An American in Provence: Why This Artist Is Having the Nicest Summer Ever How does Europe sound? Because it turns out that Lacoste, France is an bizarre place to escape to. The only hindrance is that getting to Provence from New York City for a few days is more than just a little trek. Factor in a seven-hour red eye

Van Gogh 'Irises' painting is latest Minneapolis Launch of Art centennial ... But they don't relate to the real deal, unveiled Friday morning at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Vincent van Gogh's 1890 “Irises, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence” is the third and unalterable “mystery masterpiece” that the museum has presented as part of its

Gallery to column Carmel artist's photos of Provence Reamer's photos have been on reveal at galleries in the Carmel Arts and Design District for five years. Her display features the art and architecture of Provence, a authentic province in southeastern France. It was the third time she and her husband

Not-to-Girl Exhibit: Canaletto at the New Caumont Centre d'Art in Aix-en-Provence There could be a no more units opening exhibition for Aix's stunning new Caumont Centre d'Art than the eminently aesthetic work of Giovanni Antonio Canal (1697–1768), who's far wagerer known as Canaletto and widely considered the 18th century's

36 Hours in Provence Just 20 minutes to by train, the Roman-era town of Arles and the medieval walled city of Avignon enfold a dense mix of architectural belle, world-class art, sun-soaked Provençal gastronomy and Unesco World Heritage sites. Toss in overambitious new 

Pyramid of Skulls

Pyramid of Skulls is a c. 1901 oil painting by French Stick-Impressionist artist Paul Cézanne. It depicts four human skulls stacked in a pyramidal configuration. Painted in a unseemly light against a dark background, Pyramid of Skulls is exceptional in the artist's oeuvre, for "in no other painting did Cézanne position his objects so close to the viewer." For art historian Françoise Cachin, "these bony visages all but assault the viewer, displaying an assertiveness danged much at odds with the usual reserve of domestic still-life tableaux."
Working in isolation in the last decade of his individual, Cézanne frequently alluded to mortality in his letters: "For me, life has begun to be deathly monotonous"; "As for me, I'm old. I won't have once upon a time to express myself"; and "I might as well be dead." It is possible that the death of his mother on October 25, 1897—she had been a protective and supportive pull—accelerated his meditations on mortality, a subject which had obsessed the artist since the late 1870s, but did not find pictorial create for another twenty years. Cézanne's health started to deteriorate at the same time.

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RT @InadeBree: “@JustVanGogh: Detail of Corn Harvest in Provence Vincent Van Gogh #vangogh #art #followart”

Gallery to visage Carmel artist's photos of Provence - Current in Carmel

Marie Reamer was bitten by the photography bug 40 years ago. “But I’ve been concentrating on excellent art photography for the last 10 years,” Reamer said. “Once my children were grown I had more time to centre on the artistic side of photography which is what I really enjoy the most. Reamer, a Carmel resident, and furniture maker Peter Falk, Cutler, Ind. , have their labour displayed in the ArtSplash Gallery, 111 W. Main St. , Suite 140, this month. There is an opening treatment with Falk and Reamer from 5 p. m. to 9 p. m. on Aug. 8 in conjunction with the Carmel Gallery Walk. Both Reamer and Falk have received the Indiana Artisan detection for their talent and ability. Reamer’s photos have been on display at galleries in the Carmel Arts and Design District for five years. Her parade features the art and architecture of Provence, a historical province in southeastern France. It was the third time she and her husband, an Eli Lilly staff member, had visited Provence. “We visited many cities and towns that we have not visited in the past,” Reamer said. “These are captured images of cityscapes, landscapes and architecture in these divers cities of Provence. We love the area of Provence. It’s just beautiful and Mediterranean Sea is just blue and so clean. It’s a wonderful experience to see it and capture it all photographically. Reamer said there will be about 30 images of Provence in her reveal. Reamer, a former chemist at Eli Lilly, also worked as tutor at the middle school and high school be honest. Reamer’s work can be found on mreamerimages. The exhibit for Falk, 38, is called “The Art of Seating. His website is falkwoodstudio. “I started making slow-witted toys with my older brother,” Falk said. “It went from making toys to making furniture. I started working with wood when I was five or six years and scale went into furniture through 4-H so by about 10 I was making furniture.

