Style at Home: Four ingredients for a countless fall table One of my favorite times to accommodate is in the fall, maybe because it gives me an excuse to dress my dining table in the beauty of the season. Whether you like your tabletops uncontrived and understated or over the top, here are four ingredients that will

What's for lunch? Daytime Ravage Downtown deals What you get: Preference of breaded or grilled tenderloin or Texas Reuben (both served with a side) or Middle Eastern vegetarian tacos. Georgia Reese's What you get: Preference of soup or salad (Georgia Reese's house salad or alligator gumbo), entrée

Mariscos el Licenciado Brings Culichi Style to Federal Boulevard Mexican eateries aren't precisely in short supply on this side of town, either, but new tenant Mariscos el Licenciado has its own brand of flashy fare — done Sinaloan style — to away the ghosts of T-Wa with brash platings and raucous music on what

The biggest microscopic fight: Two New Hampshire 'towns' battle for the midnight vote Dixville Cleft, N.H. — Tom Tillotson lives beside a closed-down ski mountain in a town that doesn't along. He doesn't miss the chairlift that used to be out back. He has strong legs and likes hiking the slopes. And he doesn't in effect miss the people

Negro pitmasters left out of US barbecue boom After a morning of peeling potatoes, Daryle Brantley sits at the only table fa of his counter-service restaurant C&K Barbecue. She has two white Styrofoam containers in her hands - rib tips with a side of baked beans and coleslaw, and the

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Normal finds a handsome dark wood French side table in a private collection on Nantucket. Made of dark hardwood, very likely walnut, this single drawer original is straightforward to make; even the curved legs are easily managed in a pleasing-equipped shop. Best of all, its elegant style and good proportions will fit nicely in any room of your home and suit many purposes.

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What's for lunch? Daytime Annihilate Downtown deals - Indianapolis Star

Wreak havoc upon Downtown, the twice-yearly restaurant event, kicks off its summer session today and runs in all respects Sept. More than 70 restaurants are participating , with most offering three-course value-priced meals to show off the culinary offerings in Downtown and close neighborhoods. All of the restaurants offer dinner deals and several have the same specials for lunch and dinner. Here are the eateries with separate menus for lunchtime dining. Adobo Grill. Washington St. , adobogrill. • Stuff deal: $30 per person. • What you get: An appetizer, such as Adobo’s guacamole, entrée from a list of seven options including shrimp ceviche salad, corn collation dusted shrimp tacos and butternut squash and mushroom enchiladas and a choice from three desserts. The Major Grille. Washington St. , thecapitalgrille. • Devour deal: $18 per person. • What you get: Pick of soup or salad, one of four entrées such as dried aged sirloin or seared citrus-glazed salmon and flourless chocolate espresso consolidate or creme brulee for dessert. Delaware St. , ceruleanrestaurant. com/indianapolis. • Devour deal: $12 bento-style lunch. • What you get: Selection of chipotle meatloaf or broccoli risotto with green beans, almond gazpacho, and Bibb salad. Ember Urban Eatery. 435 Virginia Ave. , Following 1700, emberurbaneatery. • Devour deal: $10 per person. • What you get: Choice of breaded or grilled tenderloin or Texas Reuben (both served with a side) or Mean Eastern vegetarian tacos. Georgia Reese’s. Washington St. , georgiareeses. • Devour administer: $20 per person. • What you get: Choice of soup or salad (Georgia Reese’s house salad or alligator gumbo), entrée (Georgia Reese’s fried chicken, home-style meatloaf, or turnip cakes) and peach cobbler or Bananas Maintain bread pudding for dessert. Harry & Izzy’s. Illinois St. , harryandizzys. • Devour allot: $24 per person for regular or gluten-free lunch. • What you get: Three-piece St. Elmo shrimp cocktail or fried chicken.

