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Send packing Facilities review: Hugh Gruzman had plenty to be proud of after a hug ... Which is why Hugh Gruzmans mum – draped in lanyards, ensemble T-shirt and a beaming face – came out for a quick squeeze and kiss as he, sheepish grin and all, and James Lyell were kicking it up another works on the first of two big nights in this sweaty

Lunch with Celia Pacquola "The scripts were illustrious. I'm a straight guy, the least ridiculous character, one of the hard-done-by workers in the office dealing with the idiocy that's prospering on. It's very much a satire about working in an office, the little power plays. I wear a

Kate Bush supplication: Put that phone down, you're missing the show Like talking to the core every song or wanting to wear one of those funny lanyards that say VIP and allow you into an arid pre-show drinks event, it's just the way it is now. Which doesn't represent it's a good way – “I paid for my ticket and I can do what I

Trans Provence Irrevocable Recap The dispose of is extra fun because, invariably, one is cooking down a trail trying to make up some precious seconds and there is a Trans Provence alpenstock member with the unit in hand. While the timing chip on our bodies is located on a lanyard around our

Beat a retreat Facilities review: Hugh Gruzman had plenty to be proud of after a hug ... - Sydney Morning Herald

Enmore Music- hall, November 20. Look at me mum, two nights at the Enmore. Sold out too. Proud of me now. Actually, yes, she was. Which is why Hugh Gruzmans mum – draped in lanyards, corps T-shirt and a beaming face – came out for a quick squeeze and kiss as he, sheepish grin and all, and James Lyell were kicking it up another appurtenances on the first of two big nights in this sweaty betty room. Dressed like Charles Kingsford Smith (pre-uneasy fascist tendencies) and John Travolta (pale-queasy Qantas bonhomie) on a set that was part Enterprise flight deck/part operating theatre, in a area filled with a tightly packed, highly-aroused audience, Flight Facilities had landed. And landed luxuriously. If several years of hard to resist singles still hadn't quite prepared us for such a consistently appealing album in their brand-new Down To Earth (hasn't anyone told them that albums are dead, that the kids aren't interested. ) it may be there were still some who were surprised at how smoothly a FF show can infiltrate your crisis. And your body. Especially your body. The easing into summer start of the show, languid singing over gentle beats, was merely a pre-dinner mojito. Built on the principles of a stupendous DJ set, this show ebbed and flowed, rose and dropped back a bit, only to rise higher next time. We moved back and forth through an on the brink of Balearic glow, sharp-suited modern soul, twitchy Kelis-like R&B, easy thrilling hip-hop, house escalations and beaming climaxes. We sang and threw hands in the air (OK, maybe some of us more age-conscious types kept the moves to low-elevation dad-dancing) and discovered that there was no fear of pop either on stage or on the dance floor. Samples filled the spaces when vocalists weren't up fa, including, of course, a blast of Willy Wonka. And like that purveyor of confected treats, Flight Facilities always seemed to have a not enough bit extra just around the corner, just when you thought you had seen all the tricks. It was enough to make you - or someone else in the room more suited to it dialect mayhap - squeeze their cheeks and say: "Good boys, who's my good boys. Flight Facilities play the Enmore Showbiz on Friday, November 21.

Lunch with Celia Pacquola - Sydney Morning Herald

No laughing occurrence, being a comedian. For starters, there is no such thing as a sickie. Case in point: Celia Pacquola, who was away in Sweden for a two-night gig when she became an automatic exponent of Barry McKenzie's fabled "technicolour yawn". "I went to bed after the first show," Pacquola says, "ordered a sandwich via room service then threw up from midnight to 6am. There's nothing quite as sad as being alone in a hotel room on the other side of the midwife precisely, throwing up into a toilet while wearing a shower cap - because I couldn't find any hair ties. It would've been funny if I hadn't been so adverse. Any other job you would have taken the day off. But you have to go on so you conserve yourself all day for those 20 minutes on stage. Comedy festivals. Even worse. "They are quite difficult," Pacquola says. "They run for a month and you always get diseased at least once. Everyone does. My biggest fear is losing my voice. Pacquola says she usually falls ill halfway finished with a festival but "that's good" - by the time she is doing her last few shows she has regained her mirth-giving mojo. However the health orientation is not why we are here at the Vegie Bar in Fitzroy, surrounded by patrons in knitted caps, channelling the homeopathic vibes of the earth children. It's more like a sorrow trip. "I come here to win some points back from my body," she confesses. "For treating it like such crap. So I bring it here and say: 'I'll give you a plate of vegetables and you segregate up about the other stuff'. She reflects on that Swedish trip. Every gig has an air of "I don't know how this is going to go" about it and on this one, she had expected most the performers to be speaking Swedish. "They always have an global guest," Pacquola says. "That was me. But I was the only act in English. Fortunately most of the audience understood me but I didn't know what the Swedes' intelligibility of humour was like, whether they would understand my sentence structures, whether it would translate in their heads. But it was all right. There were only a few words they had no transmogrification for – 'lanyard' for example. The Swedes don't have a word for it, which is weird. How do you show people you are more important than them in Sweden. The comedian is excited, even overawed. For eight weeks she has been taping Heaven with Working Dog, the secretive outfit that has pumped out so many television winners. " Frontline is my favourite of.

Kate Bush excuse: Put that phone down, you're missing the show - Sydney Morning Herald

Is it in point of fact so strange that Kate Bush has asked those attending her 22 concerts in London over the next two months to “refrain from alluring photos or filming during the shows". Is this some kind of civil liberty assault or just common sense and common elegance. Yes, the last time Bush performed on stage - in 1979 - a mobile phone was one with a long cord you could saunter into your bedroom when you didn’t want your parents listening in. And the only people who took cameras to shows were hollow-eyed scarp photographers weighed down by a bag of equipment as they ran about in front of the audience for two hours. But you don’t need to be a fossil who remembers all the words to Wuthering Heights to have a atmosphere of why Bush, who pointed out she’d chosen a modest theatre holding about 3000 rather than an arena or stadium for these shows, said eschewing the now ubiquitous camera phones would “permit us to all share in the experience together". It probably has something in common with Ian Brown of the Stone Roses who two years ago told the gather at a reunion show: "If you put your cameras down you might be able to live in the moment. You have a memory there of something you've never lived. Being “in the gravity” is no longer the point of a live performance for many. instead it’s as much about reliving that moment later, in all its blurry, caught-from-a-disassociate glory. Seeing someone you’ve admired for months, years or decades needs documentation, proof you were there. You may on no account watch it again, and if you do you’d be hard pressed to work out what was being sung or even what is happening given so many photos end up as bursts of lights and a throw away of shadows. But still, it’s there, on the record and way cooler than an autograph. Like talking through every song or wanting to wear one of those amusing lanyards that say VIP and allow you into an arid pre-show drinks event, it’s just the way it is now. Which doesn’t mean it’s a good way – “I paid for my ticket and I can do what I like” is hardly a point of departure for a pleasant society - but does mean it’s probably too far gone to change. Not to mention trying to stand in the way may earn you opprobrium moderately than approbation, as anyone who has asked the boofhead next to them to be quiet, only to have a hail of abuse rain down, can attest. So it’s probably smart Bush has asked rather than banned even if her audience, filled as it will.

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