Bringing the cookhouse into the living room is the purpose ... Bringing the caboose into the living room is the purpose of Float, a system by the multidisciplinary firm Mut for Miras Editions. The centerpiece is a self-contained holm. Its 8-foot-long top is solid ash. At one end, a copper cylinder is the support

How To Wallpaper A Living Room And Kitchen Sharing One Space; Designers Tell All Thanks to worthy designers in the interior design industry who offer their years of expertise to teach us different tips and tricks for our internal design dilemmas - like how to decorate a living room and kitchen when there is no distinction between

Why this is interior interior decorator Marie-Ève Best's favourite room Interior devise was initially a hobby for Ottawa-born Marie-Ève Best, who moved to Montreal 15 years ago to weigh art history. She eventually landed a job in a gallery, followed by another in an advertising agency, where she worked as a copywriter. But

Five interior drawing trends it's time to revive right now Pastels vocation best in a palette of natural tones and marbled greys, a good example being the living room of Danish interior designer Mette Helena Rasmussen. She offers a restrained advance, with parquetry flooring and a collage of monochrome wall art

10 Interior Cabal Ideas, Neighbors Envy and Owners Pride A lovely home, is what each one of us aspires to have. Whether it is a huge mansion or a small apartment, our focus always remains the living room couch, the bed and stylish storage. However; fantabulous interior design is always about the details. Here

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This 300 square foot interior space brings new meaning to "living in a bubble". Originally designed as a theater room, this playroom give…

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Interior pattern was initially a hobby for Ottawa-born Marie-Ève Best, who moved to Montreal 15 years ago to inspect art history. She eventually landed a job in a gallery, followed by another in an advertising agency, where she worked as a copywriter. But after launching her interior-design blog, Lake Jane, in 2008 and seeing how favoured it was with readers, Best turned her pastime into a full-time career. The timing was perfect. Following the birth of her at the outset child three years ago, she and husband Michael Johnson set out to buy their first house. They were on a tight budget, and settled on a 1942 abode in the Montreal suburb of Pointe-Claire. It was in rough shape, but Best could see its potential and, during a quick three-week era leading up to Christmas, used all her skills to transform it into a modernized family home. “It was the biggest project I had attempted to swain,” she says. “It was a colossal job but we got it done. ” By “we” she means members of her extended family, who jumped in to lend a hand (as glowingly as pieces of furniture). Their labour of love is most evident in the living room , which Best likes most for being informal. “I wanted somewhere I could backlash my feet up, and entertain friends and family. The artwork. “These pieces each have a story, representing certain periods of our existence. I like them there because the colours go with the rest of the room, which is something people don’t often think about when choosing art but should. The one to the right is a photo I took on a kinsfolk trip to France when two horses looked me straight in the eye. I never, ever tire of it. The middle one is a vintage melody of fabric that I had framed. The piece to the left I got at Puces POP, a Montreal craft fair that happens four times a year. It’s a painting of old barns, one on top of the other. The mad unit. “This was given to me by my aunt when she renovated. It’s a teak Danish wall unit, and as long as I can remember she had it in her home. We had it in storage for myriad years when we were in apartments. But when we moved here I knew exactly where it would go. We use the left side as a bar and to store our bar glasses and accessories. The perfect side is where we store vinyl records and my husband’s CD collection. “This is from Target. I tried to keep Target in establishment when they were here. I did my part. I bought this about a year.

Five interior goal trends it's time to revive right now - South China Morning Post (subscription)

