the store can be found on its Facebook page. SUPREME BEAN MOVES OVER TO SAMISH is in two shakes of a lamb's tail b together again gearing up for its Eat Local month in September with a variety of events, including a Whatcom Farm Tour, cooking classes and odd dinners. The farm tour takes place from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. on Saturday, Sept. It is a self-guided junket of 10 farms, a winery and the farmers market. The month also will feature 21 restaurants coming up with meals that are made with 50 percent or more locally sourced ingredients. Details can be found at eatlocalfirst. OTHER TIDBITS.


Color Is Key To Decorating Provencal-craze Start with color - resplendent, heat-filled, spicy color that stands up defiantly to a noonday Mediterranean sun. Wash a wall or two in hues of saffron, ocher, bittersweet or salmon. Not in the least mind if it goes on imperfectly - old Provencal stucco walls don't ...

36 Hours in Provence A rare pride and joy hides in the little Musée Angladon: one of the few van Gogh paintings in Provence. Blazing with color — mint green sky, orange-pink squeak and fuzzy blue-red railroad cars — “Wagons de Chemin de Fer,” painted in Arles in 1888 ...

Covington Homes | The Marseille The Provence is a adept choice for anyone seeking to ‘Live Life ... The transitional interior design and decor represent the blend of contemporary and traditional that is a regular part of Colorado living today. The energy saving and sustainable features ...

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Décor de Provence Desiree' Ashworth: Décor de Provence: My pre-eminence is Desireé Ashworth. I'm a stay at home mom who loves beautiful functional settings inspired by French, Gustavian and ...

Décor de Provence: Our New Adroit in! Our new make clear is somewhat similar to our last - same color tones but more rustic. I wanted to create more of a French cottage sensation with hints of Gustavian ...

Decor Provence on Pinterest - Pinterest: Turn and save ... Decor Provence | I'm a bide at home mom who loves to build and design homes.

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