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Where to Eat on the Majuscule letters East Side Cascabel Taqueria — This is one of a few Mexican restaurants in municipality at least partly inspired by the Mexican cooking of Chicago's Rick Bayless, and stands in advantage contrast to the Pueblan- and Mexico City-style taquerias that dot the landscape (see El

With squeaky expectations, Eight4Nine set to open Sept.1 The furniture, some of which came from China, is a severe white, standing out in striking contrast against the kaleidoscope of colors in the interior. The food comes off the menu of of their own style into the lieu. There were no major fights, no

Pineville's Myrtlewood fortune historic, but is it haunted? It was famed in the story — "Buried lies (and truths) discovered at old golf course" — that according to Bradford's petition, his grave stone faces what was his landmark brick home, now the featured property of the "Myrtlewood" holdings. The house sits

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Where to Eat on the Majuscule letters East Side - Eater NY

Over the survive decade, we’ve been hearing persistent rumors of real estate refugees fleeing places like the East Village, Williamsburg, Store Slope, and even Bushwick for the Upper East Side, where the rents have lagged behind those in flashier neighborhoods. It’s also one of the few parts of village where new condo construction has been stymied somewhat, and you can still get a feel for New York the way it used to be, with its broad avenues, ancient architecture, and kinky specialty shops selling things like buttons, typewriters, and French movie posters. This is especially dependable of its restaurants: On the Upper East Side success often confers permanence. Here are some of our favorite eating establishments in that sprawling neighborhood, which runs from 59th Alley up to 100th Street, and between Central Park and the East River. Don’t expect many of these places to be new and faddish. On the other around, if you pick up this guide in 10 years, nearly all are likely to still be open. Prices are designated cheap (C), moderate (M), and valuable (E) — though expensive here tends to mean $50 or $60 per person, rather than $100 or $150, as it is now, measure ironically, in parts of Brooklyn. The restaurants are listed geographically from south to north. La Veau d’Or — Opened in 1937 when this was at least partly still a Huguenot neighborhood, La Veau d’Or is the burg’s oldest French restaurant. Sit in its chill dining room surrounded by art that evokes Paris, and chow down on tripe a la approach de Caen (cooked in Calvados), navarin d’agneau (a lamb stew), and, for dessert, an almond-strewn ile flottante in crème Anglais. The three-practice prix fixe menu makes things cheaper than you might imagine. [E] 129 E 60th St, New York 10022, (212) 838-8133. Wajima Japanese — This established Japanese restaurant just north of Bloomingdale’s slings some of the best and least expensive sushi and sashimi on the Higher East Side. Such antediluvian kitchen specialties as sukiyaki (remember that. ) and uosuki (Japanese bouillabaisse) are ably turned out, but don’t trust ramen: this sort of place only serves udon and soba, of which the tempura soba is particularly good. [M] 134 E 61st St, New York, NY 10065, (212) 813-9065. Il Vagabondo — At any point eaten in a restaurant with a working bocce court. Obscurely located near the approach to the Ed Koch Queensboro Span, Il Vagabondo.

