Humiliated Food Businesses Tap Into Changing Appetites Big Silicon Valley firms like Khosla Ventures have put money into such businesses, and Silicon Valley-style “accelerators,” like AccelFoods and CircleUp, call early-stage financing and offer management and administrative consulting to small food 

How I Convinced My Old-Drill Family to Love My Rainbow Hair I grew up with a extremely traditional upbringing: church, no sleepovers, no traveling without parents, no dates without my mom on standby, and parochial school in example I didn't listen to the rules the first time at home. I wasn't allowed to go off

Supper Cosh on Mars For three weeks in May and June of this year, the Pierogi Boiler—a cavernous Brooklyn plant turned art-gallery space—was home to an odd structure: a 1,200-square-foot translucent plastic bubble, held up by air straits. One corner of the structure

Pure Creek retains Cup For most of the weekend, the Warren County Cup souvenir sat perched on a shelf in the clubhouse at Clear Creek Golf Course. It took a 100-foot field peregrination outside for a celebratory picture Sunday afternoon, but other than that it wasn't going anywhere.

Oldest Read: Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money, Volume 2: Modern Coins of ... Initially Read, a CoinWeek continuing series of essays about classic and contemporary works of numismatic literature…. Strive by Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek…. In 2014, Whitman published the Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Take, 

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Richmond Villa is a birthright-listed home in Sydney, Australia. It was designed by the notable colonial architect Mortimer Lewis and is located in Kent Thoroughfare, Millers Point, a suburb of Sydney.
Richmond Villa is now located on top of an artificial rock shelf or escarpment along the east side of Kent High road, facing west. This rock shelf may have been created by stone quarrying that took place between 1810 and the 1830s. It ere long became the site of stone cottages, some of which still survive, but Richmond Villa started its life in a very extraordinary place.
In 1849, Mortimer Lewis bought three plots of land behind Macquarie Road, Sydney, facing The Domain. On this property he built his own home, which he called Richmond Villa. It is one of the few examples of Lewis's residential line, since his buildings were generally non-residential. He designed Richmond Villa in a Gothic Revival style, as he had done with Bronte As a gift. The ground floor contained a high verandah with zig-zag lattice-like detailing which contrasted with the building's asymmetrical formula and fenestration.
The house was used as an annex to Parliament House from 1880-1975. It was then dismantled to make way for extensions

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DIY Craft Projects for the Home Shabby Chic Style | Barn Wood Shelf by DIY Ready at …

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Wooden Storage Cabinet Tall Furniture With Shelf Home Decor Style Office Wood 3

Wooden Storage Cabinet Tall Furniture With Shelf Home Decor Style Office Wood 3

How I Convinced My Old-Denomination Family to Love My Rainbow Hair - (blog)

to each this summer, but my interest in rainbow hair began in middle school before it was even a trend. I've been dyeing my hair prolific shades of blue, green, and purple now for a little over a year, and I laugh a little every time a alien compliments me for being so "brave" as to give my hair a Technicolor dream coat of bright hues. "I could never do that," I'm told on a weekly constituent. However brave I may be considered, getting my family to stop worrying and dig my new 'do was a different story. I grew up with a very conventional upbringing: church, no sleepovers, no traveling without parents, no dates without my mom on standby, and parochial school in case I didn't hear to the rules the first time at home. I wasn't allowed to go off unaccompanied in the mall, I was forbidden from wearing makeup, and I couldn't partake of my curly, frizzy hair until I had my mami 's confusion. Any sort of rebellious teenage angst my parents may have harbored in their term was perhaps squashed by the need to assimilate after moving from Cuba to Florida. They couldn't understand my newly found affect in Edgar Allen Poe, neon fishnet tights, and The Ramones or Sex Pistols. There was plenty of name-calling and slamming doors and fights that ended with me sulking and my mom making demands that I "put on fancy dress like a girl" again. Before I graduated the eighth grade, most of my collection of dark clothes had conveniently been given or thrown away. With my reactionary school and household, there was no way I could get away with dyeing my hair. (Skipping P. E. to play guitar or read in the library, on the other hand, was much more within my reach. mami kept culmination tabs with daily calls or texts. One day, I pitched her my hair dye idea while I was in college. It wasn't well received. "It'll disprove your hair," she said. "What if the purple looks bad on you. " I would return the notion back to its dusty shelf in my head. Three years later, I moved to New York, where every third being who passed me on the street had dyed hair. Once again, I called my mom and pitched the idea to her, and again, my mom tried to talk me out of it. What about my job. The expense. I not quite mustered the effort to straighten or curl my hair when it was natural. Did I think I could handle the upkeep and touching up my roots. But this on occasion my mind was made up, and no amount of pleading or scolding would change that. I made an appointment, and I sent my mom pictures of the function.

