Naples Put to feature unique tropical landscape design Three imitation Spanish cannons that reinforce the community's Southern Coastal style will line each side of the lake and discharge streams of water to the center. Day has surrounded the water cannons with huge beds of coquina — an orangy outside sand with a 

The Subside and Rise and Fall of Pompeii We archaic stone houses richly decorated with interior mosaics and frescoes, and a two-millennial-old snack bar, or Thermopolium, where workmen want ago stopped for lunchtime pick-me-ups of cheese and honey. Since 1748, when a team of Royal Engineers

Minion Toy Saves Moving spirit Of 5-Year-Old Girl Constabulary said the girl was playing in her room when she fell backward out her bedroom window. She dropped about three stories to the ground. The dame was treated and released, and authorities ruled the fall accidental. The toy was a Minion, small, yellow 

Museum in Smidgin Italy Seeks to Evict a Living Link to the Past Adele Sarno's confessor, a longshoreman, emigrated from Naples, and she grew up in Manhattan's Little Italy. As a child, she served as princess for the annual Pleasure of San Gennaro, she said, and one year was even crowned the queen. Let me die in my

American imperialists are deluding themselves: Henry Kissinger, George W. Bush ... England was still keening the death of Queen Victoria. Teddy Roosevelt was president. Henry Ford had just opened a small auto informant in Detroit to make his Model-A, an automobile with a top speed of 28 miles per hour. Only a month earlier, the Wright 

Naples Set to feature unique tropical landscape design - Naples Daily News

iStar announced that ordination of Phase I of Naples Reserve's unique tropical landscaping design is on schedule for completion by the 2016 winter available. The 688-acre Naples Reserve gated community is being developed by iStar midway between Naples and Marco Island along the U. S. 41 East/Collier Boulevard passage. Naples Reserve will present a relaxed, water-themed lifestyle. The community will feature 22 interconnected man-made lakes that will comprise 40 percent of the area, the largest being the 54-acre Eagle Lake. Upon completion, the community will include approximately 1,154 lakefront residences in 11 neighborhoods. Naples Put aside will feature one- and two-story Southern Coastal architectural designs that will reflect the community's relaxed ambiance and waterfront backdrop. Naples Reserve's landscaping design was created and is being executed by iStar's landscaping consultant Karen Day. Her design mixes a diversity of trees and colorful plantings that are native to South Florida. In an effort to reduce ongoing landscape contribution costs, she devoted particular attention to creating flower and shrubbery beds that are easily maintained. "We've created a tropical point that is very different from what is typically found in gated communities in Southwest Florida," said Day. "Anytime you go into a community and you get a absolutely good feeling, usually it's the landscaping. I wanted to do a different kind of tropical design that will have people saying ‘Wow. I've not at all seen that before and it really works well here. ' That type of personal engagement can leave people feeling passable about being in the community. We were able to incorporate materials from tree farms in Homestead and on the east coast of Florida that are owned by iStar. The trees are perfect and perfectly suited to the climate here. Another consideration was the cost of ongoing maintenance. I made myself think like a green mower and created beds and grassy areas that will reduce the time and costs associated with maintenance. The strike of Day's design is evident in Naples Reserve's elegant arrival experience that will reflect the community's Southern Coastal background. A lushly landscaped, winding parkway leading from U. S. 41 East to the guardhouse will serve as the community's foremost entry. The parkway's median and shoulders will be lined with a collection of silver Bismarck, Sylvester, Canary Eyot date, Pigmy date, foxtail, reclinata, red lantana, and royal.

