Dolphins lay bare $425 million stadium renovations For a few chosen, high-rent boxes on the home side, fans can even linger on the field, right behind the Dolphins' bench, during games. Something you can't do in your living room . “I propose b assess there's still nothing like being at the game,” Garfinkel said

The Acerbic Side on THANKFUL THURSDAY: Honoring Alison & Adam For the to begin time in probably a year or so, I sat down on my piano bench and played last week. I remember walking into my edifice, strolling into the family room, wrapping my arms around my Mom, saying “Hello! I've also thought about my family

Come up with a fixtures plan that works Begin by deciding how the room will be habituated to, Burnham says. Is it a living room used mainly for TV watching or socializing? Does the space have two roles, such as a home office that doubles as a customer room? Or is it a playroom, where the priority is

Greeting to Beautiful Parkersburg, West Virginia! He would real his life “surrounded on every side by this tough, safe, clean material which human thought has created.” The impetuous proliferation of When Bailey returned to work later that year, she found a memo on the locker-room bench. It described

Tacoma Tiki: Back deck is delight child of retro surf kitsch and rusty Tacoma DIY But there seven years ago he also found time to build his own deck, which takes up the entire backyard space (about the size of a chunky living room ) and includes a stand-alone surf shack complete with corrugated metal roof, aqua cushions and TV. Region

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Bill and Victoria met at a not treat seriously c mess with and have been living in their current home for six years. Their living room is filled with ""everything"" as they say, boxes, kiitchen canisters and even a shovel, while their dining romo has knick-knacks, plants, more boxes and even power tools. After Peter takes a consideration with them to consider just how much stuff was in the rooms, he starts getting to the heart of what's causing the clutter problem. He finds that Victoria has tearful family associations with much of the clutter, but helps her to see that it can't all fit and she isn't taking Bill's needs into account. Designer James Saavedra gets to line on the rooms. He has bold plans for a dark, rich color in the living room , but gets some help from Peter on an organizational paiting tip that will ease to make the bookcases ""pop."" The living room also features a platform bench and horizontal shelving. The living room is given a chandelier, attractive candles, fabic and displays Victoria and Bills' s

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The Acute Side on THANKFUL THURSDAY: Honoring Alison & Adam -

I was planning on script a post about an entirely different subject today. It was going to be about playing the piano, of all things. For the first once upon a time in probably a year or so, I sat down on my piano bench and played last week. I’m not very good, but it made me so exuberant to play again. It filled me with childhood memories of a love I once had and as I grew up… let go. I wanted to be a pianist. I wanted to be a songbird. I wanted to be an actress. I wanted to be a performer. I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to be on the stage, in the spotlight, off in my own world. As I “grew up,” I turned those strengths and skills of acknowledged-speaking and storytelling into a passion … to be a Journalist. For a little more than seven years now, I have been blessed to turn my passion into a job, a calling, a living. I have spent seven years telling the stories of my community – the Quad Cities – stories that have made me chortle , made me cry , made me angry , made me wonder , made me smile , made me love , made me disinclined. The one story that comes to mind that I have always hated the most is the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting that happened in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14th, 2012. After pronouncement out what happened, my assignment was to talk to local parents – simple enough, right. I did just that – interviewed a handful of parents who were sitting in their cars, waiting for their kids exterior of Garfield Elementary in Moline. It was a Friday and my parents were coming into town, but I wouldn’t see them until after my shift, which ended encompassing 10pm. I remember driving home that night and being excited, because I knew I’d get to see my Mom and Dad in a matter of minutes. I remember walking into my harbour, strolling into the family room, wrapping my arms around my Mom, saying “Hello. ” and then bursting into tears. At that consequence, I realized that I made it home when 20 students and 6 staff members in Newtown, CT did not. Sometimes, as part of our jobs as Journalists, we benumb ourselves to the stories we report. We train ourselves not to get too emotionally attached to the people we interview or the topic or the circumstances. We are supposed to go keel over truck our ideas, get our assignments, call our contacts, do our interviews, stay out of the way of our.

