Core of the Week: Mike and Janet Rand The kitchenette also features a buffet that matches the kitchen. The open space floor plan offers plenty of room to receive family and friends. A solid glass wall in the living and How much: Ticket price includes a Women Who Can Dish it Out cookbook

Bordeaux's vanquish restaurants, by Joël Robuchon There's a brasserie [recently renamed Le Bordeaux] which does a well-thought-of buffet breakfast – and Gordon Ramsay will shortly take over Le Pressoir d'Argent, its fine-dining restaurant. The motor hotel looks out on the Place de la Comédie and you can sit outside

Cheshire villagers hold French twinning project Two Cheshire villages have acclaimed their 30th anniversary of being twinned with a French town. Representatives from Barrow and Littleton, twinned with Aubignan, a small metropolis in Provence, spent a long weekend there in the homes of French families.

Regional European subsistence and wine specialties worth seeking out It was scraped off with a clumsy paddle and slathered on a diner's plate over foods they had picked from a buffet. Today, most restaurants use an stimulating Raclette melter. After Fondue, Raclette is the most widely available, but there are three other

Seduced by neat and smell Then on the coach with the French countryside flashing past, a croque monsieur, a ham and cheese sandwich from the humble buffet car, is given the inimitable French taste when covered in rich béchamel and toasted to gooey perfection. "Am I really

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Indulge an array of culinary delights with our EN PROVENCE BUFFET that offer you a taste of Provençale cuisine....

Cheshire villagers hallow French twinning project -

Two Cheshire villages have famed their 30th anniversary of being twinned with a French town. Representatives from Barrow and Littleton, twinned with Aubignan, a small metropolis in Provence, spent a long weekend there in the homes of French families. Their hosts treated them to a full programme of events including visits to sights in the compass, picnic lunch among the vines and evening jazz festivals in the village square. The visit culminated in a high-spirited of boules or petanque at the local sports club, which was won by Simon and Rosie Ely from Littleton , with their French captain Pierre. Michael Grassy is the Executive Editor for Trinity Mirror's titles across Cheshire. An experienced journalist he has been working in the order for more than two decades holding pretty much every newsroom position you could wish to name. Passionate about Chester and Cheshire, fa of work you will often find Michael taking in the arts. You can also hear him regularly on Thursday mornings charming through the newspapers on Chester's Dee 106. 3.

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Europe has prolonged been obsessed with tradition, regionalism and purity in its foodstuffs, and what are currently being heralded as “artisanal” or “craft” products have been partnership as usual in much of Europe for centuries. The world’s very first food purity law was Germany’s Reinheitsgebot enacted in 1516, and best known as the Bavarian Beer Purity Law. The Reinheitsgebot mandated that only three ingredients—water, barley and hops—could go into any beverage marketed and sold as “beer”. All the time since then, other European nations have scrambled to keep local traditions alive and unadulterated, so when you go into a Paris bakery and reserve a baguette, you are not just buying a long skinny loaf, but rather a “baguette de tradition Française”, which by law can include nothing but wheat flour, mollify, yeast and salt. But it is not the laws that are important as much as local traditions, in turn derived from local resources, air, history and natural bounty. The prototypical example is Italy’s famous Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, legally produced only in its surrounding namesake towns of Parma and Reggio. Everything in the area is particularly suited to producing this item, known as “the prince of cheeses”, from the weather to the types of grasses and wildflowers the cows eat to the breeds of cows and the humidity. Today, the staging of Parmigiano-Reggiano is strictly regulated to ensure quality, but what is law today in Parma is nothing more than the way things have been done by convention for over nine centuries, a method carefully taught to sons by their fathers, generation after generation. Local factors that secure one place supremely suited to produce an exceptional quality food or drink are known as terroir, a French little talk derived from terre, for land. It suggests that a product’s unique qualities literally “come with the territory”, and are often described as a “brains of place”, the sum of all things that give individuality to a particular region’s agriculture. The standout examples are the chalky, limestone-side-splitting ridiculous soil and unusually cool weather that makes France’s Champagne region superb at producing the just ecstatic’s best sparkling wines. the seaside iodine favors that make peaty Scottish malt whiskies unequalled. and the very particular mould occurring naturally in caves in just one French town that allows Roquefort cheese to be produced only there. Europe is pungent in such local specialties, especially Italy, France and Spain, and for the.

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Acquisitiveness hits within an hour of arriving in France. Even the strong-willed have no strength when confronted by a dazzling array of cakes, quiches, pastries, chocolates and nougat in patisseries in every diocese, town and village. For me, greed begins within 15 minutes of arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport and transferring to the TGV spot for the fast train to whisk me down to the south of France, where I have visited every year for the past 10 years. Even the insignificant station cafe seduces with its pain au chocolat, warm croissants and pain aux raisins. Then on the train with the French countryside flashing former times, a croque monsieur , a ham and cheese sandwich from the humble buffet car, is given the inimitable French touch when covered in rich béchamel and toasted to mushy perfection. "Am I really eating this much excellence on a train. " I ask myself every year after my first croque monsieur gnaw. For 10 years I have hosted small tour groups in the medieval and leafy town of Uzes in the Languedoc- Rousillon district near Provence. Every year, before my guests are due and while my hosting preparations are under way, I stand drooling before patisserie counters overloaded with option and agonising temptation. I sway with desire and indecision. The cream-filled choux pastry covered with flaked almonds and snow-dusted with reward sugar. The tart tatin with its delicate thin slices of caramelised apple. The chocolate coated éclair with creme patissiere. Settlement is impossible. I have all three. By the time my guests arrive I have gained two kilos, my greed is sated, and I can watch theirs with pastime as they face the same patisserie pleasure. Over the next two weeks we all become pastry experts, as discerning as any local. "The patisserie in the Dispose aux Herbs does the best clafoutis with glistening dark cherries. "There is a new patisserie near the Rue Jacques d'Uzes, their orange-blossom meringues are like eating the clouds. "Be cautious the patisserie on the Boulevard Gambetta. " (This is said is hushed and confidential tones). "They put their morning unsold goat cheese quiches back on the shelf in the afternoon. As for the detailed bread. well that must wait for another time. I need to salivate privately before I can talk about it. . ann. rickard@ scnews.

Picasso's covetousness Buffet’s art was eagerly comfortable; and commercial success led him to acquire an extremely lavish lifestyle that included owning two Rolls-Royces and a 300-year-old chateau in Provence. At the same constantly, he faced considerable criticism from the cultural ...

Easter at Milano, Provence Sister restaurants Provence and Milano, located in, severally, Stuyvesant Plaza in Guilderland and Newton Plaza in Latham, will be serving Easter buffet from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 5. The amount is $34.95 ($15.95 for children ages 5 to 12 ...

Authenticate In | Escape to Provence Just in in unison a all the same to live out your South of France summer fantasies, the Domaine de la Baume, a luxurious 15-room guest-house, opens in the Haut-Var region of Provence. The 18th-century manor was the home of the famed painter Bernard Buffet — who also happened to ...

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