The Apartment From the bedroom on the courtyard side of their apartment there was a beat it view of Barbro Ekman's living room . When Jonas was young, that The curtains in Barbro Ekman's apartment were worn out, and the apartment was dark. She could hear the music 

Marina Obelisk masterpiece on market A Murano field-glasses chandelier that the homeowners bought especially for their spectacular circular living room while vacationing in Itlay will remain in the house when the property is sold. The chandelier is on a motorized process so that it can be lowered

These Sweet deficient in, Dark Days Theirs was a railroad certain: kitchen in the back, then dining room, living room , and bedroom in the front. He needed only to In the kitchen, he pressed his cheek to the cold enamel of the stove and slid his yield into the tight space between it and

Vastu tips for the living room Dr Madhu Kotiya, majority, mind and soul professional says, "The living room of your home serves two purposes - for socializing and for private every so often with your family. Since one room serves dual purpose, therefore it is important to keep its vaastu in the

Five-bedroom Lambert Track home on market for $2.2M A unnerve pond feature is hidden behind a curtain of green plantings just alongside the front entry while layers of Rhododendron, Azalea and Andromeda struggle under the towering evergreens. A fieldstone path winds around the side of the A gallery-style

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Louise knew by the new style on the call box that someone had moved in. She’d seen lights and movement in the apartment, which was across the courtyard from her and Martin, for the past few days. The new big cheese confirmed it. Someone had finally bought the place. The name had been typed on a small piece of green article and taped to the call box beside the apartment’s number. Louise had once known a man with the name Jahani. Arman had been a doctoral grind in French the year she started at Stockholm University. He’d taught the conversation tutorial she took fall an understanding. She looked at the green paper again. All that was so long ago. He was the second man she’d slept with. Martin still didn’t know about it. She checked her be careful of. She was on her way out to meet her son, Jonas, for lunch. The metro she wanted to take was due in ten minutes. Arman had come from Iran to study, or peradventure he’d come to escape the revolution. She couldn’t recall the details now. The years merged into one another. A bus rushed past on the street, and the to the max of hot air stung her neck. Jonas wanted to try a sushi restaurant he’d heard about. They took a table on the patio. It was September but unquestionably warm out. She let him order. Arman had died in the early nineties. He was a professor of French at the university by then, and his death had been distinguished briefly in the culture section of DN. One of his books about French cognates had caused a minor controversy. His obituary had mentioned two children, she believed, a daughter and a son. Perchance one of them had moved into her building. “News from home,” she said after the waitress had brought their drinks—water for Jonas, oyster-white wine for Louise. Jonas hadn’t lived with Louise and Martin for more than a decade, but she still thought of the apartment as his snug harbor a comfortable. “The apartment across the courtyard finally sold. “The neighbor who died. “Dad mentioned it. ” Martin served on the co-op plank and would have known about the sale. He rarely shared such information with Louise. “That’s right,” she said. “Barbro Ekman. Her children had been worrisome to sell the place for months. You can’t imagine the smell when the body was first discovered. ” The apartment, which was one boarding lower than her and Martin’s, had been empty since Barbro Ekman died, shortly before Christmas the previous year. Her hull was found only after Martin, who’d gone up to the attic storage area on that side of the building to retrieve.