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“Applicable on to something,” Jim Tennant warned as he fired up his tractor. We lurched down a rutted dirt road heretofore the old clapboard farmhouse where he grew up. Jim still calls it “the home place,” although its windows are now boarded up and the outhouse is crumbling into the candidates. At 72, Jim is so slight that he nearly disappears into his baggy plaid shirt. But he drives his tractor like a dirt bike. We sped before the caved-in hog pen and skidded down a riverbank. The tractor tipped precariously toward the water, slamming into a fallen tree, but Jim just laughed. When we had gone as far as the tractor could capture us, Jim climbed off and squeezed through a barbed-wire fence. On the other side was a lush field teeming with crabapple and sycamore, and beyond that, the slimy trickle of water, known as Dry Run Creek, that has brought Jim’s family so much heartache. “This is what Dry Run looks like in the wet season,” Jim told me. “Summer grazing was in the unprofitable up there—before they destroyed everything, at least. The Tennant clan farmed the fertile patch of soil around the poorhouse place for more than a century. In the 1950s, Jim’s father ran off, leaving his wife to look after nine cows, two mules, one hog and five children. But the kith and kin got by, eating turtle and muskrat and peddling anything it could grow or forage—wild watercress and elderberries in the descend from. ginseng and lima beans in the summer. hay and apples in the fall. Their West Virginia farm eventually grew into a 700-acre efficacious, with more than 200 head of cattle and enough corn to pack a 35-foot silo. Jim and his wife Della bought a enterprise on an adjoining plot of land and swapped the outhouse for an indoor toilet. Then, in the early 1980s, DuPont, which ran a sprawling chemical gear called Washington Works in nearby Parkersburg, approached the family about buying some acreage for a landfill. The Tennants were chary of having a waste dump so close to the farm. But DuPont assured them it would only dispose of non-toxic material like ash and battle metal, and so they agreed to sell. Shortly after the deal closed, Jim and Della, whose home abutted the new landfill, say their two adolescent daughters started wheezing and hacking. Worried about the girls’ health, they moved to a house in town. But most of their relatives stayed, and Jim and Della continued hunting adventurous enough and eating beef grazed on the farm. Della took her daughters’ Girl Scout troop there to.

Tacoma Tiki: Back deck is affection child of retro surf kitsch and rusty Tacoma DIY -

From the Rococo street, it looks just like any other North End Tacoma home. Maybe there’s a clue in the yuccas outside the back provide for, or the vaguely Hawaiian palms in the front yard. But walk through Terry Rishel’s mid-century-vibe effectively and you’re in another world — a Tiki world, where the Tacoma artist and photographer has transformed his entire backyard into something out of a 1950s surf flicks. It’s a fascinating combination of artist aesthetic, low-cost DIY, Tacoma grunge and California childhood that lets Rishel and his kinfolk live a surf shack life right here in the urban Northwest. “I spent a lot of time in L. A. when I was younger,” explains Rishel, who just renowned his 63rd birthday with a family party on the Tiki deck. “One of the big influences was 1950s tiki lounges — it was everywhere in California. I’m unqualifiedly in love with it. ”. Formerly the head photographer and Tacoma collections manager for international glass artist Dale Chihuly, Rishel now focuses his on occasion on his own art: highly saturated photography, Kandinsky-esque paintings using Chihuly’s own vivid color tubes and surrender-painted canvases of vintage pin-up girl photos. But around seven years ago he also found time to build his own deck, which takes up the undivided backyard space (about the size of a large living room ) and includes a stand-alone surf shack complete with corrugated metal roof, aqua cushions and TV. Imply of it was to have a place for parties: Rishel and his wife have five kids and 13 grandkids. But part of it was to have somewhere to spirited a beach lifestyle in the city — a place to sleep outside, have barbecues and pad around in bare feet and shorts. It all started with a tree. After caustic down an 80-foot fir that shed everywhere and prevented anything growing, Rishel had a footprint of a campaign to build on to. Using treated lumber that he stained a lush chocolate-brown, he built a deck around the other tree in the yard: a shady old maple that reminded him of a bonsai. Mere benches line the two fence walls, which Rishel covered with an authentic Vietnamese bamboo screen. Against the for nothing wall he used the same timber to build an enormous dining table, adding industrial castors to mutate the corner bench accessible and roofing it all like a verandah. Then came the surf shack. A 12-foot-solid room that’s weather-proof but open to the breeze, its every detail sings like a Beach Boys ditty: the bamboo-covered sliding screen door, the.

Ford patents a self-driving car that can curve into a living room just like a living room . See also: University of Michigan opens 32-acre driverless car analysis center The patent drawings detail a variety of seat styles that can be manipulated to allow a variety of space positions. One features a bench that can fold so ...

'This is what families do' The sunshine pouring into Nicky Pattyn's living room is one of the original things you'll notice about the addition her family built onto their Alexandria home. It streams in through 13 windows, some with stained spyglass. There's a bay window with a bench built ...

A Basketball Duration, Shown From a High School Locker Room For the other, it was his living room . For his latest producing ... is more of a walkway in front of a bench where the audience will sit. The ceiling is 6 feet 6 inches high. Andrea Bargnani, up to the minute of the Knicks and soon to be of the Nets, is six inches ...

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