Var, France: It's Provence, but where are the crowds? In Provence, they like to look after secrets. Some things you only tell your family, handing down through the generations. Like where your private margin is, where to gather mushrooms or find a haul of sea urchins for "le jour des orsillades". It all goes

Wines of the week: Three southern French rosés for drinking ice-head on sultry ... Hailing from exterior Aix-en-Provence, this organic Grenache and Cinsault blend epitomises Provencal rosé: pale pink but vibrant flavours of raspberries and other red berries, a innuendo of herbs and a bracing, dry finish. Worth making a bouillabaisse for

Herve Rofritsch: In all respects's oldest boules producer warns sport suffering from ... The President of the Intercontinental Federation of Pétanque and Provençal Game (FIPJP), Claude Azéma, said an increase in local clubs sacrifice cash prizes was behind the surge in violence. “We see this kind of violence in the local clubs because more and 

How salad became the leading man: Chefs are taking cold food to stratospheric new heights Salads are emerging from the sidelines to turn the main event on modern menus – and that means sprucing up. So it's out with austere lettuce and tomato and in with delicious roasted vegetables, modern herbs and exotic grains and spices, says Sophie 

Silencio à la Maison de L'Aiguebrun, France: Confederate culture in tranquil Provence Down in Provence, just over an hour's coerce north of Marseille, you'll find a similarly hip clientele at the small Maison de l'Aiguebrun. Except they won't be dancing on tables, but unwinding by the outside pool with a Gauloise and a trendy fashion

Herve Rofritsch: Area's oldest boules producer warns sport suffering from ... - The Independent

But the in every way’s oldest boules producer is warning that some distinctly unsporting behaviour is threatening this most Gallic of games. Hervé Rofritsch, whose coterie, Blue Ball has provided competition equipment since 1904, said the game’s local competitions are in the grips of a spot of match-fixing and violence. A number of teams have in recent years used knives and even guns to overawe their opponents. “Referees are finding it difficult to maintain order,” he told The Independent, “and it’s not always obvious to them what is going on. “There are reticent codes sometimes. moves or looks that make you understand you are not [supposed] to try and win. In May, a pétanque championship in Landes, a metropolis near Biarritz, was interrupted when a fight between a player and spectator erupted. Police arrested six members from three generations of the same one's nearest for inflicting injuries with bats, iron bars and a metal-capped walking stick. The President of the Supranational Federation of Pétanque and Provençal Game (FIPJP), Claude Azéma, said an increase in local clubs oblation cash prizes was behind the surge in violence. “We see this kind of violence in the local clubs because more and more they have started to proffer money as prizes so people play for cash rather than for the joy of playing,” he said. He also blamed the consumption of the bottle, which is legally served at all sporting events across France, for violence in the boulodrome. In June a court sentenced two men, ancient 22 and 29, to up to 15 years in prison for killing a man in a boulodrome in Montady, a village near Montpellier, after a against broke out over an unpaid whisky bill. Journalist Eric Breton, who works for La Provence, one of the southern area’s biggest newspapers, agreed that money was behind much of the violence. “The reason we’ve seen this kind of violence increase is because the field has been hit by unemployment,” he said. “Pétanque players win money through competitions – and so the stakes are particularly high. Section of the problem, at least in the eyes of Blue Ball, may be the growing democratisation of the game, which in recent years has been attracting a wider audience, a consequence of a bid by the FIPJP to hearten younger players to the game. “We see this kind of behaviour only in pétanque – the Provençal style of game is more traditional and obstructive to play,”.

How salad became the name: Chefs are taking cold food to stratospheric new heights - The Independent

When is a salad a salad, and when is it not a salad. The Collins English Thesaurus defines a salad as a dish of raw vegetables "such as lettuce or tomatoes, etc". a dish of cold vegetables or fruit, such as a potato or fruit salad. or any grassy vegetable used in a dish, "especially lettuce". The word comes from the Old Provençal "salada", which in turn comes from the Latin "sal" and "salar", purport salt and to season with salt. The Oxford English Dictionary offers a little more detail: a salad is a uncaring dish, it claims, which can be a mix of raw or cooked vegetables, and is usually seasoned with oil, vinegar or another dressing. Note that there is no mention of iceberg lettuce paired with slices of confused hothoused tomato, shards of grey, cold boiled egg and a few shreds of grated carrot. And increasingly, that is not the way we deliberate on about salad. A number of eating trends have somehow come together and exploded into an effusive love of salad on these shores, consideration our unchanging weather. There's the renewed interest in health foods (including obsessions with green foods and raw diets). greater access to peculiar to ingredients from the Middle East and South-East Asia. the determination to eat with the seasons. and a dedicated approach to dispiriting out new grains such as quinoa and freekeh. Arguably, Yotam Ottolenghi is to thank for much of this. The London-based, Jerusalem-born chef opened his key eponymous deli in 2002, and his best-selling books Plenty, Jerusalem and Plenty More have popularised his mode of salad across the country: crisp, roasted butternut squash and scorched, soft aubergines smothered in tahini yoghurt, unfledged herbs and pomegranate seeds dressed in a few leaves and a tangy vinaigrette are now menu regulars in all types of origin. "Ottolenghi said it's OK to have salads," says Chris Honor, an Australian chef whose north London as near as dammit to cafe, Chriskitch, has grown remarkably quickly in stature, if not in eating space, since he opened a little over two years ago. "He's made the vegetable and the subdue lettuce leaf the stars of the meal. We kind of do the same, but we do it on more of an advanced level," he adds, somewhat boldly. But then, Honor's own CV includes training with Gordon Ramsay before managing a get of more than 100 chefs at The Dorchester. "Ottolenghi's salads are very much Middle Eastern-based in terms of flair and ingredients. With [his restaurant].

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Speaking at the EU top in Brussels on Friday, he called for Uber's “dissolution” and the seizure of its "illegal"cars. He said the company was an archetype of "unfair competition" and said: "“Non-compliance with tax and competition rules is illegal. UberPop should be dissolved and branded criminal and cars should be seized", according to the FT. Roads were blockaded and tyred were burned during the day long protest in Paris yesterday with string stations and airport routes restricted n Marseille and Aix-en-Provence in southern France. There were reports by the BBC of cars overturned with windows smashed in by baseball bats. Hollande also condemned the rioting taxi-cub drivers saying their actions were a stain on France and "inexcusable". The country's interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced a ban on the entourage’s online server, UberPOP, which connects drivers with customers and called on prosecutors and police to do more to crack down on the usefulness. The service was officially banned back in January but has proved difficult to enforce and the law has been frequently flouted according to the AFP news mechanism. The minister denounced Uber for failing to respect French law and said the service was “illegal”. He said: “The guidance will never accept the law of the jungle. It must, therefore, be closed. He has called a meeting with anti-fraud officials for Monday to force the ban. Singer Courtney Love was caught up in the chaos and tweeted:. Taxi drivers, who pay €240,000 (£170,000) for a Paris non-public hire licence, have lost between 30 and 40 per cent of their income over the past two years, Abdelkader Morghad, a MP of the FTI taxi union, told Bloomberg. He said: “Many taxis drivers are infuriated. We’re demanding that the Thevenoud law, which distinctly forbids unlicensed drivers, be implemented. There’s a lack of political will to do it. ”. But a spokesman for Uber, Thomas Meister, said: “"There are people who are consenting to do anything to stop any competition. We are only the symptom of a badly organised market. Additional reporting by the Associated Squeeze.

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