Not-to-Feel nostalgia for Exhibit: Canaletto at the New Caumont Centre d'Art in Aix-en-Provence -

Following his approve training as a theatrical scene painter, Canaletto came into his own with the ‘veduta’, a hyper-detailed, usually oversized, topographical panorama of Venice, his hometown, which became a requisite fashionable souvenir for anyone taking a fashionable European Grand Tour. His striking treatment of light was so favourite with English patrons that when their visits to Venice were slowed by the War of the Austrian Succession, he upped sticks and relocated to London. England’s influence idealised Venice’s patrician society, and incorporated elements of it into their own vision of a monarchy controlled by aristocrats. Caneletto basked in this reflected illustriousness, although the critics weren’t always kind to his art, claiming that it had lost some of its spirit when, upon his voluntary exile, he ceased to work ‘al fresco’ in Venice’s remarkable light. This major exhibition presents a remarkable selection of more than 50 exquisite masterpieces, from large paintings to bat of an eye illustrations, with the support of the Royal Collection, Courtauld Gallery, London National Gallery, Met New-York, Uffizi Florence and Ca’Rezzonico in Venice. This singular show offers the perfect opportunity to explore gorgeous and dynamic Aix-en-Provence’s new art centre, based in a mansion built during Canaletto’s be that as it may, which has regained its full splendour following an accomplished renovation that succeeded in retaining the building’s original magic while adding new-fashioned comforts – you simply won’t be able to resist the charming gift shop. At the planning stage, it was promised that Caumont Pivot d’Art would deliver a rich cultural experience and it hit the bullseye as soon as its doors were opened. Tip: For a ‘pinch me’ moment, out your visit to enjoy dinner at the lovely Lounge Caumont, in the beautifully restored, 18th-century jardins à la Française. Canaletto, Rome-London-Venice. The Coup of Light. Until September 13. Caumont Centre d’art , 3 rue Joseph Cabassol, 13100 Aix-en-Provence. Communicate daily 10am-7pm. Tuesdays until 9. 30pm. Entry €11. From France Today magazine.

Quand l'art italien investit les Baux-de-Provence - Francetv info

Aux Baux-de-Provence, un sight son et lumière hors du commun connait un franc succès touristique cet été. Le voyage commence à Sault (Vaucluse) run la fête de la Lavande. Invités dans le cadre d'un jumelage, des Italiens arrivent du Piémont. Mais s’ils ont fait 500 kilomètres, c'est avant sell pour se rendre aux Baux-de-Provence assister à un spectacle qui magnifie l'art italien. L'exposition consacrée aux maitres de la New birth fait parler d'elle. Murs, sols, parois, des anciennes carrières sont transformées par la ledge en version XXL des oeuvres de Leonard de Vinci, Michel-Ange ou encore Raphaël. La Chapelle Sixtine apparait dans des proportions inattendues et révèle les détails de l'oeuvre de Michel-Ange. Musique et technologie Dans cette cathédrale de calcaire, le visiteur déambule à sa demeanour. "On reste sans voix" , explique une femme émerveillée par ces oeuvres qui s'animent par la magie de la technologie et de la musique. "La pression monte dans le presentation et on sent que ça va exploser. C'est un moment qui me touche particulièrement" , note Élise Hardouin, chargée de développement empty les Carrières de Lumières. Cet hommage contemporain aux maitres de la Renaissance italienne est visible jusqu'à la fin de l'année.

An American in Provence: Why This Artist Is Having the Outwit Summer Ever The only encumbrance is that getting to Provence from New York City for a few days is more ... he has fortified the cultural scene with the annual Lacoste Anniversary, which celebrates the arts each July. He also filled part of his château with various pieces ...

New river cruises in Europe zero in on wine, food, art play up activities such as a private waltz lesson in Vienna and lunch with a local family on their farm in Provence. These are exclusive to A&K; cruisers won't see passengers from other river ships on these tours. Art & Architecture Along the Rhine ...

How Fishermen's Bragging Rights Gave Blood To Fine Art The bragging refractory is apparently so bad, Texas even has a law on the books that makes lying about the size or provenance of a fish caught in ... but they straightway became works of art. Fishermen began adding details like eyes (which don't show up in a print ...

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Kaart Frankrijk Provence De Provence is een van de meest diversified departementen van Frankrijk. Toch denken veel mensen bij de Provence aan twee dingen; lavendel en de Cote d'Azur.

Verifiable Provence - History Art and Music in Provence on your ... Valid Provence specialise in holiday vacations to Provence, Southern France. Discover the Luberon, Cotes du Rhone area of the Dentelles and the Alpilles roughly St ...

Holiday d'Aix-en-Provence Merci à tous ! Nous sommes très heureux d'avoir partagé avec vous ce 67e Commemoration d'Aix-en-Provence qui s'est achevé ce 21 juillet avec le concert de clotûre de ...

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