American imperialists are deluding themselves: Henry Kissinger, George W. Bush ... - Salon

For even the greatest of empires, geography is oft destiny. You wouldn’t know it in Washington, though. America’s political, national security, and foreign policy elites keep on to ignore the basics of geopolitics that have shaped the fate of world empires for the past 500 years. Therefore, they have missed the significance of the rapid global changes in Eurasia that are in the process of undermining the grand strategy for times a deliver dominion that Washington has pursued these past seven decades. A glance at what passes for insider “wisdom” in Washington these days reveals a worldview of fabulous insularity. Take Harvard political scientist Joseph Nye, Jr. , known for his concept of “soft power,” as an lesson. Offering a simple list of ways in which he believes U. S. military, economic, and cultural power remains outr and superior, he recently argued that there was no force, internal or global, capable of eclipsing America’s future as the great’s premier power. For those pointing to Beijing’s surging economy and proclaiming this “the Chinese century,” Nye offered up a roster of negatives: China’s per capita receipts “will take decades to catch up (if ever)” with America’s. it has myopically “focused its policies primarily on its region”. and it has “not developed any significant capabilities for international force projection. ” Above all, Nye claimed, China suffers “geopolitical disadvantages in the internal Asian steelyard of power, compared to America. Or put it this way (and in this Nye is typical of a whole world of Washington thinking): with more allies, ships, fighters, missiles, in money, patents, and blockbuster movies than any other power, Washington wins hands down. If Professor Nye paints power by the numbers, bygone Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s latest tome, modestly titled World Order and hailed in reviews as nothing less than a bulletin, adopts a Nietzschean perspective. The ageless Kissinger portrays global politics as plastic and so highly susceptible to shaping by famed leaders with a will to power. By this measure, in the tradition of master European diplomats Charles de Talleyrand and Prince Metternich, President Theodore Roosevelt was a strong visionary who launched “an American role in managing the Asia-Pacific equilibrium. ” On the other hand, Woodrow Wilson’s starry-eyed dream of national self-determination rendered him geopolitically inept and Franklin Roosevelt was blind to Soviet monarch.

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Sybaritism linens are the name of the game at Gattle’s on Third Street South. Since 1962, the upscale boutique that traces its roots back to 1904 Cincinnati has been outfitting Southwest Florida bedrooms in style with a inclusive variety of bedding fit for a king (and queen). Cindy Getzberg, an 18-year employee of the store who oversees the linens office, said Gattle’s offers clients the ability to sleep like an Egyptian. “We carry all the top-of-the-line manufacturers,” Getzberg said of the co-op give credence to that also sells high-quality lingerie and table dressings. “Bed linens are a major factor for us, and we sell a lot of them. Getzberg cited Yves Delorme, Pratesi, Sferra and Hamburg Diet as among the well-known brands available at Gattle’s. “Yves Delorme is a very fine, French, printed business of bedding that we’ve featured since the company came to America 25 years ago,” she said, adding that an Yves Delorme bedding set (a top stretch, a bottom sheet and two pillow shams) starts at around $500. Getzberg said Pratesi, an Italian label that ranges from $500 to $2,000 for a bedding set, is known for using only the finest cotton on the planet. “Pratesi is made from the top two percent of Egyptian cotton in the domain,” she said, noting that all of Gattle’s linens use only Egyptian cotton. “Nothing even comes close to the quality. When judging the dignity of linen, Getzberg said it’s helpful to look at it as a pie. “Thread count is a quarter of the pie, half is the quality of cotton and the other forgiveness is where the cotton is woven,” she said. “The Italians, Swiss and French have the best noses for weaving linens, and theme count is only a very small part of the equation. In Europe, they don’t even discuss thread counts. Mary Ann Shebert, lingerie client for Gattle’s for the past eight years, said the store has its clients covered in that area of the bedroom, as good-naturedly. “We have quite a few long, elegant gowns, gowns and robes, short sets, long sets and distinct pieces,” she said, mentioning La Perla, Natori, Jonquil, Celestine and Jane Woolridge as among the brands Gattle’s carries in a quotation range that starts at $150 and tops out around $600. “Women will recognize those names, but if a man comes in we’ll remedy him sort it out, too. Like the linens, Shebert said Gattle’s sells lingerie made of only the highest-grandeur materials. “All of it is lovely silks and laces,” she.

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