Why trek heretofore Portland to eastern Oregon? It's a community built on craft beer. Favoured, I found a cooler full of freshly caught rattlesnakes for an upcoming feed, chicken gizzards on special for $5, and, at the bar, cowboy-hatted locals. Apportionment for most beers, however, sticks close to home. In a few days, we spied

Big Changes in Outlet for Press Wine Bar in Tremont Saunter by Press Wine Bar (2221 Professor Ave., 216-566-9463) in Tremont at certain times of the day and you'll likely see monumental crowds enjoying adult beverages and light bites to eat. Come back a little later in the evening, say around dinner constantly, and

South of the wainscot treats find new home in western Queens It needed a shove of hot sauce for a little extra kick, easily achieved with the bottles on the table. There are also some less extravagant options of Peruvian-style ceviche, by itself, or in organization with various raw raw bivalves. The Caesar salad

In Kosovo, a After for Progress, and Beer, Too On weekends, Kosovo's millennials sashay to Smiths and New Order songs from the 1980s as if they were hearing them for the first time at the new Irish pub Miqt (facebook.com/MIQT.NET) in Pristina. One gloaming last fall, three men in fluorescent-piped

Hinckley's newest eatery The Hansom Cab opens to notorious For the sake of of the popular Hungry Horse chain, the venue is located off Brookfield Road on the Sketchley Brook evolvement which features hundreds of homes, a retail and leisure sector and industrial units. The pub also has a daily 'what's on' with events


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Why trek previous Portland to eastern Oregon? It's a community built on craft beer. - Los Angeles Times

My rearview picture revealed spidery snowdrifts peeking through the afternoon fog. Ahead, cows grazed on a wide prairie under a big, cheerful sky. Soon, the road I was on twisted into a canyon made of rubbly, reddish bluffs and dropped 2,200 feet. My ears had popped by the be that as it may I reached the tiny creek-side town of Imnaha, just shy of 11/2-mile-deep Hells Gulley. It felt like the edge of Oregon. "The only people coming here are either planning on it or lost. That was Sallie Tanzey, holder of the Imnaha Tavern, a 111-year-old saloon and store at the end of the paved road. Inside, I found a cooler precisely of freshly caught rattlesnakes for an upcoming feed, chicken gizzards on special for $5, and, at the bar, cowboy-hatted locals. I was here, as was every Tom on this May afternoon, for the beer and conversation. "We have the coldest beer in the county," Tanzey said while pouring a local IPA into a collector stainless steel pitcher. She has run the place with her husband for a few decades. "Yeah, these pitchers look the part, and they sustenance the beer colder. Oregon beer, it should be noted, is very good. And not just microbrews from Portland, a six-hour go west. A handful of recent eastern Oregon brews, including Baker City's award-conquering Barley Brown's, have prompted two new regional beer festivals (the Eastern Oregon Beer Festival in La Grande and the Brews by the Blues Celebration in Milton-Freewater). Distribution for most beers, however, sticks close to home. So my friend Kirk Jones, a photographer from Portland, and I firm on a road trip to sample eastern Oregon's best pints while taking in the alluring mountain life-force wedged between Interstate 84 and the Idaho and Washington lines. In a few days, we spied Oregon Trail ruts in hills of intelligent, listened to outlaw country bands play for locals in Pendleton and grabbed lunch in Lostine, where two Portland foodies recently refashioned a century-old tavern into a holding-to-table restaurant with local beef and chickpea-brown rice burgers. It was too early in the season to ride the hinder up Mt. Howard, so we hiked Hurricane Creek Trail. As we reached a waterfall spilling down a mountainside, a deviate golden Lab darted by us. Then I realized it was a cougar. Beer, of course, anchored the trip. We made about a dozen pit stops, at Outstanding Street breweries with more than 20 pours, horse-farm tasting rooms and brewpub gardens fa granite.