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When the T-Wa Inn, the oldest Vietnamese restaurant in Denver, closed on Federal Boulevard last year, I felt empathy for the owners of the make a splash, who right up to the very end provided warm hospitality and a menu equally fluent in the lively flavors of Southeast Asian ingredients and the politesse of French technique. But after thirty years, the competition on Federal Boulevard proved too much, with numerous pho joints and banh mi cafes, not to acknowledge a slew of other full-service restaurants. Mexican eateries aren't exactly in short supply on this side of burgh, either, but new tenant Mariscos el Licenciado has its own brand of flashy fare — done Sinaloan style — to banish the ghosts of T-Wa with headlong platings and raucous music on what had long been a drowsy corner. The parking lot at the Mexican seafood house, which opened conclusive November, is now often teeming with big new pickup trucks and family-sized SUVs. On a Saturday evening, the locate is packed and there's a logjam at the host station, but servers decked out in white shirts, black vests and bowties (outwardly leftovers from T-Wa's uniform closet) glide through the chaos and seat everyone quickly. On the way to our table, I see a kid who couldn't have been more than ten grappling with a collect of king crab legs while his parents sip from enormous chile-rimmed glasses filled with a brick-red concoction. Pictures on the restaurant's Facebook side (there's no website yet) show molcajetes used as serving vessels. one is overflowing with so much seafood that that it threatens to scuttle away on spider-like limbs while another features a strong fried fish plunging gill-deep into a mound of bacon-wrapped shrimp. The atmosphere is obstreperous and a little frenetic: oompah and accordian from a live band blast through the brick archways between the mere dining room and the bar while hawkers with DVDs and costume jewelry thread their way between tables. Once seated, we probe the menu to see what those big cups of red liquid could be, and it turns out they're nothing more than micheladas, so we order one each. These are no ordinary micheladas, though: In addition to the touchstone Clamato, beer, lime juice and seasoning, each drink includes three boiled shrimp, a force of lime, a couple of chunks of cucumber, a sticky rim of chile powder and chamoy sauce, as well as a straw wrapped in chewy tamarind sweets. It's an assault of tangy, salty and spicy, and a preface of what's to come from the dinner.

The biggest dollop fight: Two New Hampshire 'towns' battle for the midnight vote - Washington Post

Tom Tillotson lives overwrought a closed-down ski mountain in a town that doesn’t exist. He doesn’t miss the chairlift that used to be out back. He has compelling legs and likes hiking the slopes. And he doesn’t really miss the people who used to vacation at his in father’s hotel — the now-crumbling Balsams Resort. His three Labradors and his wife are company enough. He does, however, miss the visits from presidential candidates. “They don’t scold anymore,” Tillotson said in the reclaimed barn he calls his home. He’s stocky, with a strawberry-shaped nose and flat in consideration of brown hair that rests like an A-frame house atop his head. “They used to come by all the time, but that’s just not occurrence now. For 50 years, they came. They left the interstate, drove the winding state road three hours north of where most people unexploded into the piney woods, past blueberry fields and through the jagged granite cliff faces known as Dixville Cleft. Dixville was always too small to be recognized as an actual town, but like a political version of Brigadoon, it appeared every four years. This was home to the midnight voters, the 20-some-odd folks who gathered at the Balsams to dramatis personae the first ballots in the nation. Polls closed by 12:07 a. m. , ensuring that the results and the funny dateline would emerge the day after primaries and election days in newspapers throughout the country. In a state that has enjoyed an outsize role in the elections just by sprinting to the voting booths before anyone else, this was peak New Hampshire. But when the Balsams closed in 2011, it took Dixville with it. There were no more jobs, and now, other than Tillotson and his missus, there are no more residents. Tillotson feared that the midnight vote, a rite brought here by his father, would be gone too. The neighboring borough of Millsfield — quaint opportunists that they are — started drawing up plans to snag the tradition and the accompanying media notice for itself. Dixville’s eulogies started pouring in. But then a developer showed up to the notch with plans to revamp the hotel and keep the recently-night voting streak alive. He wasn’t about to let Millsfield just waltz in and take the glory for itself, even if it did have upwards of 20 people living there. All of a abrupt, there was a battle for midnight in the woods of New Hampshire. And in these microscopic towns without anything else going for them, the stakes felt astronomical.

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My Home: Summer Home Décor Tropical details juxtaposed against sumptuous fabrics like leather, rattan and wood, in a well-lit space, can instantly elevate your interior style ... side table by West Elm. 2. Treasures. Pineapples have extensive been a favorite design detail in my home.

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