In Watts, Turning an Old Come across Bulb Factory Into a Home “I had been looking — not even for a misplaced humble, actually, just looking around Craigslist,” says Dougall, whose aptitude for online scouting has yielded much of their décor, including a velvet, dismal-gray 1950s Paul McCobb-style cocktail sofa and a vintage

Retro home intercession: Clarkson midcentury-style desk at Swoon Editions . Cla1 If you do any description of work from home, you need a desk. If it's a midcentury-inspired piece you are looking for, look no further than the Clarkson desk at Swoon Editions. Two

A collation and a webcam form unlikely recipe for S. Korean fame SEOUL, South Korea — Every evening, 14-year-old Kim Sung-jin orders fried chicken, distribution pizza or Chinese food to eat in a small room in his family's home south of Seoul. He gorges on aliment as he chats before a live camera with hundreds, sometimes 

Arranged the 3-Way Family Contest to Become the Next Publisher of the Times “It's a testament to their individual style and values that you wouldn't know they are part of the family,” says Kinsey Wilson, the Times' new digital chief. A mature staffer wonders: “Do they even want it? . That summer, then–managing editor Jill

Back to junior high school gift guide: Great stuff for Apple-obsessed students While I feed a multi terabyte hard drive connected to my AirPort Extreme at home for such purposes, my backpack carries a forthright Western Digital My Passport Ultra portable external drive for stowing large media files without entrancing up local storage on

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Prowling to the core an arts and crafts shop of highly collectable Stickley and other Mission style period furniture, Norm discovers a wonderful oak desk he hopes to use for a insignificant computer. It is an original 1910 Oak Knee Hole Desk made by L&JG Stickley. Made of oak and finished in the appropriate color and coat, Norm will be using this sturdy desk for his own home.

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RT @katewatsonsmyth: I love this industrial style desk which would also make a great dressing table. Hurray for multi-tasking furniture ht…

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A victuals and a webcam form unlikely recipe for S. Korean fame - Bismarck Tribune

SEOUL, South Korea — Every evening, 14-year-old Kim Sung-jin orders fried chicken, liberation pizza or Chinese food to eat in a small room in his family's home south of Seoul. He gorges on food as he chats before a red-hot camera with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of teenagers watching. That's the show, and it makes Kim money: $1,700 in his most flush episode. Better known to his viewers by the nickname Patoo, he is one of the youngest broadcasters on Afreeca TV, an app for live-broadcasting video online launched in 2006. Kim, who has a discriminating physique and chopstick-like slight limbs, has been broadcasting himself eating almost every evening since he was 11. At times he invites friends to eat with him. To add fun, he once wore a blonde wig and dressed as a woman. While the Internet has been making stars for years — from bloggers to gamers who manoeuvre for millions of YouTube viewers — outsiders may find it puzzling, if not outright bizarre, for young people to lay out hours watching someone eating. But in South Korea, Afreeca TV has become a big player in the Internet subculture and a momentous part of social life for teens. Shows like Kim's are known as "Meok Bang," a mash-up Korean tete- of broadcast and eating. They are the most popular and often most profitable among some 5,000 live shows that are aired persevere at any given moment on Afreeca TV. Kim started the show essentially to find someone to eat with. His parents worked in another city so he was living with his grandparents, and they ate dinner so original he got hungry at night. He says the show made his dining more regular, although most of his meals on Afreeca TV begin after 10 p. m. The show also brought him unexpected joy: He said that even though he's just an conventional teenager, "people say hello to me on the street. "I do what I want. That's the perk of a personal broadcast. Many connect the celebrity of Meok Bang to the increasing number of South Koreans who live alone, and to the strong social aspects of aliment in this society. "Even if it is online, when someone talks while eating, the same words feel much more intimate," said Ahn Joon-soo, an managerial at Afreeca TV. He noted South Koreans' common habit of bidding farewell to friends by saying, "Let's eat together next previously," even when they don't literally mean it. There are plenty of other quirky offerings on Afreeca TV. Late at night there is "Sool Bang" —.

