What I Knowledgeable From Reading the Joan Didion Bio A uninitiated unknown actor named Harrison Ford did their home renovations in Malibu. The list of cameos goes on Her other big early incline was her Berkeley English professor, the novelist Mark Schorer, who helped cement her style of drawing meaning

Supper Organization on Mars For three weeks in May and June of this year, the Pierogi Boiler—a cavernous Brooklyn mill turned art-gallery space—was home to an odd structure: a 1,200-square-foot translucent plastic bubble, held up by air influence. One corner of the structure

35 Hooligan Ways to Use Your Empty Vertical Space Muse on about those empty corners, the space above your stove or toilet, the exterior walls behind your flower beds, even the half-an-inch behind your appliances -- all of that space can be used to add more storage, style, or sophistication to your home

Rob Ryan sues those complicated with building, selling him his Uptown New Orleans ... Counsel file photo by SCOTT THRELKELD -- Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is relying on a new scheme and new faces to recondition the Saints defense. Advocate They thought they had found it in a newly built Greek Revival-style home in the 1100 block of

Cheery Hunting So, to shed: The 1914 Colonial-revival-style table in the Maryland State House'sGovernor's Greeting Room? An antique. Sure, the popularity of silver has waned some since your grandmother's day (thanks to new homes with no dining rooms


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For three weeks in May and June of this year, the Pierogi Boiler—a cavernous Brooklyn mill turned art-gallery space—was home to an odd structure: a 1,200-square-foot translucent plastic bubble, held up by air turn the heat on. One corner of the structure housed a kitchen and pantry. in another section was a greenhouse, where edible weeds grew in agar, a informant-based gelatin. This was “Menu for Mars,” an art exhibition and culinary experiment created by two New York artists to study the future of food on the Red Planet. “In the past, food traditions have migrated with people and changed to the new land,” said Heidi Neilson, one of the present’s co-organizers. “So we wanted to see how our food might adapt to Mars. Over the past year, Neilson and her colleague Douglas Paulson ran the Menu for Mars Supper Fraternity , meeting with chefs, gardeners, scientists, culinary anthropologists, and nutritionists to learn what future Mars colonists might be adept to grow, cook, and eat. The exhibit was the culmination of all that the pair learned from the supper club: They stocked the kitchen core the bubble with dried and powdered ingredients, filled the greenhouse with hardy plants, and invited guest chefs to try their worker at preparing a meal fit for another planet. One of the more memorable dishes created in the exhibit, Neilson said, was a version of lahpet, a aromatic salad of pickled tea leaves popular in Burma (this one was made with dehydrated cabbage and powdered lime force). Another was pemmican, a type of meatball made with jerky and once popular with 17th-century American fur traders. Both recipes are a far cry from the meals of the earliest days of elbow-room exploration, when astronauts were limited to flavorless cubes that were eaten by hand and pastes that had to be squeezed out of tubes. The Ecumenical Space Station crew can now choose from around 170 entrees, snacks, and beverages. But cosmic cuisine still comes in one raise—dried. After all, up there, there are no refrigerators. No freezers. Food is made edible either through heat or hydrating it with a jet of water. Because bread has to be lightweight, compact, and have an incredibly long shelf life, it’s pre-prepared and portioned individually: cans with flay-out lids, bottles with droppers, soft pouches that can be torn open with a pair of scissors. Seafood, for case in point, is thermostabilized, or treated with heat to kill germs. a piece of steak is.


Rob Ryan sues those active with building, selling him his Uptown New Orleans ... - The New Orleans Advocate

A material foundation that sank almost as quickly as the Saints’ playoff hopes. In hindsight, the Saints’ implosion on defense at year and what Rob Ryan says was his experience buying a home in New Orleans bear an uncanny resemblance to each other. The defensive coordinator brought in by the Saints two seasons ago filed a lawsuit in Orleans Parish Courtly District Court on Monday against just about everyone involved in building the Uptown home or selling it to him. Ryan and his wife, Kristin, are looking for compensation for the barmy anguish, embarrassment and other damages they claim were caused by what they refer to in the suit as “The Dream House turned Nightmare. The co-P of the company that built the house denied all of Ryan’s allegations and accused him of “using the threat of this malicious suit” to try to resell a “resplendent, beautiful” house “at an enormous profit. The architect said the house “does not contain any structural defect or mar” and meets all code requirements. The Ryans bought the $2. 1 million house in May 2013, shortly after Ryan joined the conspire after being fired by the Dallas Cowboys. According to the suit, they were looking for New Orleans-style architecture without the headaches of a fixer-upper. They intellect they had found it in a newly built Greek Revival-style home in the 1100 block of Webster Street , on the campus that once housed LaSalle Plain School and later the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. The couple assumed it was “structurally sound and ready for occupancy” but in a little while concluded otherwise. Among the alleged problems outlined in the suit:. The plumbing leaked in places, causing liberally damage. Improperly caulked windows failed to stop rain from getting into the house. The back porch lacked railings, and “on at least one engender, someone fell off. The electrical meter started charging them not just for their own use but also their neighbor’s, running up the monthly bill. Some lighting fixtures and electrical outlets wouldn’t line. The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system was “not up to code,” and the city still won’t issue a certificate of occupancy because of various deficiencies. On several occasions, the conform to claims, workers came to do repairs, only to create more problems. For example, one bathroom emerged from renovations without cabinets, a vanish, a mirror.


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Victory off, let’s get our terms right: People loosely use “antiquing” to mean shopping for anything not new that they take a fancy to—basically something sans bathrobe that didn’t just get off the boat from some sweatshop in China. But in our guided tour of local purveyors and purchasing pitfalls, we’re using the relating to in the way the experts define it: any object that’s more than 100 years old. So, to clarify: The 1914 Colonial-revival-style table in the Maryland Official House’sGovernor’s Reception Room. An antique. An original copy of Baltimore magazine from its founding year in 1907. Also an old-fashioned. But, sorry, your mid-century American furniture doesn’t quite make it, even if it was built before you were born. To the pros, it’s just acclimatized brown furniture that you happen to like (even if it is oddly hot right now). The fact is, most shops hanging out the antiques shingle don’t have tons true antiques. They instead carry furniture, memorabilia, and collectibles purchased at yard sales, auctions, and resources sales that can then be marked up 100 percent or more—everything from toy soldiers and Pez dispensers from the childhood of some baby boomer to a station Tiffany-esque lamp from the 1940s. But sorry, it’s still not 2040 yet: If you buy that lamp, you need to hang onto it for 25 years before you own a tangible antique. (For clarity’s sake, there are some exceptions to the “antique” rule. Get an authenticated document signed by any 20th-century president or true figure for a reasonable price, and you’ve scored. Signed artwork by well-known and preferably dead artists is another rarity. With all this in mind, we’ve divided our so-called antique stores into three categories, with selected examples of each store order: places carrying mostly true antiques that are relatively rare, in good condition, and exhibiting fine craftsmanship. the hybrid bags, where the 200-year-old Colonial-style lowboy is sitting next to a steel file drawer that could have been a prop in Mad Men. and the “junk joints,” which operate c misbehave mostly, shall we say, attic rejects (albeit some that are fun and can be repurposed). Let the antiquing begin. The multi-dealer collective connected to Dubey’s Art & Antiques on Howard Passage is owned by Philip Dubey, left, whose own shop specializes in Asian porcelain. The multi-businessman collective connected to Dubey’s Art & Antiques on Howard.


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