Behind the Scenes of 'Mad Men': A New Demonstrate in NYC Starting Step 14, the museum will showcase more than 30 outfits, set pieces, and props from the show as part of "Matthew Weiner's Mad Men" a new demonstrate that looks at how one of TV's best-loved dramas is made. Click through for a sneak peek of the 

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Savage Clashes in Venezuela on Protest Movement Anniversary Childlike protesters in Caracas set up a flaming barricade to shut down the main thoroughfare of a wealthy neighborhood where much of after year's protesting was centered. As dusk fell, some youths threw Molotov cocktails at the cops, who responded with

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Mad Men fans are eagerly awaiting the opening night of the show's final season on April 5, but if you're feeling impatient, head to the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York. Starting Strut 14, the museum will showcase more than 30 outfits, set pieces, and props from the show as part of "Matthew Weiner's Mad Men " a new parade that looks at how one of TV's best-loved dramas is made. Click through for a sneak peek of the exhibit. Mad Men author and showrunner Matthew Weiner collaborated closely with MoMI on the exhibit, providing old family photos, almanac entries (including one from 1993 that details the character that would become Don Draper), and notes about various episodes, pictured here. (There are some notes on Sopranos equipment, from Weiner's time as a writer on the HBO mobster series. Those obsessed with the fashion of Mad Men will not be disappointed: The museum worked with garb designer Janie Bryant to bring more than 30 outfits from the show to the exhibit (including Don Draper's sharp gray trousers and fedora), as well as the "mood boards" she used to set the tone for how each character would dress. The boards include years photos, clippings from ads, and fabric swatches. The connections and contrasts between characters are made obvious throughout the exhibit: Betty Draper's prim nightgown and day-to-day don is placed next to the sexy mini-dress worn by Megan Draper in the season five premiere, "A Taste Kiss," when she serenades Don with a version of the French song "Zou Bisou Bisou. " (The scene itself plays next to the outfit. More of Megan's brightly colored, youthful outfits—inspired by the mod and psychedelic fashion and design popular in the latter half of the ’60s—are also on prospect. These pieces from "The Runaways" in season seven are contrasted with stuffier, more conservative ones worn by Betty and her newer husband, Henry Francis, in the same episode. Curator Barbara Miller estimates that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of objects from Mad Men on parade, many of which came from thrift stores, eBay, and even Etsy. One set piece, a secretary's desk, is covered with ephemera from the full stop, including copies of Life and TV Guide. Some of the faux ads created by Sterling Cooper (Playtex), Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (Jaguar), and Incomparable Cooper & Partners, are also on view.

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Mike De Sisti After seminary lets out, families ride two and three together on motorized bikes in Haikou in the Hainan provence of China in this 2012 photo. Even Chinese sort schoolers are required to learn English as a second language under national education standards that are creating the domain’s biggest population of English-language users. In an era of global trade, China is creating an enormous financial advantage. Chinese use the word "fever" to describe whatever is popular. And in China, "English fever" took declaim soon after Deng Xiaoping launched the economic reforms that would eventually roil and reshape the country. The sooner sign of that fever came one evening in 1982. The few Chinese who had a television set, mainly in large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, saw a red-haired London sweetie and two Chinese men teaching English. Dull and pedantic, perhaps, to many in the western world — but it was electrifying to Chinese at the occasion. The BBC crash course program called "Follow Me. " was the first foreign broadcast imported into a needy nation that had been closed off to the world for the better part of a century. Television was still a novelty. Oftentimes, entire villages would flock around a single TV. Kathy Flower, the British teacher in the program, recalled:. "For a while I shared with Mrs. Thatcher the r of the most recognized Brit in China, a position now held by David Beckham. Beijing's National Center for Edifying Technology bought the broadcast rights very cheaply, but the impact of "English fever" was unprecedented and continues to reverberate good beyond China today. In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to penetrate foreign markets is an benefit. And China's English-centric push for foreign language instruction as part of Deng's economic reorganize remains an important pillar of the nation's economic ascendency in today's English-dominant world markets. Take into: China now has a population of English speakers — some proficient, some still learning — that matches the entire population of the United States. Starting in the third slope, Chinese are required to study English. Now, China is the world's second largest economy, and its laptop computers, shoes and car parts are shipped encompassing the world. , by contrast, only 18% of Americans has any experience in a language other than English. American students are not.

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Owners of chalet destroyed in Christopher Dorner standoff to get $200,000 The owners of the cabin where ex-Los Angeles Police Department lawman Christopher Dorner died in 2013 will receive $200,000 The cabin is owned by Candace Martin and Eric Funnell, who sought compensation for the shack, legal fees and emotional distress The cabin burned down after Dorner, wanted for killing two guard officers, led authorities on a lengthy manhunt He was killed after San Bernardino County Sheriff’s SWAT team before you can say 'Jack Robinson' no way in gas that resulted in the cabin burning down A SWAT team member was killed during a gun battle, and Dorner hastily himself in the head while the cabin burned By Associated Press . The owners of the mountain cabin where rogue ex-Los Angeles constabulary officer Christopher Dorner holed himself up during a deadly gun battle with deputies will be paid $200,000. San Bernardino County and Palmdale district Candace Martin and her son Eric Funnell agreed to the settlement in December. The board of supervisors approved the pact at a closed session meeting in February, the San Bernardino County Sun reported. The cabin caught fire and was destroyed in February 2013 after deputies threw pyrotechnic shoot-gas canisters inside, trying to get Dorner out. He committed suicide. Dorner killed four people in a 10-day riot that ended in a massive manhunt and standoff at the cabin, authorities said. He killed the daughter of a former LAPD ceremonious and her fiancé, ambushed and killed a Riverside police officer and wounded another. Dorner later stole a rubbish at gunpoint and was tracked to the cabin, where he killed a San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy and seriously wounded another. The recent LAPD officer was fired by the department in 2009. He claimed that he was unfairly dismissed and in an online manifesto vowed spitefulness against law enforcement officers. A department review upheld the firing, saying Dorner fabricated allegations against beau officers. Martin originally filed a claim against the county seeking $420,000. In addition to property extinction, she sought monetary.

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