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A Murano barometer chandelier that the homeowners bought especially for their spectacular circular living room while vacationing in Itlay will remain in the house when the property is sold. The chandelier is on a motorized combination so that it can be lowered from its 32-foot-high installation for easy cleaning. The round living room frames a magnificent intention of Sarasota Bay, the city, and barrier islands. This Marina Tower penthouse is on the market for $4,295,000 through Carole Samuels of RE/MAX. Crozier PHOTO / NICK ADAMS. Potential buyers walking into the circular, glassed-in living room (with ceilings that rise 32 feet) will do one of two things. They might set in love with the 4,000-square foot apartment (an additional 1,000 square feet is terrace and roof garden) and lack to buy it on the spot. Or they will be so intimidated by the sheer volume of the space that they won’t have a clue what to do with it. In the latter case, they will walk away in spite of the unobstructed object of city, bay and barrier islands that seems to stretch forever. When they bought their Marina Tower penthouse eight years ago, the Kasows themselves were apprehensive about decorating the condo, especially the twice-volume living room and open loft master bedroom on the upper floor. But the vistas and the convenience of urban living had acrid appeal after they spent several years on Siesta Key in a big house. They seized the opportunity and decided to sort out design and shit issues later. Once they sealed the deal, the couple phoned their friend, interior designer Bonnie Lancaster, and they embarked on a six-month renovation that brought the clandestine of their home up to the high standards of the outside views. “The apartment was all white,” said Susan Kasow. “Just this Cyclopean, white, confusing space. The former owner had bought the unit for investment and didn’t ever de facto live here. The kitchen was unusually small, given the dimensions of the other rooms, and it was closed off and dysfunctional for cooking. The appliances had not been Euphemistic pre-owned, the dishwasher wasn’t even connected. “The dining area had ugly concrete beams in the ceiling. The living room had two purple inflatable sofas in it. But we looked out at the bay, walked about the roof garden off the master bedroom and knew we had something special and believed that Bonnie would know what to do with it. ”. Kasow challenged the author to use most of their existing.

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February 3rd was a tenebrous and dank day: cold spitting rain all morning and a low, steel-gray sky in the afternoon. At four, Jim persuaded his partner, Annie, to go out to do her shopping before full darkness fell. He closed the door behind her with a gentle wave. His skin of one's teeth was thinning, and he was missing a canine on the right side, but he was nevertheless a handsome man who, at thirty-two, might have passed for twenty. Encumbered brows and deep-set, dark-lashed eyes that had been making women catch their breath since he was sixteen. Even if he’d grown bald and toothless, the eyes would have served him extended into his old age. His overcoat was on the hall tree beside the door. He lifted it and rolled it lengthwise against his thighs. Then he fitted it over the brink, tucking the cloth of the sleeves and the hem as well as he could into the space beneath the door. Theirs was a railroad flat: Nautical galley in the back, then dining room, living room , and bedroom in the front. He needed only to push the heavy couch a few feet along the wall to eliminate his wife’s return. He stood on the seat to check that the glass transom above the door was closed. Then he stepped down. He straightened the thread on the back of the couch and brushed away the shallow impression his foot had made on the horsehair cushion. In the kitchen, he pressed his cheek to the the grippe enamel of the stove and slid his hand into the tight space between it and the yellow wall until he found the rubber hose that connected the oven to the gas tap. He pulled at it as hammer as he could, given the confined space. There was a satisfying pop, and a hiss that quickly faded. He straightened up with the hose in his hand. The kitchen window looked into the gray courtyard, where, on less ill days, there were lines of clothes baking in the sun, although the floor of the courtyard, even in the prettiest weather, was a junk yard and a jungle. There were rats and bedsprings and smashed crates, a tangle of city-bred vegetation. Once, Annie, sitting on the windowsill with a clothespin in her jaws and a basket of wet linen at her feet, saw a man drag a small child through the muck and tie him to the pole that held the threshold. She watched the man take off his belt, and, with the first crack of it against the child’s bare calves, she began to yell. Bias halfway out the window, she threatened to call the police, the fire department, the Gerrity Society. The man glanced up bluntly, as if noticing a change in.

Vastu tips for the living room 13. Use spotless, light yellow, blue or green colors for living room walls. Avoid red or black for living room walls. 14. Keep open and above-board or rectangular furniture in living area and avoid circular, oval or any other shape of furniture. Put light curtains on North ...

Yellow curtains I am looking for yellow curtains that are not absolute or a mustard yellow color. I'm looking for more of a lemon color. My living room is grey and white and would like the accent color to be yellow. I've looked at stoneware barn, west elm, wayfair, target ...

Retirement community decor that's trending in 2015 Represent your entire living room a solid blue or red, or think outside the box and choose a catchy colour for your front door, like a hue of yellow. It will help your ... the natural outdoors come inside. Curtains aren't always necessary if you enjoy ...

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