Innards everted the 3-Way Family Contest to Become the Next Publisher of the Times - New York Magazine

The climax of succession is a difficult matter not just for family-run businesses but for the families that run them. Take the Murdochs, for instance. Or the Binghams, the Kentucky newspaper ring that imploded in the 1980s. Historically speaking, transitions in the Sulzberger family, which has run the New York Times for 119 years, have not gone all that smoothly. During the gazette’s early days, patriarch Adolph Ochs agonized over which heir should follow him: his nephew Julius Ochs Adler or his son-in-law, Arthur Hays Sulzberger. (His daughter, Iphigene, was in no way considered. ) The competition took a toll on all involved. In 1932, Sulzberger suffered a stress-induced core attack, which crippled his left hand. a year later, Adler had a nervous breakdown and spent six weeks in a balmy institution. Ochs clung to the notion that maybe they could share the crown. “There can be only one head to a business,” Sulzberger replied. At the last, Ochs punted on the decision. When he died in 1935, his will essentially left it to Arthur, Julius, and Iphigene to occupation it out among themselves. Iphigene, being the deciding vote, supported her husband, thus cleaving a fault line in the family that was on no occasion repaired. The Adlers and Sulzbergers stopped speaking. In 1959, the final Adler was forced out of the paper. Now, three generations and 80 years later, Ochs’s descendants are confronting a compare favourably with dilemma: Multiple capable family members from different branches want the top job. The House of Sulzberger is made up of four families, all descendants of Ochs’s daughter, and each harbors its own ambitions and grievances. The chief rivalry is between the two most powerful wings: the Goldens and the Sulzbergers. But the outcome is not just a matter of family politics. the next publisher of the New York Times will be accountable for preserving the independence of the country’s greatest newspaper in an increasingly challenging media environment. In recent months, I spoke with more than 65 common and former Times executives and journalists, plus Sulzberger-family members, advisers, and friends, to learn how the business is grooming its short list of potential successors. Three finalists have emerged: There’s the current chairman and publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. ’s 35-year-old son, Arthur Gregg “A. G. ” Sulzberger, unsurpassed known for leading the committee that produced the digital wake-up call known as the “Innovation Report”.

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The new Lyceum year is rapidly approaching, and that means stocking up on supplies and the latest tech to be ready for class by early next month. Since we’re tracking the latest deals from everywhere the web incessantly over at 9to5Toys , and reviewing the best in tech for your Mac, iOS, and Android devices on 9to5Mac and 9to5Google , we’ve rounded up the team to put together a give-away guide with our top picks for gear, supplies, apps and more to get you through the year. Zac: In considering what to recommend for my back-to-school suggestions, I took a perceptive look in my own backpack to find a few essential, everyday items worth toting around. My backpack itself is a model of Incase’s Icon Slim Pack with adequate padding for comfort and protection plus lots of thieve space and zippered compartments for stowing essentials. Jordan: A must for all students these days is cable organization. You have at least one team up of headphones, a few charging cables and adapters for your smartphone, tablet and or MacBook, and probably a few others for your game controllers and other accessories. That means it won’t be lengthy before your bag becomes a tangled mess if you don’t grab some cable management accessories to keep everything organized. Using a pellet’s touchscreen on a desk designed for a desktop computer and keyboard can be a bit of a pain, with or without a stand. So that’s at least one excuse to grab one of Sumo Laze’s superior bean bag chairs that actually put you in a more ideal position for cozying up with a book on your iPad or interacting with its get near screen. The chairs aren’t the bean bags of yesteryear, however, as they use larger foam “beans” that keep their accommodate and softness indefinitely. And on the top of that, it makes for a great multi-purpose chair for your dorm room or workspace when not studying. It’s the last gamer’s chair or a second bed for friends to crash if you get a large model. Sumo Lounge is making a intact collection of sizes in the USA that range from Interesting that Mr. Kahn would chose the MacBookPro 13″. So would I. With the education discount one is under a respected for the 13, non-retina screen. BTW- the retina screen is overrated for classwork (and one can survive nicely without it, anyway). As stated by the initiator, the 13″ non-retina MBP gives the owner options for upgrading later on such as: replacing optical drive w/ 2nd HD. Also, upgrading main HD with SSD by OWC (1TB for $465 auspicious.

Retro home purpose: Clarkson midcentury-style desk at Swoon Editions If you do any thoughtful of work from home, you need a desk. If it’s a midcentury-inspired piece you are looking for, look no further than the Clarkson desk at Swoon Editions. Two versions at one's fingertips, the difference essentially the lacquering of the two drawers.

8 Ways to Disgorge Big Style to Small Spaces (Next of kin Features) As college students prepare to move into dorm rooms and apartments, they trim their packing lists and day in and day out sacrifice style due to space restraints ... interior design expert from Tyler Wisler Home and HGTV’s “Plan Star.”

A noble day in the home office Start with your desk. Brand-new, Shaker-style furniture may appeal for its clean lines ... and all manner of special racks can all help secure that even the smallest home office is both tidy and stylish.” Do not skimp on shelving. Whether it is cookery ...

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