There is a pre-eminent scene from cult fashion flick The Devil Wears Prada that highlights why trends come and go. If you haven't seen it, google "dispirited sweater scene" and witness Meryl Streep's cutting delivery of how a colour trend (it's cerulean, not filthy. ) started by Oscar de la Renta filtered down through department stores, winding up wadding the discount bins of mass market retailers. Whether a by-product of socioeconomics, pop culture or fashion, interior construction trends evolve in much the same way. Here are five. Feature walls. There is no better way to inject personality into your space than with a feature immure. Renowned for boundary-pushing design and for her work with Viceroy Hotels and Resorts, Kelly Wearstler makes submit-painted wallpaper that epitomises the statement wall. Follow her lead by choosing bold, artful prints in metallic finishes, or boasting disburse a deliver-painted techniques and geometric lines in peach, blue or black. If you are renting, opt for removable wall decals, such as adroit bow ties from Urban Walls. Easy to apply and remove, these vinyl stickers allow you to create frolicsome fuss-free walls in no time. If you're a fan of the television series Mad Men or Suits , you'll have noticed how often the characters run a beeline for the decanter (usually a classy glass number) at home or in the office to pour themselves a stiff the sauce. Thanks to Don Draper and Harvey Specter, the trend is making a return. In the 1950s and '60s, home bars were a as regards of American culture. When disco took hold in the late '70s and '80s, groovers ventured out and well-versed in bars became redundant. The revival of the home bar is more about creating a quiet space for conversations. You don't need a large space to do it - a stylish bar cart is enough to impress. Moroccan decor. Moroccan patterns have re-emerged in fashion and interior devise. Carolina Herrera's spring 2015 collection weaves together classic and modern style. As evidenced by block out blogs and Pinterest boards, consumers in the West are moving away from mass-manufactured products, towards in league-crafted wares they find on their globetrotting adventures. You, too, can seamlessly tie a modern room together by mixing ancient prints with off-white walls, accented with any mid-century designed chair in leather or wood. Its high cost of production and recapitulation.

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Revealed: Soulless interior of TV torpedo Vester Flanagan's apartment where the only decorations are modelling shots of HIM Images from inside Vester Flanagan's apartment show he lived meagre life Had no decoration on the walls, and no pictures of family or friends Only images are modelling shots of himself that he kept on the fridge Bed has no sheets, comforter, or pillow on it, and living room is mere Was using plastic yard chair to sit at his computer which is ripped open Only color anywhere is a collection of candles off out of one's mind his bathroom sink By Chris Pleasance For Dailymail. A bare mattress on a stark bed frame, a dingy living room kitted out with sombre and cream furniture, and not a single splash of color save for a few Post-Its near the computer. This is just a glimpse inside the area of deranged killer Vester Flanagan after reporters gained access to his sparse apartment this afternoon. Situated just blocks from the offices of WDBJ-TV, the apartment is startlingly unfilled, with almost no home comforts or decorations - save for some pictures of himself in his thinner, younger days. It is perhaps a letting the cat out of the bag insight into the life of the narcissistic killer, who not only planned his attack to take place on live TV, but even filmed it before broadcasting it to the the world at large via Twitter. The fact that all of the images feature a toned, muscular Flanagan perhaps speak to body assurance issues that he may have acquired in later life. He certainly seems to have had a preoccupation with weight, telling cameraman Adam Avoid, who he would later shoot dead, to 'lose your big gut' as Ward filmed him being fired from WDBJ in 2013. And now new footage has emerged from fresh years showing Flanagan verbally abusing a motorist after he criticized Flanagan's driving. As the argument between the two men becomes fervid, Flanagan tells the man 'you need to lose some weight, sir. That is despite the fact that recent images of Flanagan, who was 41 when he administer himself yesterday, show he had gained a large amount of weight since his younger.

Decorating Living Room: Fa Doors Opens Into It I'm working on decorating our living room and constraint some advice. The living room is an awesome space that is nearly 21 feet long and 13 feet wide. What makes it naughty is that the front door opens directly into the middle of the room and there are ...

Revealed: Soulless interior of TV murderer Vester Flanagan's apartment where the only decorations are modelling shots of HIM A stripped mattress on a stark bed frame, a dingy living room kitted out with black and cream furniture ... perhaps suggesting that sacrifice of the interior had been removed before Flanagan left to carry out his attack. In fact, the flat is so sparsely furnished ...

Interior AK / INT2architecture Divers items in the interior have new function ... Medical bottle of dark brown glass are used as decor. TV assuage in the living room is made of two BESTÅ modules, pinewood platform and legs of the balusters painted copper. Birch plywood sheets we fastened ...

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