Shaw-Ross Foreign Forms Premium Wine Unit Florida-based Shaw-Ross Foreign Importers has created a new premium wine unit known as The Lineage Collection. The division, which focuses on wines with a littlest rating of 90 points, currently features offerings from Château D'Esclans in

Into the British couple living the dream in Provence It's the as a result of he and his wife, Jeany, and their three children – Josie, 14; Felix, 13; and George, seven – have set up to the quick here in the ancient Provençal village of Cotignac, a stone's throw from Brad and Angelina's belongings, where some of France's

Van Gogh 'Irises' painting is latest Minneapolis Establish of Art centennial ... By Mary Abbe Evening star Tribune. August 21, 2015 — 11:20pm. itemprop. , Star Tribune Mary Ebert, left, of Minneapolis and Joanne Platt, a docent at MIA, get a closer look at Van Gogh's 1890 painting “Irises, Saint-Rémy-de Provence” after it was unveiled

36 Hours in Provence Just 20 minutes besides by train, the Roman-era town of Arles and the medieval walled city of Avignon enfold a dense mix of architectural attraction, world-class art, sun-soaked Provençal gastronomy and Unesco World Heritage sites. Toss in enthusiastic new

Faberge's Refulgent, Sparkling Summer in Provence Collection The sybaritism brand's Summer in Provence collection features textured and layered jewelry that resemble the landscapes and floral patterns of the quarter with a contrast of bright colors. The collection of necklaces, earrings and rings combines turquoise

Pierre Gros (Date of Birth: 1939-05-07)

Pierre Gros is a coeval scholar of ancient Roman architecture and the Latin language, particularly the texts of the writer Vitruvius.
He before long holds the post of Professor of Latin language and civilization at the Université de Provence. He is the author of numerous scholarly treatises, including those on Roman architecture and urbanism, Roman architects, and eminent critical editions of Vitruvius published in the Collection Budé. In 2005 he was presented with a volume in his honor, Théorie et pratique de l'architecture romaine: la norme et l'expérimentation: études offertes á Pierre Gros, edited by Xavier Lafon et Gilles Sauron.
Middle his best known works are his collaborative volume, with Mario Torelli, Storia dell'urbanistica: il mondo romano and his two-capacity treatise on Roman architecture, L'architectue Romaine Du début du IIIème siècle avant J.-C. à la fin du Haut-Empire [vol. 1 Les monuments publics; vol. 2 2. maisons, palais, villas et tombeaux].

Notable: Deceased Person; Male;

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Cézanne often painted abandoned sites near his studio outside Aix-en-Provence, France.

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The segmenting, which focuses on wines with a minimum rating of 90 points, currently features offerings from Château D’Esclans in Provence. Marqués de Riscal in Rioja. Head Cru Classé Château Carbonnieux in Bordeaux. and Grandes Vinos De San Pedro in Chile, among other estates. According to Shaw-Ross managing head Bruce Hunter, the new division is intended to capitalize on the strong demand the company is seeing for premium and comely wines across all demographics in the marketplace. The company tells SND that The Lineage Collection will range in price from $22 to $100 a spunk, with the majority of offerings playing between $50-$60. Subscribe to Shanken News Daily’s free Email Newsletter , delivered to your inbox each morning.