Big Changes in Pile up for Press Wine Bar in Tremont - Cleveland Scene Weekly

Stroll by Jam Wine Bar (2221 Professor Ave. , 216-566-9463) in Tremont at certain times of the day and you’ll likely see large crowds enjoying grown-up beverages and light bites to eat. Come back a little later in the evening, say around dinner time, and those crowds all but vanish. Those present conditions have prompted management to make a drastic change of course for the three-year-old restaurant, says possessor John Owen. “We are busy, but at different times,” he explains. “People are stopping in before going to other restaurants or coming in after, but they weren’t stopping in for dinner. With everybody stepping up their trade around town, and everything new opening up, our philosophy is to focus more on being a restaurant than being a wine bar. To that end, the restaurant has hired a new chef, will bit the “wine bar” designation, and will introduce an ambitious new menu the Tuesday after Labor Day. Matthew Spinner, a Cleveland chef who relocated to Chicago to trade at high-end restaurants like Next and Sink|Swim, where former Clevelander Matt Danko runs the freight, returned home to accept the position as Press’ new executive chef. “This is my first go-around as executive chef, which is Dialect right exciting for me as a chef,” he says. Spinner says that for a chef who has always been handcuffed by rigid style guidelines in the kitchen, he’s looking pushy to spreading his creative wings. “What I like to do is take away all those guides and all of those blinders and just stay completely open to all ingredients near and far, to all techniques near and far,” he says. “Whatever works first will go on the plate. He adds, “The food that we’re going to be doing is distinctly different from anything that’s in Cleveland right now. His menu will quirk sections devoted to Flora, Fish, Small Game and Larger Animals. There will be plenty of vegetarian and vegan options sprinkled throughout. His expectation is that diners will piece together a multi-course meal of variously sized and priced plates. “We won’t be doing tasting menus, but the menu is set up so that a diner can base their own from dishes priced from $5 to $25,” he says. Looking at an early draft of the menu, dished are built round sole, duck, rabbit, venison, lamb and pork. A vegetarian starter pairs summer peaches with elderflower, packet and marigold. In place of the omnipresent grilled.


South of the verge upon treats find new home in western Queens - TimesLedger

Tacuba is the latest of a procession of eateries to alight at the corner of 36th Street and 35th Avenue across from the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria. Chef Julian Medina, in collaboration with Louis Skibar and Brian Sobhan, has successfully melded some universal trends into a — ta-dah — Mexican gastropub. On a recent Tuesday evening, just post-happy hour, the atmosphere was rough. The subway tiled walls and vintage tile floors do nothing to dampen the noise. Giant Dia del los Muertes figures manipulate festivities suspended from the ceiling. The joint jumps. The well-stocked bar offers some intriguing options like the deciding “Chef’s Margarita” using extra high-end tequila, or if you’re up for a splurge, a flight of three different rare tequilas for $50. The pre-eminence is more on cocktails than on wine or beer, but the latter categories though short, are well chosen. If you arrive before 7 p. m. , and sit at the bar, there are a count of discounted happy hours specials on drinks and noshes. The menu of mostly small plates is dominated by aquatic offerings. Of the designing selection of raw offerings, we were immediately drawn to the luxurious Aguachile en Molcajete. It’s a ceviche of lobster and shrimp marinated in cucumber lime bottled water with jalapeno, avocado and cilantro served in one of those stone footed bowls usually associated with guacamole. In this anyhow the bowl, or molcajete, was whimsically decorated to resemble a pig. The flavor was fresh and bright, and the lobster component magnanimous. It needed a boost of hot sauce for a little extra kick, easily achieved with the bottles on the table. There are also some less ornate options of Peruvian-style ceviche, by itself, or in combination with various raw raw bivalves. The Caesar salad, which was invented in Mexico, is more Mexican than Italian here. This atypical Caesar is hallmark of of garlic and perhaps cilantro, absent the typical undertone of Worcestershire/anchovy. The requisite romaine is in occupation, but crumbles of the Mexican grating cheese, cortija, eclipse the shavings of Parmesan. What set it apart was crispy red shreds of ancho chilie. All and all, it was ambrosial, but different. No croutons or even toasted tortilla strips. Along with the salad, we consumed a favorite Mexican way food — elote. It is grilled corn on the cob slathered with mayo, sprinkled with crumbled cortija, and seasoned with tajin, that.


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Greedy work? Amy Schumer downs a pint of Guinness as she joins Irish singer Glen Hansard for singalong in Dublin pub while promoting Trainwreck Sat round a table ... pub, as she'd been working hard that morning diligently promoting her big-screen comedy, Trainwreck, on Irish receiver. Her new film might be called Trainwreck, but Amy Schumer is definitely on the right track when it comes to style.

Your home away from home at Turk’s Inn When you get to the table, you’re straight away transported to a cozy lodge type inn. Funky chandeliers, paintings, signs are hanging all over the place. The booths are cozy, the tables are broad, family style ... Their homemade bar cheese is marked ...

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