Dining Criticize: Newport's Revolving Door keeps its menu in motion The "drunken seafaring man" is a copious bowl of mussels surrounded by a spicy white-wine sauce, which was delicious when sopped up with bread from Newport's Provencal Bakery and Cafe. The salmon slider was nicely cooked with a blackened crust, but the lemon

Vaucluse Moves In on the Upland East Side Though the favour refers to a region of Provence, the food is not Provençal. The menu is broad brasserie-style, offering sections loving to chilled seafood, vegetables, starters, fresh pastas, main courses and a list of daily specials like blanquette de

Rosé from Provence is polished and refreshing Provencal style. Dragon's rosé has a whiff of strawberry in the "nose" and a be on a par with of juiciness on the palate, thanks to a few hours of contact between the juice and the skins before fermentation gets underway. (Red wines, by similarity, derive their

When in Provence, Lunch at These Hotel Restaurants This relatives-owned hotel near the picturesque hilltop town of Baux-en-Provence has not just one but two world-renowned restaurants. L'Oustau boasts two Michelin stars and specializes in entangled gourmet creations, accompanied by a choice of over 70,000 

Pop-up dinners: a soup of Provence in the heart of Brooklyn (We were told later by a MP from Local Bushel, which sourced a lot of the ingredients, that the meat was “fresh”. The rabbits had been slaughtered on Monday, he said. It was Wednesday.) The kinfolk-style setting gave way to easy conversation.

Romanesque architecture

Romanesque architecture

Romanesque architecture is an architectural style of medieval Europe characterized by rounded arches. There is no consensus for the beginning stage of the Romanesque architecture, with proposals ranging from the 6th to the 10th century. It developed in the 12th century into the Gothic style, marked by pointed arches. Examples of Romanesque architecture can be found across the continent, making it the before pan-European architectural style since Imperial Roman Architecture. The Romanesque style in England is traditionally referred to as Norman architecture.
Combining features of primordial Roman and Byzantine houses and other local traditions, Romanesque architecture is known by its massive quality, thickheaded walls, round arches, sturdy piers, groin vaults, large towers and decorative arcading. Each structure has clearly defined forms, frequently of very regular, symmetrical plan; the overall appearance is one of simplicity when compared with the Gothic buildings that were to devote oneself to. The style can be identified right across Europe, despite regional characteristics and different materials.
Many castles were built during this space, but they are greatly outnumbered by churches.

Notable: Architectural style; Architectural style;

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working my way through the @Criterion library @queenvideo, starting with Mamet (gotta love the trailer, 1987-style): https://t.co/Th1HabSSD9

RT @TheUnionLeague: #Bungalow reservations are open at 1:00pm today! Get ready to view the menu too - Jersey Provençal Style Cuisine!

Join the @fevershamarms for 100 days in Provence - Mediterranean style & taste in their pop-up Provencal restaurant http://t.co/0XVZzA3usv

RT @theROOMedit: Small eating space? This table could solve you dining room problems. Also, THOSE CHAIRS <3 http://t.co/9NimtT0s4d http://t…

Superb-selling author's Los Altos Hills estate listed for $4.75M - SFGate (blog)

Then part of the Hills Brothers (of coffee-making fame) estate, 14700 Manuella Road offers Provencal-style sophistication in the Los Altos Hills. Though its price tag and rather illustrious history rarify it, the home somehow still seems considerate, quiet, and unpretentious. Yet the property has its bragging rights: According to the official website , it was “crafted by its current owners to be a make a splash of inspiration the house has served as a muse for a coffee grower, sculptor, jeweler and finally, the current owners- one working in wood and the other crafting most suitable-selling novels. That author is Ellen Sussman, who has authored four national bestselling novels, including “French Lessons” and most recently, “A Combination in Provence. ” Her husband, Neal Rothman, is the woodworker: his craftsmanship shows in almost every area of the house, including the built-in bookcases, wine-cellar shelves and office cabinetry. Originally a greenhouse and shack, the home is now a 3-bed, 2-bath, 3825-square-foot abode embracing its. 52-acre lot: courtyard, rolling lawns, gardens and trees, addition pool and spa. Inside are such features as tiled floors, beamed ceilings, rooms opening onto the outdoor room, a wine room and a huge dining room spanning the entire lower floor. The former greenhouse construct has been converted into a working studio/workshop with glass walls and high, peaked ceiling, 835 healthful feet of space to create in. There is also a two-car garage and separate guest cottage. Not sure what to do with all this space and beauty. Mark out the Pinterest page for inspiration. Overall, this is a dream home for artists who like to entertain, but who also enjoy the quiet peaceableness of a private, lushly landscaped setting. But note said artists will need to be successful ones: 14700 Manuella lists at $4. 75M. Anna Marie Erwert writes from both the renter and new client perspective, having (finally) achieved both statuses. She focuses on national real estate trends, specializing in the San Francisco Bay Courtyard and Pacific Northwest. Follow Anna on Twitter: @AnnaMarieErwert.


Dab hand’s choice: Premium Rosé The brand-new Provençal style is regarded by many as the benchmark of good rosé, but it has not always been so. Over the past 30 years, Provençal rosé has evolved from foggy pink and powerful to pale, dry and fresh, and designed for easy drinking.

Pop-up dinners: a soup of Provence in the heart of Brooklyn The kinsfolk-style setting gave way to easy conversation ... and thanked the host for what Bastien and I agreed was a truly enjoyable evening off to Provence. But as soon as we stepped outside, the blare of car horns and screeching of tires snapped ...

Last Angel Josh Hamilton cuts the price on Newport Coast mansion The Provence-style house, designed by local architect Will Hosband and built in 2013, sits on about half an acre in the Crystal Cove community with harbor and coastline views. Imprisoned, the loaded home features stone finishes, vaulted ceilings, chandelier ...

Provencal-Style Edamame Saute Approach - Eating Well Provence, in southeast France, has earned the culinary trademark a la Provencal for dishes able with plenty of garlic, olive oil and olives. Here

French Provencal Severely Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and ... Houzz.com - French Provencal configuration ideas and photos. The largest collection of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet, including kitchens and bathrooms.

Provence wine - Wikipedia, the untie encyclopedia Provence (Provençal) wine comes from the French wine -producing district of Provence in southeast France. The Romans called the area provincia nostra ("our province ...

Provencal-Style Stuffed Zucchini System : Emeril Lagasse ... Get this all-foremost, easy-to-follow Provencal-Style Stuffed Zucchini recipe from Emeril Lagasse.

Provencal | Name Provencal at Dictionary.com Provencal distinctness, of or relating to Provence, its people, or their language. See more. Thesaurus; ... In reference to a style of cooking, attested from 1841.

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