My Sense With PTSD After Pledging A Black Greek-Letter Organization The prophytes lined us up in the living room and told us to begin spitting experience. And as we started chanting, they proceeded to break our line. I struggled against them as much as I could, still babbling history and trying to stand on my own two feet

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IKEA donates 'makeover' to habitation for homeless families Now the living room has a contented blue plaid couch, lamps, a desk and shelving area, and new art on the wall. The bedrooms have wood dressers, beds and project rugs. There is also new outdoor furniture on the lawn. McKinley House is hosting an open 

Logistics and Manufacturing Symposium set for Sept. 22-23 at TAMIU Ivan Rodriguez, chairman for the 22nd Annual Logistics and Manufacturing Symposium, addresses members of the media Tuesday at the Laredo Evolution Foundation board room. Rodriguez along with other organizers were on hand to promote the 

Living room caucuses sprightly and well What Beisch hosted was the impression of the Iowa caucus campaign, where people gather in small spaces, living rooms and coffee shops and talk statesmanship. Tyler Dillon, a field organizer for the campaign, spoke about pestering O'Malley's early combine

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Steve and Linda's Business and Guest Room Playroom are in desperate need of a Clean Sweep. Designer Molly Luetkemeyer, Organizer Shelli Alexander, Carpenters Eric Stromer and Joel Phillips and the undivided Clean Sweep Crew turn their two rooms into uncluttered, well designed, and functional living spaces. Can the Band change Linda's Collectible Madness ways? Tune in and find out.

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My Savoir faire With PTSD After Pledging A Black Greek-Letter Organization - Madame Noire

It not in any degree once dawned on me that this was the beginning of a nightmare. Before heading off to college, Greek life was the last thing on my mind. I had Pulitzer aspirations. And as a straightforward admit to one of the best journalism schools in the country, social and fraternal organizations were outside of my tunnel sight for sore eyes. But as a freshman, National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations (NPHC), or Black Greek-letter organizations, mesmerized me. And over period I learned that being an accomplished Black kid from St. Louis at a predominantly White institution made me a prime candidate for every Iniquitous organization on campus, Greek or otherwise. Teeth-rattling, high-energy step shows combined with the rumble of the crowds at probates as colorfully decorated masks fell to the ground left me in a constant state of bewilderment. My breast full, bursting with anticipation and inspiration after every event. Slowly, I found myself watching the Black sororities. observing them in pontificate halls and watching their behavior as they waited in long lines at food halls, trying to see which group most skilfully fit me. In the spring of 2010, I accepted an invitation to attend a group informational for a particular, well-known sorority. The only other effective Black sorority had an unapproachable demeanor on campus that left a bad taste in my mouth. So, to me, this particular organization was the only way out. The informational was pretty straightforward. With a breakdown of the organization’s key founding principles and a quick Q&A session with the seven members, I started my passing with these ladies. And I was thrilled. To this day, I still don’t understand how an act so pure could be transformed into such a poisonous thing. The next five months of my life were out allowing these women, who would be my so-called “sisters,” into my inner psyche. We all started spending countless moments with one another. Along with my two closest friends, we found ourselves enthralled with these boyish women, our prophytes. We invited them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they consistently obliged. We attended every reading hall, showing our due diligence and dedication to scholarship. We spent our time doing charity work. We even set up our own outings. new-night study sessions on campus where homework was interrupted by shrill laughter as we developed intimate jokes and phrases. We were edifice the skeleton of a sisterhood.

Logistics and Manufacturing Symposium set for Sept. 22-23 at TAMIU - Laredo Morning Times