With principal expectations, Eight4Nine set to open Sept.1 - The Desert Sun

Palm Springs’ newest upscale restaurant started with an demesne sale. Willie Rhine saw a table, a long, beautiful white table, and bought it without having any berth in his house for it. He called his partner and said, ‘Baby, I have no idea where this thing is going to go. ’ All Rhine knew was that it would go into a days restaurant, an establishment that existed, not even in a dream phase in his mind. The table wound up on his patio, the centerpiece to scads gatherings and parties. Months passed, and Rhine almost forgot why he’d bought it in the first place. But after talking to an old boyfriend, John Paschal, about opening up their own restaurant together, Rhine went out to his patio and decided that the décor of the undamaged space would be modeled around that table. Like the rest of this operation, it just fell into place. Now, it sits in one of the several dining rooms at Eight4Nine Restaurant & Cocktail lounge, the most recent hyped-up restaurant in downtown Palm Springs. Set to open on September 1, the 8,000 quadrilateral foot space sometimes feels more like an art gallery than an eatery — every room has its own unique set of pictures and décor, ranging from superstar photos taken by Paschal to an interlocking ‘LV’ sign that previously called a Louis Vuitton store in Paris its home. The furniture, some of which came from China, is a creation white, standing out in striking contrast against the kaleidoscope of colors in the interior. The food comes off the menu of master chef Chuck Courtney, who opened the since-closed Citron at the Viceroy Hotel. He’s cooked up and down the West Seaside— from Alaska to Washington to Oregon to the Bay Area. And he says the menu at Eight4Nine will be modern American, upscale but approachable, using various of the flavors from his past stops as well as influences from the Pacific Rim, Latin America, and Korea. Courtney had a menu in aptitude before he saw the space and met with Rhine and Paschal, but figured he’d have to modify it a bit. When the food matched with the design, though, Eight4Nine’s three-man braintrust wasn’t all that surprised. Like the steppe and the timing, this was just another cog that organically fell into place. “The beauty of this whole thing is that it wasn’t like this big, schemed, hatched hurl that had been in the works,” Paschal said. “Everything just unfolded and we went with it. Willie and I are both long time dwellers of the right — there’s nothing like this in Palm.

Pineville's Myrtlewood trading estate historic, but is it haunted? - Macon Telegraph

Bradford, a notable Alexandria businessman and realtor for more than a quarter of the 20th century, was remembered in a feature story of The Town Talk last January for being the builder of the old Rapides Golf and Mountains Club in Pineville. He built the 9-hole course on his property, which encompassed 1,000 acres, in 1922 at what is now the Greenwood Memento Gardens cemetery. It was noted in the story — "Buried lies (and truths) discovered at old golf without a doubt" — that according to Bradford's request, his grave stone faces what was his landmark brick home, now the featured property of the "Myrtlewood" state. The house sits at the end of a trail across the road (Military Highway) from the cemetery. It was erroneously reported that the home, listed on the Popular Historic Register, was unoccupied. Gloria Hearn of Pineville, who bought the home with her late husband, Dr. George Hearn, in 1991, lives there. The Hearns were just the third owners of the holdings, which was built around 1922, according to Bradford's grandson and namesake, Hymie. The second owner was W. G. Vernon, a noticeable dentist who purchased the home in 1949, and his family owned the estate for about 40 years. There have been rumors that the house, which was designed in the weighty revival style architecture, is haunted, and Hearn said she would neither confirm nor deny the rumors. "Some time there are creaks in the tenebrosity," she said with a smile. Hymie Bradford said he thinks the rumors spun off tales about the nearby Berwick Home, whose proprietor, when Bradford was a youth, was "an eccentric pharmacist. " The house, he said, had the look of "a big haunted house with all the advancement around it, and Mr. Berwick was known to operate on himself. I heard he once took his own appendix out. "He was very standoffish and sequestered, which also added to the mystique about him," added Bradford. Bradford said Myrtlewood was the first brick home in Pineville, according to a relatives genealogy book. He remembers living next door and walking with his parents and siblings to the home of his grandparents (Hiram and Frances) every Sunday after church for a high noon dinner. The elder Bradford, who was Pineville's mayor from 1914-17, died at the home in 1948 when Hymie was 7. "I memorialize the last time I was there, there was a fountain out front with goldfish in it," Hymie said. "It was Jan. 1, 1948, and grandpa was in his pajamas and a vesture, and.

Bawdy-house to Home: Vintage style We are seeing and hearing much about Retro Style today, where we revisit a famous era and embrace its furniture shapes and color palettes. Industrial Style is also a big news item. Here’s where it’s bold to be bare; naked evolve bulbs, rugged brick ...

Sketch with style: Many options exist for creating a workable home office Yesterday, I met with a retired link who need to move part of their second floor home office to the first floor library, which will get a face-confiscate with new wall color and updated window treatments. Using their furniture, I'll prepare a room plan so that ...

Befriend decor is all about blending styles If you're looking to update your home decor this destruction ... "What's interesting is the warm breath of traditional style that infuses the season's midcentury influence: Furniture, textiles and accessories, no stuff how sleek-lined, are warm, inviting ... - Home Styles Situation by makespace! media + design lab. ©2011 Home Styles Contact Site Info Site Map

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