Vaucluse Moves In on the Upper East Side With sufficiently-mannered neutral-toned surroundings and white tablecloths, they have turned to France for inspiration instead of their set Italy. Mr. Fakahany pointed Though the name refers to a region of Provence, the food is not Provençal. The menu

This formidable new restaurant should have stayed on the Riviera I liking Provence. When I've had the former in the latter, my bliss was complete. I've spent decades in vain seeking a New York a kind to herb-scented, tiny ravioli I once had at an inn in La Napoule near Cannes. So the opening of Italian-Provençal

Preferred 'private kitchens', Hong Kong's upmarket underground dining scene Old favourites like Confit de Canard and Foie Gras sit alongside 'Provencal chic' surf and turf and live oysters. There's also an extensive Our courses arrive and we tuck in, using the delicately arrayed silverware laid out on the frilly

Roses are red... roses are cited as the outdo in the world and to imbibe a Cote d'Azure lifestyle, Petale de Rose Chateau La Tour de l'Eveque Rose 2014, AOC Cotes de Provence, France (£15.95, is a must for ice buckets and ashen tablecloths.

In the French enchant village: Spending a week in the historic Pennsylvania Dutch ... In metropolis there is a lovely shop called La Cigale that sells a collection of elegant tablecloths from Provence, France and other items. While browsing, I practised about a nearby winery called Waltz Vineyards (, situated on a

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In the happy village: Spending a week in the historic Pennsylvania Dutch ... - Peterborough Examiner

I recently send forth a week's vacation in the enchanted and historical village of Mount Gretna set in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch surroundings. In town there is a lovely shop called La Cigale that sells a collection of elegant tablecloths from Provence, France and other items. While browsing, I expert about a nearby winery called Waltz Vineyards (http://www. waltzvineyards. com), situated on a scenic hill between Lancaster and Lebanon, just 20 minutes by car from Mount Gretna. Decidedly leaving La Cigale, my husband Jack and I jumped into the car and headed straight for a winery visit. Unlike our regions with prodigious wine touring signage, this part of Pennsylvania does not offer this tourist-friendly benefit. We obtained directions to the winery by way of the postman. It's most to call the winery in advance and let them know where you are staying. They will provide you with directions. I've been told that this part of the state is eminent as having the most fertile soil in the country. I believe it. White corn stalks lined the winding hinterlands roads, reaching for the sun at 10 feet high, in mid July. I've never seen anything like it. Juicy, kind white corn with huge kernels. I wondered how such rich soil could produce drinkable wine. After all, grapes like to suffer, their roots mannered to dig deep down into the ground in search of minerals and water. As is well known, the more the roots suffer, the greater the intricacy in the wine. So how could such corn-friendly land produce quality wine grape juice. We located the luminous red winery sign. We turned and drove up the long driveway, the rolling farmland greeting us along the way. We found a refulgent board and batten and stone designed house. The wine shop sat right of the house. We walked in prison, taking in the shop designed in Tuscan, Italian style. Jack and I sat down at a round table. We glanced the wine tasting menu and chose our selections. We were then presented with a array of test tubes set on a wooden base. Each test tube offered a different wine. We poured the assay tube contents into our well shaped wine glasses. I tasted Sauvignon Blanc, 3 Chardonnays, a rose, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and some red blends. Working from red to right I sampled the Waltz Vineyard wines paired with a few local cheeses. (Impressive Smoked Gouda, along with a hot hard cheese called Bruchetta and Cheddar and Chevre). Owner Jan Waltz came to our table to talk to us. Jan and.

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With plenteous rainfall, green spaces in the Dallas area are especially verdant this summer. What better excuse could there be to break out the tough going hamper and pack a meal to enjoy outdoors. To pull off a stylish spread, we turned to some expert cinch enthusiasts: Dallas Arboretum supporters Walter and Kim Priddy, both 57, of Dallas, and their friend Nancy Rutchik, 84, also of Dallas. They infrequently miss a Thursday evening concert at the arboretum, bringing with them a spectacular meal to share with friends at fete champetre tables at the top of the hill overlooking the performance stage. A typical Priddy-Rutchik picnic menu includes people's home-cooked dishes supplemented with takeout and convenience items. Walter usually cooks fried chicken from a blood recipe, but Babe’s, Bubba’s or other takeout chicken can work in a pinch. Rutchik contributes roasted shrimp with cocktail pertness, or ready-to-heat ribs or chicken meatballs from Costco. Kim makes appetizers, salads, vegetables and desserts, supplemented with Walter’s homemade egg-potato salad or a takeout favorite from Medial Market, Aunt Pearl’s Potato Salad. Always included, too, are quintessential picnic items: brie, French bread, grapes and chilled chardonnay. Their child's play table is set with Provençal-inspired Le Cadeaux melamine dishware, table linens and plastic wineglasses, all loaded in wicker backpacks outfitted with chill packs. They bring a cotton tablecloth that’s heavy enough to cling to the table when it’s lively. Cloth napkins double as covers to protect the food from insects before the meal begins. “Everything is finger edibles or can be eaten with a fork, so we don’t need sharp knives,” Walter says. Cold-pack wine sleeves solemnize wine chilled. Insulated carriers keep hot foods warm. They pack perishable foods in a rolling cooler with ice and specific-size water bottles, half of which they freeze completely. , the frozen bottles have thawed to drinkable ice bath-water. Kim transports salad ingredients separately, tossing them together just before serving. They also bring along anti-bacterial wipes for around the corner hand in hand-cleaning, and hand towels, dampened and frozen, to wrap around their necks for a quick cool-down. After the overplay, they scrape the plates and put them in a waterproof fabric bag. Dirty flatware goes into a plastic bag. When they get home, the tableware hits the dishwasher and the dish bag is washed, punctual for the next.

Stomach 'private kitchens', Hong Kong's upmarket underground dining scene Old favourites like Confit de Canard and Foie Gras sit alongside ‘Provencal trend’ surf and turf and live ... using the delicately arrayed silverware laid out on the frilly tablecloth. I begin with the French onion soup, which has a baked top of ...

La Cigale offers a drop of southern France in Gretna The persuade of the fabrics and items available in the store is French Provencal. Beautiful tablecloths, napkins, towels, placemats and other linens are convenient for purchase. Also available for shoppers are French bath and body products, and wonderfully ...

A Look Stomach the Provencal Markets of Toulon, France Scattered throughout are vendors selling clothes, tablecloths, and homemade fruit confitures and honey. The hawk in centre ville is great to walk through while wandering the downtown and port area, but to get a more intimate look at provencal markets ...

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