VfL Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich Energetic Stream Scores in DFL Supercup 2015 (2-1) 63: The inception substitution of the match, is going to be for Wolfsburg now. de Bruyne is at 48: Wolfsburg happy for the visitors to keep ascendancy of possession, as long as they do not utilise it effectively enough. He'll be thinking about that one

Fervour breaks out on Royal Caribbean ship Passengers on one of the superb's largest cruise ships today were mustered at assembly stations after a fire broke out in a unfeeling space. In a statement sent to , Royal Caribbean spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez says the blaze aboard the 

David Ortiz has 2 homers, livelihood-high 7 RBIs as Red Sox rout Tigers He had an RBI unmarried an inning later and belted his second homer -- the 485th of his career -- into the Green Freak seats in the seventh, taking a curtain call from the crowd when he got to the dugout. Rodriguez allowed one run TRAINER'S ROOM

Gregg Williams says bounties weren't about inflicting injuries Via Scout.com, Williams (who now serves as the Rams defensive coordinator) discussed the site at length during an interview with Mike Claiborne of KMOX radio in St. Louis. “That was a difficult year in a lot of ways because there was a lot of

My paterfamilias was a fraud Lengthy before I learned the word, I recognized the personality trait — the kind of guy who might like having his picture plastered all across America. He always When I was 8, we moved from our teeny Chicago bungalow to our big suburban house with

VfL Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich Breathing Stream Scores in DFL Supercup 2015 (2-1) - VAVEL.com

However, the football not in any degree stops. Stay tuned for the latest on VAVEL, as always. Have a good evening. I've been Mosope Ominiyi , thanks for following an end-to-end fling in Germany with me tonight. Many thanks to Jonny Walsh , who wrote the pre-match build-up ahead of this evening's meet, which promised to be an excellent affair. It's lived up to its billing, and unfortunately, that's it. Nicklas Bendtner 's the hero of the night, Xabi Alonso 's the villain, and Kevin de Bruyne is the somebody of the show. Both sides came close on a number of occasions, but Wolfsburg come out on top. Tonight marks the fourth time that the Supercup has been unhesitating in a penalty shoot-out, Bayern have lost their last three consecutive finals. FT: VfL Wolfsburg* 1-1 Bayern Munich, after penalties (5-4). Bendtner to seal things, up against Neuer. Into the roof of the net, and Wolfsburg have won this year's DFB-SuperCup. Costa now, WHAT A BULLET. Fired low into the corner, try and spare that one. Kruse steps up to take one. Neuer guesses, but Wolfsburg's summer signing takes his chance brilliantly and makes no boob. Neuer senses it's all but over now. The captain, Mr. Reliable - you'd be pulling your hair out if he did anything but score really. The substitute does his job, calmly and with professed ease although it was a high-pressure moment then. Robben to strike, oooh that was close. The Dutchman fires low and indisputable into the corner of the net, and the ball sneaks underneath Casteels - who dived the right way but was unable to stop the powerful attainment from evading his grasp. Almost identical to Rodriguez, back of the net and Wolfsburg have a comfortable penalty cushion. Alonso now. It wasn't amazingly powerful, but Casteels flicked it away with his trailing leg having dived the right way initially. Wolfsburg have the advantage, albeit a minor one. Rodriguez, the set-piece specialist, up next. neatly tucked away. Sending Neuer the wrong way in the process. Vidal steps up. what a stop. He punches the.


Gregg Williams says bounties weren't about inflicting injuries - NBCSports.com

Previous Saints coordinator Gregg Williams used a bounty system in New Orleans and, allegedly, elsewhere. Over the nearby three years, Williams hasn’t said much about his role in the case, which included cartoonish urgings of energy against 49ers players prior to a postseason game in January 2012. Recently, Williams talked about the situation, emphasizing the break off between tough talk and deliberate attempts to inflict injury on an opponent. com, Williams (who now serves as the Rams defensive coordinator) discussed the case at length during an interview with Mike Claiborne of KMOX radio in St. Louis. “That was a difficult year in a lot of ways because there was a lot of information that was red herring that got out and I’m the only person in the whole deal that never said anything,” Williams said. “I never said a tete-. Everybody got out there and pushed their information one way or the other and I didn’t. That said, Williams testified in the hearing regarding player suspensions, at one consideration claiming he tried to stop the bounty program but that Saints assistant head coach/linebackers Joe Vitt insisted that it persevere in. “One of the things was it was on my watch, but there was nothing that hasn’t been done in the last 50 years in the sport and there was nothing done to try to smart somebody,” Williams said. “There was never done with anybody trying to injure somebody. I’ve said this before, I remove a look at all these high school programs, little league programs, college programs and you see the decals on the side of the helmet and you theorize, you get those decals because you shake hands and kiss after the game or you get those decals because you rushed for 100 and you threw 17 touchdown passes and you knocked the stuffing out of hot stuff. “I remember over at Excelsior Springs when I’m 16 years old I had a big hit in a ballgame and all of a sudden I got a movie certificate and it wasn’t because I helped the guy up, it’s because I knocked the guy down. It’s just one of those things that we’re always worrisome to find little bitty advantages in sport and it was unfairly and uncharacteristically portrayed the wrong way. Williams has a import, although he’s the last guy who should be making it, given the over-the-top ravings encouraging defensive players to target former 49ers like Alex Smith, Open Gore , Michael Crabtree , and Kyle Williams for blows to the chin, head, and knee.


My originator was a fraud - Chicago Tribune

SportsPlus - For those who guide it like a fan >> >" data-socialshare-slug="ct-get-unlimited-access-to-everything-bears-and-chicago-sports-with-sportsplus-sign-up-today-20150812" observations-socialshare-content="storylink" data-socialshare-newspapername="Chicago Tribune" data-socialshare-contentedness-id="84194071" data-socialshare-default-image=""> When I was 15 years old, I saw my father's picture in the appoint office. And it wasn't on a stamp. School had just let out for the summer and my 12-year-old sister, Gina, and I were staying in Florida with my grandmother while my mom was on her honeymoon. My grandmother was waiting in wire to mail a package. I said to Gina, "Let's go look at the 'wanted posters. I loved wanted posters. Criminals were moving. So Gina and I headed off to the bulletin board with the photos of bad guys. And there was Daddy. I stared up at his picture, appalled, fascinated and proud. For unfailing, he was the handsomest man on the bulletin board. And he had nine aliases. According to the fine print, he was wanted for mail fraud and stealing and other fuzzy crimes. When I asked at the time just what Dad's criminal activities were, I was told: "We'll talk about it when you're older. When I asked as an adult, the support was: "Why bring that up now. I do know that he had sold insurance policies door-to-door and made big money really steadfast. He was brilliant, charismatic and wildly narcissistic. Long before I learned the word, I recognized the personality trait — the sort of guy who might like having his picture plastered all across America. He always made me feel special, mainly by telling me I was his worst-looking daughter — right before adding "because you look like me. " He played chess, claimed to be ranked No. 6 in the constitution of Illinois. listened to Broadway show tunes. and loved books. That's what I remember him doing more than anything: reading. Never to us. He wasn't a "Goodnight Moon" kinda guy. But he was an cool role model for reading. And on a visit to New York, he won our dining room breakfront on "The Price Is Right. " Talk about a dad you could toot one's own horn about. When I was 8, we moved from our small Chicago bungalow to our big suburban house with the Greek fountain in the front hallway, the Jaguar in the garage and the living room off limits to children. Dad had a believe pipe collection, a fancy chess set collection and apparently a girlfriend, Bernice. After a few years of.


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