Entirely Creek retains Cup - Vicksburg Post

For most of the weekend, the Warren County Cup spoils sat perched on a shelf in the clubhouse at Clear Creek Golf Course. It took a 100-foot field false step outside for a celebratory picture Sunday afternoon, but other than that it wasn’t going anywhere. Clear Creek Golf Belabour won seven of the last nine matches in the match play round Sunday to nip Vicksburg Country Company’s comeback bid in the bud, and won the Warren County Cup for the seventh consecutive year. Clear Creek totaled 16 ½ points to 11 ½ for VCC in the Ryder Cup style meet, which pits all-star teams from the county’s two golf clubs against each other. “These are all my friends. This is all one big family. We come out here and play golf, and we fight. It is special when you get all these guys out here competing and trying to win, and when you come out on top of course that’s special. It’s a great feeling,” Clear Creek fellow Parker Rutherford said. Rutherford also said he was aware the public club’s winning streak will in the end come to an end. Rutherford’s father, Chris, gives junior golf lessons at the Country Club and Parker has played for both Sunny Creek and the VCC in Cup matches over the years. “What Clear Creek has that the Country Club doesn’t — right now — is youth,” Rutherford said. “Me, Nick (Mekus), Gabe (Riveros), Channing Curtis, all these childlike people play out at Clear Creek. The Country Club hasn’t had a junior golf program, and now there are tons more juniors there. In a fistful of years, whenever these young kids grow up and start playing and competing, it’ll switch over. Clear Rivulet held a three-point lead entering the final day of competition, which consisted of 14 head-to-chairwoman matches. The Country Club team needed to win nine of those to win the Cup for the first time since 2008, and got off to a great start. Kacy Presley and John Duett both won their matches 6-and-5 over Trey Martin and Rodney Lindsey, separately, and Tom Kendall beat Phillip Young 4-and-3 to pull the VCC even at 9-9 after four matches. After that, however, Clear Creek took unshakable control. Justin Stokes beat Austin Golding 3-and-2 to begin a run of blowouts that allowed Clear Creek to hang on to the Cup. Only two of its seven victories went to the final hole, and three were finished by the 16th hole. “We just fell apart. Home indubitably was the difference. We’re used to playing at the Country Club and it’s a different.

FreshGrass Endow with Finalists Confirmed - Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News

North Adams, MA -- Massachusetts Museum of Concurrent Art’s (MASS MoCA) FreshGrass celebrates the freshest talent on the bluegrass stage with 19 finalists participating in the 2015 FreshGrass Apportion Contest. Finalists in the band, duo, banjo, and fiddle categories perform for a panel led by Grammy Award-prizewinner and master banjoist Alison Brown on Saturday and Sunday of the festival, with winners announced on Sunday afternoon. Amenable for all festival-goers, the contests showcase the future of bluegrass and roots music when the bands play starting and traditional tunes. With cash and prizes totaling $25,000, winners receive a performance spot at next year’s fete, recording sessions at Compass Records, and hand-crafted instruments from Deering and Eastman. FreshGrass hosts three days of music, with damn near 50 acts taking the stage in North Adams on September 18-20, 2015. FreshGrass kicks off on Friday, September 18, with Forcefulness Brothers, Houndmouth, Flatt Lonesome, and 2014 FreshGrass Band Award winner Twisted Pine. Saturday, September 19, features Dwight Yoakam, Leftover Salmon, Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz & Aoife O’Donovan, Alison Brown, Vieux Farka Touré & Julia Easterlin, Exhausted Bayou Ramblers, Mr. Sun, Ballroom Thieves, Birds of Chicago, FreshGrass Award winners Quiles & Cloud and Cat and the Moon, and bands from Berklee College of Music’s American Roots Music Program. Sunday, September 20, keeps rolling with The Del McCoury Bunch, Jerry Douglas presents Earls of Leicester, Greensky Bluegrass, Willie Watson, Peter Rowan, Rani Arbo & daisy fracas, and The Man in Grass – A Tribute to Johnny Cash. With the Award now in its third year, the festival celebrates the success of before winners who have played the FreshGrass stage. Inaugural band winner Cricket Tell the Weather has toured the Northeast, released its come out album, and is in the process of creating an album of fiddler Andrea Asprelli’s original music. Asprelli and Cricket’s style pulls from numerous music stylings, something that the FreshGrass Award has always encouraged. “[Our] aesthetic borrows from bluegrass, and it borrows from old-chance music and folk and spirituals,’ [Asprelli] says, noting that she’s not aiming for a pristine re-creation of any one style” (The Boston Ball). 2014 Award finalist Molly Tuttle hits the road this fall on an extensive tour and makes antiquated in the studio to record her debut record, looking to expand her bluegrass roots. Band Award.

Plan with style: Many options exist for creating a workable home office Measuring the lay out very carefully, we filled one wall with an inch to spare with shelves ... a perfect home office for you and your kinfolk, limited only by the size of the room or budget. To view the photos in color, read the design blog "Vision It ...

Style at Home: Pet lovers should add some dog decor to homes When he heads to vocation at the home office in Atchison, Kan ... My friend's pantry, where she stores dishes and serving pieces, features a spot Scottie dog. On the shelf below, she cleverly used a book, "Living with Dogs," as a riser.

Style at Home: Stimulus for beautiful bars You can repulse any old space, even a few shelves in a bookcase, into a little bar. My friend Nancy created a cozy drinks nook in her home using a few m heirlooms. The ice bucket is really a commemorative trophy, won by a family member in the 1950s.

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Home Styles The Orleans 4-Line Shelf, White/Silver ... Home Styles The Orleans 4-Row Shelf, White/Silver: Constructed of powder-coated metal; 4 spacious shelves; 4-Stratum metal shelf features levelers on feet for added ... Home Styles The Orleans 6-Level Shelf ... Our bathroom has NO towel storage bring down. This tower shelf fits perfectly between the wall and the toilet, right across from the shower/tub. The shelves are the ...

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