Is Uber a Damoclean sword to Democracy? - Policy Innovations

Every July, economists, firm leaders, NGOs, and politicians from around the world gather in Aix-en-Provence, France, for the three-day Rencontres Économiques forum, organized by the Cercle des Économistes. This year's forum focused on the changing personality of work. The timing of the meeting, which coincided with a heated debate in France about the innovative ride-sharing military talents Uber, could not have been more apt. The forum's theme was undoubtedly selected partly in response to fears that technological advances will man to widespread unemployment, as machines become advanced enough to replace humans in performing an increasing number of tasks. As MIT's Andrew McAfee spiculate out , historically, technological revolutions have "eventually led to more, if different, jobs. " but, with machines becoming increasingly highbrows, "this time may be different. Given this possibility, McAfee suggests, we may need to re-build our societies so that, as intelligent machines raise productivity, the declining demand for human work has welfare-enhancing outcomes like higher (and more equitably distributed) incomes and more liberty time. He is not alone: John Maynard Keynes predicted this possibility 85 years ago. Uber, which enables people to stitch with available drivers through a smartphone app, is precisely the kind of disruptive company that is driving the shift. Ride on the ground drivers in France and around the world are particularly incensed about UberPOP (called UberX outside Europe), a no-frills usefulness. Uber has since withdrawn UberPOP from France, at least temporarily—though not before two of its top managers were arrested for ignoring the government's restraining order to suspend UberPOP. But the kind of innovation that Uber exemplifies will not be stopped so easily. Uber's software, in a significance, does the job of thousands of Walrasian auctioneers acting locally in space and time, leading to almost perfect evaluation discrimination. Airlines have long employed such price discrimination, offering multiple prices for the same distance flown, depending on archaic and time. But Uber price setting is unique in its immediacy, which it has achieved by taking full advantage of contemporary communications technology. In terms of work, Uber creates more jobs than it destroys. This leads to a clear enhance in efficiency and provides overall income gains. Even if losers were fully compensated, the sum of the gains—shared by the firm, its.

What to See at the 2015 ART-O-RAMA Art Decent in Marseilles - BLOUIN ARTINFO

ART-O-RAMA, the gold medal international art fair in the South of France, returns to La Friche de la Belle de Mai in the French port city of Marseille for its ninth issue in 2015 from August 28-30 with a lineup of 20 galleries from around the world and an exciting support program. The position weekend will be followed by a further two-week exhibition period for the general public. Fair Director Jérôme Pantalacci said, “ART-O-RAMA makes the most recent weekend of August in Marseille the “end of summer” event for many contemporary art professionals and collectors. We are pleased to just now an exclusive selection of 20 international galleries alongside the work of 5 fine arts graduate students of the pale. Since it was launched in 2007, ART-O-RAMA has been developing a unique presentation format that considers each booth as an exhibition place that is defined according to the exhibitor’s curatorial project. Gallerists are given free-reign to present their works as they choose within a compartment laid out according to their specifications. This year’s fair coincides with the second edition of the Marseille Gallery Night on August 29, an affair organised in collaboration with Marseilles Expos, a network of 34 contemporary art galleries. Fifteen venues will start new shows for the event, including Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, [MAC], MuCEM, and Box (fonds M-ARCO), to somebody a few. ART-O-RAMA 2015 will once again showcase a site-specific project by a specially selected artist in the Stage space. This year’s Platform project is by French conceptual artist Saâdane Afif who will present the latest development of “The Fountain Archives,” an ongoing collection of all the publications containing one of more reproductions of Marcel Duchamp’s iconic “Fountain. For more dope on ART-O-RAMA 2015 visit the fair website here. Click the slideshow to see highlights of ART-O-RAMA 2015. ART-O-RAMA 2015 participating galleries:. 22,48 m², Paris. Allen, Paris. Antoine Levi, Paris. :Baril, Cluj Napoca. Daniel Marzona, Berlin. Daviet-Thery and mfc-michèle didier, Paris. Deborah Schamoni, Munich. Emmanuel Hervé, Paris. Hopstreet, Brussels. Kim Kim, Seoul. L21, Madrid|Palma de Mallorca. Laurence Bernard, Geneva. Laveronica, Modica. Delval, Brussels. Martos, New York|Los Angeles. Micheline Szwajcer, Brussels. Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin. Praz-Delavallade, Paris. Play In Between,.

Beat To Escape! Bastide Beatrice In Provence, France Positively we’ve got the perfect spot to do just that, a beautiful retreat known as Bastide Beatrice In Provence, France ... When one thinks of an moving collection of automobiles, one doesn’t often think Toyota Corollas. Well today we get a look ...

Savvy Shopper: Anders Collection, Claus Porto and more They are conspiringly-packed in traditional boxes decorated with designs from the factory archives. Deco Collection soap gift box set, $90. Sense of Provence, Another venerable company still in production is Cire Trudon, founded in 1643 by ...

Fitting the British couple living the dream in Provence achieve with a collection of adult films. “The only silver lining was that Stephen had tapped his old wine contacts and had a meeting with Tom Bové, a titan of Provence rosé.” Stephen came adept in with insights into wine production and a plan to sort ...

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