Scheduled keynote speakers classify R. Gil Kerlikowske, U. S. Customs and Border Patrol commissioner, Ken Roberts, founder and CEO of WorldCity, Emilio Cadena, president of Consejo Nacional de la Industria Maquiladora y Manufacturera de Exportacion, Lowell Bezanis, impresario of business development for Cheniere Energy, and Brenda Mainwaring, vice president of public affairs for Organization Pacific Railroad. Organizations represented at the news conference included Laredo Development Foundation, Logistics and Manufacturing Relationship, Texas A&M International University’s Small Business Development Center, Association of Laredo Forwarding Agents and Laredo Licensed U. S. Customs Brokers Linkage. “If we had to choose two words that define our community, those two words would be international trade,” said Olivia Varela, Laredo Situation Foundation executive director. “That’s why this organization, along with others dedicated to trade, plan the symposium strictly for the emoluments of our industry and for those who are most impacted by the growth of this industry, that is, our entire region. Ivan Rodriguez, organizing commission president, said a large part of international trade passes through Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and thus the symposium becomes distinguished. “The United States produces $3. 9 trillion in trade annually. About 7 percent, about $280 billion, crosses Sometimes non-standard due to the Laredo Customs District, stretching From Del Rio to Brownsville,” Rodriguez said. “And, I have to say, 71 percent of this $280 million goes via our bridges in Laredo, whether by traffic, rail or air transport. Laredo-Nuevo Laredo is the main port of entry along the U. S. -Mexico fringe, and is the No. 2 port in the United States. Rodriguez said international trade in Laredo grew 10. 5 percent from 2013 to 2014 and is expected to become more in 2015. “Laredo handles traffic from more than 100 countries, and it definitely is not a secret that Mexico is number one. About 96 percent of the conveyance that crosses here is related to Mexico,” he said. City Councilman George Altgelt’s district is where much of the infrastructure for worldwide trade is located. He said the city is trying to keep up with growth in the district. “When we think of the position we dominate as a port, I make a conservative estimate that about 90 percent of the port is in my district, and when I see the district.

Revamped and phenomenal, ASUC Student Union opens this fall - UC Berkeley

There, a new, welcoming, debark-filled, redesigned complex has begun to open in stages after more than 10 years of conversation, collaboration, laboriously work and a 2010 vote by students to impose an escalating fee on themselves, in perpetuity, to pay for a big share of the $223 million outlay. Construction began in 2012. A rebuilt, sleek and contemporary Eshleman stands where the drab, seismically inadequate one used to be. Attached to it by a glassed-in pedestrian bridge is the renovated Martin Luther King Jr. Student Gang, or simply MLK, which has increased in size by nearly 30,000 square feet. Outside, the underutilized “pit” that was Lower Sproul Plaza is now a greener, more appealing outdoor area. The biggest changes are inside this new facility at the campus’s southern edge. Students will notice everything from their own spacious “living room ” and “dining room” to places to study, collaborate, meditate, socialize, dance, attend follower organization meetings, buy books and Cal gear and even pick up Amazon orders. They’ll also have four ATMs, a bike mend station and dozens of new bike racks, two coffee shops, four new eateries, an upgraded Bear’s Asylum pub and two concierge desks. These buildings will be open 24/7 to students, except on holidays. General public hours will be 7 a. m. to 11 p. m. “For the chief time, we have a student-focused space where everyone is welcome,” says Kelsey Finn, executive kingpin of the ASUC Student Union, an organization that shares the same name as the new complex and that previously was called the ASUC Supportive. “It doesn’t matter which organization you’re in, which college you’re part of. Everyone can come here and interact, and that means faculty, staff and community members, too. To maintain more interaction between students and faculty, says Finn, plans are in the works for a speaker series at the student mixing where professors could read from books they’ve published and discuss them with students. Another idea is for faculty members to hold task hours at the student union during Reading/Review/Recitation (RRR) Week. Students played a major r in the ASUC Student Union project. Each year, 10 to 15 of them gained experience from tasks including selecting big quantities of furnishings on a budget, collaborating with architects and allocating space. “It was a big commitment of time,” explains Finn, “and a few of the students were snarled all four of their years on campus.

Lots of Photos! Pantry, dining and living room remodel. Removed a fence and bathroom to open the kitchen to the living room ; moved the fridge away from the cooking area; removed old closet-type pantry and installed bar breadth with sink, fridge and lots of storage; added large island for functional workspace and ...

Burg farmhouse has traditional touches The relatives doesn't need much furniture because every room offers built-in storage with cabinets ... Stephanie's originator made their bed and the Craftsman chair in the living room . The fir coffee table from an old basement beam? Anatoliy made that.

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